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IHOP Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

ihop application

About IHOP Application

IHOP operates a breakfast-oriented chain that caters to customers at all hours throughout the day. The company focuses on maintaining strong values to shape employees. Integrity, excellence, innovation, accountability, inclusion, trust, and community focus on the standards of the company before providing jobs to applicants for any franchise.

IHOP believes in interacting with customers through the Instagram handle with a company-guided hashtag. Social media allows customers to see personal pictures on the career website. While other gain access to pictures portraying true representations of dishes served in each location. Social media allows users and applicants to make a fair menu selection and apply for career opportunities in IHOP.

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Application Process at IHOP

Applicants can use the online application on the career portal to submit relevant job applications. It is a good idea to enquire about job applications by contacting the hiring team. Making sincere efforts to follow up with the hiring manager for each position shows that you are keen to apply. The associates looking for employment should be sincere and remain courteous towards the hiring manager. They should plan their communication well so that during busy hours they come to know what is a convenient time to contact hiring managers.

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IHOP website is a useful website for the process of the job application. The page allows you to browse through various open jobs and apply online by submitting application forms and resumes. Applicants can locate some positions through the career website or by visiting the store location and enquire about job availability.

Essential Requirements for IHOP

What is the minimum age requirement to work at IHOP?

The minimum age requirement to work at IHOP is 16 years.

What are the hours of operation at IHOP?

IHOP works 24 hours throughout the week and serves customers.

What are the available positions at IHOP?

The various positions are Cook, Dishwasher, Host, Hostess, Managers, Server, and Shift Leader.

How will you apply for a position at IHOP?

The position at IHOP can be applied through offline or online forms after you search for job openings.

Career Opportunities at IHOP


  • Hosts greet guests and then seat them on appropriate tables when they take orders and maintain work stations appropriately.
  • The hourly wages are 8 dollars at IHOP.
  • The host works in a cheerful environment and can also work in a fast-paced manner.


  • Cooks at IHOP have different tasks such as preparing meals.
  • The average cook makes 8 dollars to 10 dollars per hour.
  • Cooks should also maintain the safety standards and have a knack to keep things clean.

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  • Taking care of guests requires taking food orders and also finalizing transactions which are part of a serving job.
  • Servers earn an hourly wage depending on the location they work in.
  • They also receive tips as compensation.
  • Servers also use a friendly approach and skillset to ensure candidates are working in a stress–free environment to serve customers better.

Suggestions to apply at IHOP

IHOP company uses an official website for applicants to apply. The career page permits applicants to browse through vacant job openings so that they can create profiles and apply for multiple positions. All job application forms require candidates to submit resumes so that the IHOP location can operate under independent ownership. If applicants fail to locate some positions, they can visit the store to look for some positions easily.

Checking Application Status

Applicants look for online career opportunities with IHOP. They submit job applications and enquire about various openings easily. Making an effort to follow up with the hiring team focuses on following up which means candidates are genuinely interested to work with IHOP.

Work Benefits for IHOP

IHOP focuses on providing a great work environment and opportunities to advance within. IHOP offers qualifying team members, genuine career benefits, and salary packages. The health benefits such as medical, vision, dental, and life insurance. The financial well-being of candidates includes benefits for retirement and bonus. The organization also offers paid vacation and a strong work-life balance.

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Values of IHOP

There are few values IHOP follows. These are as follows:

Community: Community brings different people together. It also unites the people and focuses on providing diversity and inclusion.

Team: The team builds lifelong friendships with different team members. They also focus on creating memories with co-workers. Team bonds together to achieve business success.

Flexibility: It fits your lifestyle, creates your career plan, and adapts well to a fast-paced work environment. A good mood also leads to good food.

Hospitality: Serve customers with a smile and receive multiple career opportunities to develop your career.

Hiring Process at IHOP

The hiring process of IHOP focuses on basic questions related to your experience of working in a restaurant. They also hire people who would like to advance in their careers easily. The hiring process aims to hire the right candidate for the right kind of position and also with the right skill. You can complete all the paperwork before getting hired through the career portal. You can also use training tips easily to work well and develop a rewarding career with IHOP easily.

Additional Information about IHOP

This restaurant chain opened as International House of Pancakes. The company launched itself in 1958. The company opened as a breakfast outlet for business guests. IHOP is headquartered in Burbank, California. It became a popular location in the 1980s for lunch and dinner as well.

Today it has 1500 locations worldwide. It employs a workforce of 33,000 employees worldwide. Every location has its hiring manager and they follow the steps to hire smoothly and effectively.


IHOP offers many career opportunities to nurture young talent. IHOP also focuses on offering various work benefits to various employees. It also focuses on nurturing employees through its value system. IHOP focuses on providing excellent customer service to its customers. It also focuses on strengthening employee relations by nurturing employees through career advancement and training opportunities.

IHOP also focuses on introducing new roles which keep employees engaged by giving them new opportunities to grow. Employees receive various growth opportunities for getting nurtured and develop a rewarding career with IHOP in the long run. Previous experience doesn’t matter so much as willingness does.

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