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IKEA Bed Weight Limits

ikea bed weight limits

Are you thinking of buying a new bed from yourself or a family member? 

IKEA has a reputation for offering sturdy yet affordable furniture. Although you usually need to put the furniture together yourself, it has a reputation for being very durable. When shopping for a new bed at IKEA, it is important to take the weight of the user into account. If you are too heavy for the bed you choose, it could end up buckling and being rather uncomfortable.

So, let’s discover the IKEA bed weight limits for the most popular models the company sells.

What Are the Weight Limits for IKEA Beds?

The weight limit for an IKEA bed is determined by the construction materials, the supports, and the overall design. Let’s take a closer look at the recommended weight limits for the different types of beds the company sells.


This features a simple and compact design and comes complete with six large storage draws. The bed base slats are made from solid pine, while the top frame is made from fiberboard. It boasts a very sturdy design and can easily support at least 500 pounds. While the Nordli makes a very spacious single bed, it is also large enough for two people to share.

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This is popular with young children and can be customized in several different ways. You can choose to place the mattress at the top and transform the bottom into a play space. The frame can also support a low bed if your little one doesn’t have a head for heights.

The Kura features a frame that is created from solid pine. This helps to make it especially sturdy and allows it to support up to 220 pounds. Even if your child wiggles around a lot, they are sure to be safe and sound. When used as a loft bed, this model is recommended for children aged six and over.


The base is made of steel and is designed to support around 500 pounds. The specialized slats are made of beech and birch veneer and sit across a sturdy mid-beam. All these factors combine to make this one of the sturdiest beds that IKEA offers.

The base of the Malm also lifts up to provide a spacious storage area for spare bedding and clothes. There are several different painted veneer options to choose from, such as white, black-brown, and gray.


This double bed features a rounded headboard and can be upholstered in a choice of gray or beige. There are two storage draws on one side, which are upholstered in a matching fabric. The draws are set on casters and glide in and out very smoothly. The frame is very sturdy and can easily support at least 500 pounds.


Next in my rundown of the IKEA Bed Weight Limits, this sleek and modern bunk bed is designed to support two children aged six and over. The entire frame is made of solid pine, including the slats, ladder, and legs. This makes the Mydal especially strong and sturdy. Two storage draws are set into the base of the frame and are fronted with pine. The ladder runs up the right-hand side to keep the center clean and unobstructed. Each level of this strong model can support up to 220 pounds.



This loft bed has been designed to cater to all your bedroom storage needs. It features a single bed at the top, which can support up to 220 pounds. The base alcove is set with drawers and a flat surface that can be used as a desk.

A spacious closet is built into the side, while there are additional alcoves for clothes or studying materials. The main frame is created from white birch, with a choice of colored panels. You can take your pick from options like green, pale pink, and pale turquoise. 


This compact day bed is perfect for children and guests. It features a compact design with a raised side for extra comfort and security. There are also three large storage drawers built into the base.

It boasts strong slats and supports to make it very sturdy and durable. While it is designed for single use, it is strong enough to accommodate two children. Because it is set to the ground, the Hemnes can support an estimated 550 pounds. 


This sturdy day bed can be adapted to meet a range of different needs. While it makes a cozy single bed, two children or teenagers can easily share it. The tall side can be removed to provide extra space when two people lay side by side.

The two large storage drawers in the base make it perfect for smaller spaces. The slats in the frame provide extra comfort and support. The multiple points of support mean that this model can easily support 500 pounds. 


This comes with a stylish upholstered frame that is available in dark gray or pink. The large square headboard is padded to provide extra comfort when sitting up in bed. The base of the bed lifts up to reveal a huge storage space set with a protective lining.

The base has been created from steel, which is set with polyester powder coating. A combination of birch veneer and beech veneer has been used to create the slats. Overall, this is very strong and sturdy and can support around 500 pounds. 

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Final Thoughts

In many cases, IKEA does not publish an official weight limit for its bed frames. However, checking out the different models should give you a rough idea of how much they can support. There are stated maximum weights for bunk beds and other types from the company’s collection.

If you have any concerns over the different Weight Limits of IKEA Beds, it is best to talk with a store manager. They should be able to make recommendations on the best models for your weight and needs. If you are heavier than average, you are likely to find that a platform bed is the sturdiest one available.

Enjoy your bed shopping at IKEA!

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