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How to Write a Welcome Message to a New Employee?

How to Write a Welcome Message to a New Employee

Are you searching for a simple way to make new employees feel welcome?

If you are the head of a large corporation, you may not get to see all your staff regularly. Once the interview is over, you might not have many opportunities to connect with members of staff. Creating a letter or email is the perfect way to help make new employees feel comfortable. This can provide them with essential information about the company culture and other important elements. 

So, let’s take a closer look at how to write a welcome message to a new employee. 

The Benefits of Welcoming New Team Members

Joining a large corporation can be daunting, and many people take time to find their feet. Leaving a simple note on the desk of a new hire can help them to feel at home. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of this small yet important gesture.


Taking the time to make new staff members feel appreciated can lead to enhanced loyalty. This means that these people will feel valued and will settle in more quickly. This can translate to enhanced job satisfaction and higher staff retention rates.


Many skilled professionals have few options when they seek new employment. Taking the time to create this type of letter helps them to feel they have made the right choice. This personalized touch can also help motivate them to work hard and achieve success.

Company culture

Each company has its own unique set of values and mission statements. Demonstrating the culture in action helps recent hires feel part of the company. This includes the approach to work, how workers treat each other, and the general working environment.


Sending this type of note is a great way to let workers know they’ve come to the right place. If they are having doubts, it will help them to feel part of a team. It also opens the channels of communication to make engaging in the future easier.


This is a great way to make an instant connection and set the tone. Sending this type of letter or note shows that you are approachable. As a result, the worker is likely to feel more comfortable contacting you in the future if they need something. 

Elements Of The Perfect Welcome Note 

The type of letter you send conveys a message about you and your company. It is important to work out what you want the member of staff to think and feel. Here are some elements that can go into a great onboarding note. 

Elements Of The Perfect Welcome Note 


This type of note helps workers feel inspired to think outside the box a little. Instead of simply keeping their heads down, they are more likely to make positive changes. It shows that you value their opinions and look forward to what they have to offer. 


It is important to empower recent hires to experiment and share their ideas. Bringing a fresh perspective to a team can help it to grow and develop. Instead of feeling like they have to toe the line, recent hires are more likely to take chances. 

Demonstration of your growth mindset

To thrive, it’s important to focus on developing the skills and talents of all employees. The perfect way to demonstrate this is right from the start with the greeting. This helps to let recent hires know you will help them to reach their full potential. 


Recent hires are likely to feel more comfortable if they know they have your support. Reaching out in this way helps them to feel more valued. This encourages them to ask for help when they need it and use their skills to support other workers. 


The various members of your team are likely to have unique skills and experience that make them valuable. It is important to encourage team members to share these attributes so that the team thrives. Let your recent hires know from the very first day that their perspective is important. 

What To Include?

Like any official correspondence, your letter needs to be crafted in the right way. You need to take the time to work out what you want to say and the best way to say it. This will help you form a template that can be adapted to different situations. 

Define your goals

Before you get started, take the time to work out what the main goal of the note is. In addition to congratulating the recent hire, you are likely to want to impart other information. Taking the time to work out the goals will help you create a brief yet meaningful note. 

Create an outline

Outlining helps to make sure all the necessary information is included. Ideally, each idea or piece of information should be presented in a new paragraph. This helps to prevent important information from being buried in the note. 

Begin with a greeting

The greeting of the note helps set the tone for the rest of the information. Ideally, you should strike the perfect balance between being professional and friendly. Congratulate the recent hire and let them know you look forward to working with them. 

Begin with a greeting

Introduce yourself

After the greeting, you need to introduce yourself and briefly describe your role in the company. This helps the recent hire understand the company structure a little better and the role you play. Create space for them to ask questions about your role if they need to. 

Include essential information

This is the perfect time to mention anything that wasn’t covered during the interview. This includes the dress code, expectations for the first day, and the start time. You can also use this section to invite the recent hire to ask questions. Include a link to essential documents such as the employee handbook. 

