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I Don’t Know What Career I Want

i don't know what career i want

There is a lot of pressure on people to know what they will be doing for the rest of their life.

Some start preparing as early as high school to get into certain college programs. However, what are you supposed to do when you have no clue?

Here’s the secret; many have no idea what career they are destined for, well into adulthood!

Many decide on something, only to realize it is not what they envisioned it to be. Or their personalities are just not well suited for the job. However, there are some ways to get some indication of what you will be good at; and ways to buy some time before you decide.

So, if you’re thinking, I Don’t Know What Career I Want and need some guidance, just keep reading!

i don't know what careers i want

Part-Time Jobs Or Internships

If you are in school, getting a part-time job is a golden opportunity to get a feel for what you will be good at. Don’t think of it as just a minimum wage post, but rather as a “personality test” of some sort.

In this job, you will learn what you are willing to do and what you like doing. You may learn that you enjoy cooking, cleaning, or even organizing things. Maybe you discover you dislike working directly with strangers all day or having to be indoors all day.

You might just find your passion…

If you have an idea of what you really would like to be doing, you can apply for internships in those fields, or even shadow them for a while. This will help you gain some perspective; on whether or not this is really what you want to do for the rest of your life.

i don't know what career i want guide

Psychometric Testing

It is always a good idea to get an objective reading of your personality and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Psychometric tests are meant to help identify which roles you will be most suited to.

This is not to say that, if they suggest you should be a nurse, you have to become one. It may simply point out that you will be well-suited to a “caregiver” role.

Identifying more than just aptitude…

These tests will help to identify your critical thinking abilities, creativity, ability to visualize things in a certain way, communication skills and aptitude, etc. You can inquire about psychometric testing by contacting an industrial psychologist.

A form of these tests is often done in high schools to give students some sort of direction. However, adolescents are still developing mentally at that age, and your results at the age of 15 may differ from the results you get at age 25 years old.

If You Have To Go To College

If you have an opportunity to study that will not wait for you to figure it out, such as a scholarship, take it if you can. The best thing to do is to pick a major that will be universally beneficial, such as business, project management, accounting, or economics.

You can always switch majors at a later stage or use this as a backup or additional qualification. If you ever want to own your own business, in any field or capacity, being able to manage it and understand the numbers will be a crucial skill. You will be able to spot good investments, and your accountant will not be able to fool you!

If You Have To Start Working Straight Away

If you need to find a job to survive, and you are not sure what the right one will be, that is ok too. Just apply for anything and everything, even the ones you may not necessarily think you will excel in.

The days when an employee is expected to stay with one company for 30 years are long gone. It is normal to move to something new.

i don't know what career i want tips

Try to stick it out a bit…

The trick is, however, to not dramatically quit on the first signs of trouble. If your current job is not working for you as hard as you are working for it, send out your resume and find something else. You can walk out of one and into another.

This way, in future interviews, when they ask, “why did you leave this job” you can answer, “I was offered a better opportunity,” rather than having to admit that you could not handle working there anymore. In the end, working one job may help you get the experience and the connections to land your dream job.

Let’s Help You Find Your Passion!

It can be very scary not knowing what you want to do after school. Or perhaps you’re still trying to find your passion? Not to worry, we’ve put together a superb selection of guides and handbooks just for you!

Firstly, did you know you can prepare for your Psychometric tests? Well, you can, and using the PSYCHOMETRIC & IQ TESTS: Sample tests, questions, and help on how to prepare for and pass psychometric & IQ assessments, and The Aptitude Test Workbook: Discover Your Potential and Improve Your Career Options with Practice Psychometric Tests are just the beginning.

We also found the Psychometric Tests: The complete comprehensive workbook, the How to Master Psychometric Tests, the IQ and Psychometric Test Workbook: Essential Preparation and the Psychometric Test Questions and Answers, and of course, the Ultimate Psychometric Tests: 1000 Questions and Answers will help you do just that.

Now that your tests are done, we move on to your career planning! So, check out What Color Is Your Parachute? for Teens: Discover Yourself, Design Your Future, and Plan for Your Dream Job, or how about Who Am I?: An A-Z Career Guide for Teens, and lastly, the Teens’ Guide to College & Career Planning all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of KFC, developed his secret recipe in the 1930s. His first restaurant was not a success, it was opened in 1952, but it did not do well. He then went on to work in kitchens all throughout the United States, making his famous fried chicken. He was finally able to open his own franchise in the 1960s while he was in his 70’s.

This is not meant to say that you will only find your destined career when you are older. It is rather indicative that, as long as you keep true to yourself and do not give up, you will find your path, one way or another.

So, never give up on finding your true passion!

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