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HR Assistant Job Description

hr assistant job description

If you wish to take up the HR assistant job, you don’t need to worry much as you get almost all the details. Ideally, an HR assistant is a certified expert who handles virtually all the administrative tasks and HR duties in a company. They also help the HR manager with recruitment, payroll processing, record maintenance, and of course, they need to offer clerical support to the various employees.

In addition, they need to deal with the regular HR responsibilities and is a negotiator between companies, employees and third parties. Under this package, the professionals are expected to manage the employee records, organize and update the data and prepare files or documents. Regularly, they need to answer calls, handle some scheduling, and perform administrative tasks if needed.

hr assistant job description

Job Description – HR Assistant

Being an HR assistant, you are expected to be a fantastic thinker with out-of-the-box organization and time management skills. Besides being reliable, you need to ensure you adhere to the given guidelines. You must have an ability to multitask and acclimatize to the fast-paced working environment.

If you want to be a successful HR assistant, you need to ensure you display excellent conflict management and decision-making skills with a great understanding of employee relationships.

You need to understand staffing management and payroll benefits besides administration. Top applicants are likely to handle the problems more efficiently when it comes to scheduling. The applicants are mainly junior level employees that work in the HR department who tend to take up the supporting role to a senior employee, that is, to the HR manager.

They need to carry out all administrative work regarding all elements of the company’s HR operations. HR assistants ensure all the everyday grind is completed in compliance with policies; in short, they need to follow all the applicable guidelines. HR assistants are also a point of contact for any HR-related inquiries from third parties.

When you choose to become an HR assistant; you also need to play a crucial role in several support activities, from scheduling meetings to maintain employee records. The HR assistant also needs to ensure seamless communication and prompt resolution of the queries. You also need to help in creating policies while processing documents.

Skills Required – HR Assistant

If you want to become a successful HR assistant, you also need to ensure you have some unique skills. Communication skills are a must for this job as you need to be a good listener, but at the same time, you need to ensure you stand on the expectations of both the company and employees. On the flip side, you also cannot ignore the interpersonal skills as you need to constantly maintain a positive image throughout your job, even in the most challenging situations. Lastly, you also need to know about some computer skills to work digitally in the HR department.

Job Responsibilities – HR Assistant

  • Support all the internal and external HR-related tasks or requests.
  • Experts also need to maintain digital or electronic records for the team.
  • They also need to serve as a point of contract benefit administrators or vendors.
  • Help the HR managers with the recruitment process by identifying various candidates and also performing different checks.
  • You also need to schedule meetings, HR events or maintain the objectives.
  • Coordinate seminars and also training sessions.

Job Requirements – HR assistant

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in the HR field or degree.
  • Two years of experience is a must in the HR field.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill is also a must for you
  • Ensure you also have some exposure to payroll regulations.
  • Excellent time management skills are also needed.
  • Must have an eye for detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the prior experience needed to apply for the role of HR assistant?

Ans. As an HR assistant, it is not mandatory to have prior experience, but having relevant experience is always an add-on. However, this is a very subjective question, and it depends on the company requirements for which you are planning to apply.

2 Is it mandatory to have a master’s degree to apply for the role?

Ans. A Master’s degree is not a mandate. The candidate who is looking forward to applying for an HR assistant’s role should have a bachelor’s degree in HR or a relevant field. However, a master’s degree is optional, and it depends on the company needs you wish to apply for.

3 Will the role of HR assistant require good communication skills?

Ans. HR personnel are always on the go and continuously communicating with the internal employees of the company. Hence, communication skills are a must. When it comes to language, you must be fluent in English. Apart from that, depending on which area you reside in if you have a hang of the regional language, that will be an add-on.

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