Choose a closing

This is the perfect time to include any last-minute information or tips to prepare the new member of staff. This could be information on the best place to park or who to contact on the last day. Try to limit this to a maximum of three points and then close with your signature. 

Different Types of Phrases

Now you know the types of things you want to include, it’s time to start crafting the note. You need to select phrases that will set the right tone and make the staff member feel valued. Here are some different types to include and the things they convey. 

Good ways to open include:

  • We’re excited to have you.
  • It’s great to have you onboard.
  • All the best in your new role.
  • Happy first day in your new role.
  • Pleased to have you on the team.
  • We’re so pleased that you accepted our invitation to work with us.

Making them feel valued

For any available position these days, there are sure to be several candidates. You can choose a phrase that lets the worker know they were chosen for a reason. This will help them feel good about their new role, even when work becomes a little stressful. 

Making them feel valued

Phrases that express this include:

  • We’re looking forward to forming a solid working relationship with you.
  • We’re thrilled to officially welcome you to the company.
  • You’re a great addition to the team, and we look forward to your fresh perspective.
  • We’re excited to get to know you while we work on interesting projects together.

Ways to set expectations

You can use this opportunity to set some expectations for the work environment. At the same time, you can describe the company and team culture. 

Some ways to do this include:

  • One of our strongest values is teamwork, and we believe you’ll fit right into our team.
  • I’m so excited for you to meet our team of goal-oriented and hard-working individuals.
  • You’re joining an impressive team that works hard to find inventive solutions.

Highlight their positive characteristics

Letting staff know why they were chosen can help them be more productive. This helps workers understand the attributes they can utilize while doing their job. 

Here are some ways to refer to characteristics:

  • I believe your knowledge and skills will help us reach new heights.
  • I’m excited to see the impact your talent has on the team.
  • You’re creativity, and experience stood out during the interview process.
  • Your capability speaks for itself, and your team-player attitude makes you the perfect fit.

Encouraging participating

Most recent hires feel nervous and a little uncertain at first. It is important to make sure they feel comfortable interacting and sharing their ideas. The sooner they start doing this, the quicker you will reap the benefits of their skills.

Here are some phrases that encourage participation:

  • Please reach out with any questions you have, and have an amazing first day.
  • We’re thrilled to have your insight and fresh perspective that will help us accomplish great things.
  • We hope your time here is filled with innovation, inspiration, and creativity.

Other Ways To Welcome New Employees

The most successful companies are those that can help recent hires fit in right away. Taking the time to do this can make the transition smoother and help team members start being productive. Here are some other ways companies help recent hires feel like part of a team


This is the perfect way to show that the company cares about its team members. If the company offers specific products and services, these are perfect items to offer as a gift. This helps recent hires become familiar with these products while also making them feel valued. 


Welcome cards 

This provides a more personalized touch than a formal email or letter. Having each member of the team sign the card and add a message is sure to have an impact. This may become a treasured item that helps to increase loyalty. 

Welcome banners

Entering a large and impersonal office for the first time can feel quite intimidating. Adding a bright banner to the team member’s workspace can make it a bit more inviting. This is a fun way of letting them know they are part of the team.  

Social media posts

Creating a post on a social media platform such as Twitter or LinkedIn is a small yet important step. This is a great way of introducing recent hires to the whole company. If their role involves interacting with customers, it also encourages clients to get in touch. 

Team breakfast or lunch

This is a fun and informal way to bring team members together and help them connect. Sending a lunch invite shows all team members that they are valued. They will have the chance to meet casually and get to know each other.

Creating A Positive Work Environment

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Final Thoughts

It’s important to make sure a new employee feels valued and recognized when they join a team. Creating a welcome message is a great way to do this. It also allows you to include important information that will help the member of staff feel at home.

Taking the time to create this letter can help increase employee loyalty. There are also other ways to make sure your staff feels valued and appreciated. Team building exercises and welcome meals are great ways to bring people together and unite them.

All the very best in welcoming your new co-worker!

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