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HVAC Service Technician Job Description

hvac service technician job description

If you wish to become an HVAC service technician, you must consider reading ahead, as you can find all the intricate details in the job description. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) service technicians are most likely to repair and maintain air conditioners and other indoor air-cooling devices. In addition, HVAC technicians perform both warranty services and emergency repairs.

The technician needs to travel to the client’s address and perform all the repairs or regular maintenance. First, they need to identify the issue with the system and perform vital repairs. If required, the experts also need to install some new devices and ensure they are up and running continuously.

Additionally, experts must be willing to work with both residential and commercial patrons. In short, they must know how to handle large and small devices.

Ideally, these experts are trained to control indoor environments, and they must install and service all devices. In addition, they must be inclined to manipulate tools to perform various repairs or maintenance.

hvac service technician job description

Job Description – HVAC Service Technician

The technician is mainly responsible for operating, repairing, maintaining heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, and other related responsibilities. The job description is likely to include skilled and unskilled duties joint-supervision. It has various tasks relating to repairing and maintaining refrigeration, air conditioning, heating systems, and ventilation.

It might also include repairing and fitting air filters, belts, thermostats, bearings besides blower fans. The role is all about identifying, troubleshooting, agonizing, and repairing all types of HVAC devices. In addition, they perform preventive maintenance responsibilities and carry out proactive repair works when required.

The expert might directly contact the company’s clients, placing the expert in the best possible situation to provide sales leads to the sales coordinator. The technician work description is likely to include responsibility for understanding the device’s different parts and ensuring they are ordered in time.

An HVAC technician will help clients repair and calibrate systems and replace different components, including transformers, thermostats, and compressors. They need to diagnose issues explain clients in clear and non-technical terms, relay costs to clients, and offer alternative solutions. They need to order and collect parts once the patron gives approval and communicate with supervisors regarding issues.

If you wish to become a successful HVAC technician, you need to ensure fantastic customer skills and good technical aptitude. It would be best if you were well–versed with safety tips. In addition, you must be detail-oriented, organized, and friendly.

Skills Required – HVAC Technician

You must have some skills like excellent mechanical aptitude. It would be best if you had a solid ability to read and understand technical instructions. Additionally, experts must have good communication skills.

Besides communication skills, you need to have fantastic troubleshooting skills to understand which component under the HVAC device has failed. It will be a brownie point if you know how to use voltmeters, humidity recorders, and gas leak detectors.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Need to repair, adjust clean the HVAC systems and along with it, perform the services related to warranty.
  • You need to cater to the defective HVAC systems and the equipment, by diagnosing the issue.
  • Performing of preventing measures by the process of monitoring and cleaning reheat coils and air handling units.
  • Clean units to improve air quality and optimize efficiency.
  • Perform emergency repairs in no time.
  • We are maintaining the service desk.
  • Ensure services compile with appliance standards and with Health and Safety Act.

Job Requirements

  • Need to have a high school diploma, GED, or similar.
  • Must have at least two years of commercial HVAC experience.
  • You need to have a valid driver’s license besides a good driving record.
  • Should be proficient in reading schematics or work plans.
  • Should be willing to work for longer durations when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Mention the educational qualification required for the role of an HVAC Service technician.

Ans. HVAC Service technicians should have mandatorily had a valid high school diploma, GED, or any degree suitable to it. Moreover, the candidate needs to have a valid driving license from a regulated source and possess excellent driving records.

2 Mention the skills-set required for this role.

Ans. Candidates applying for the HVAC service technician role should possess mechanical and electrical skills and interpersonal, verbal, and communication skills. In addition, these individuals should have the ability and willingness to work for hours sometimes, even on weekends, on short notices, or sometimes on public holidays. These individuals should also have great technical aptitude skills. They should also be aware of the precautions.

3 How can an individual apply for this role?

Ans. The candidates can apply either via offline or online measures; it depends on this convenience. There has no better or more preferred way of applying, as it depends on the candidate’s own preference. One should also check out the company’s recruitment process and guidelines and apply for the same accordingly.

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