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Ikea Interview Questions

ikea interview questions

You have finally made it to an interview round with Ikea. Interviews are generally a stressful task which means it may make new applicants anxious. Use the interview tool to understand competition well and prepare yourself to tackle practical situations during the interview.

Hiring managers use popular interview questionnaires to assess various skills that you have which make you the right fit for the organization. Ikea provides a wide range of opportunities to those who would like to develop a rewarding career with Ikea. Ikea is a Swedish company that started in 1943. It is known for selling useful items to people.


Generic Interview Questions for Ikea

Q – 1. Describe Ikea in your own words?


  • Ikea is a Swedish company.
  • It started in 1943.
  • It has currently 400 stores.
  • Ikea followed a unique concept by selling useful items on a bicycle.
  • Ikea invests money, time, and energy to uplift the lives of underprivileged children.
  • Customers look for products through the online website of Ikea and purchase the same from the store.
  • Customers at Ikea can enjoy tasty meals at the restaurants in all stores.

Q – 2. What is the best way to introduce yourself?

Ans: You must focus on information that highlights relevant work experience for the job role you are facing an interview for. Connect your strengths, basic skillset, product knowledge and also briefly talk about your areas of interest which logically connect to the job role. This also tells the interviewer why you are a suitable candidate for this job.

ikea interview question

Q – 3. Why do you choose Ikea as your employer?

Ans: You can talk about the positive aspects of the company and also a little about why the company profile interests you. You can also talk about how Ikea can add value to your career by providing you the best learning opportunity. You can watch the introductory video to understand the organization better and gain more knowledge about its friendly work culture, career opportunities, employees, customers, and also its leadership.

Q – 4. How do you place yourself in your future career path?

Ans: You should talk about the learning opportunity you will avail to achieve business results for the organization that contributes to your personal and professional development. You can also talk about your interests in jobs which develop the infrastructure of the company such as IT, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources. You can use these jobs and also show your future interest in one of them as per your education and skill set.

Q – 5. Why are you the best choice for Ikea?

Ans: It is a good idea, you carefully read and understand the basic job descriptions and prepare your answers well by associating your skills and knowledge in a proper way that logically and smartly answers this question. This helps the interviewer to understand whether you fit in the particular job role and can contribute towards the company’s success in the long run.

Questions for Assessing Work Experience and Product knowledge

Q – 1. What is the total work experience you have?

Ans: You can talk about the total work experience and product knowledge which makes you a suitable candidate for a particular job. You can also talk about how your work experience can benefit Ikea as an organization and how you would handle customers for better business results for the company.

Q – 2. What kind of strategies will you use to enhance your product knowledge about new products and services offered at Ikea?

Ans: You can talk about relevant training programs, internal team discussions, product reviews through customers to structure your answer for this question logically.

Q – 3. How will you handle a team of Frontline staff who report to you?

Ans. As a store manager, what kind of strategies can you use to train and develop your frontline staff to handle customers better?

Questions for Assessing your Knowledge About the Company

Q – 1. What do you know about Ikea’s Mission Statement?

Ans: The mission statement of Ikea states the following “To create a better everyday life for many people”. It offers many products for decorating and furnishing your homes. Ikea is one of the popular choices for people across the world to furnish their homes. Ikea has many reliable designers who understand customer requirements and design furniture accordingly. They focus on offering a wide range of products at economical prices and exceeds customer expectations with their customer service.

the ikea interview question

Q – 2. What are the core values of Ikea?

Ans: You should be well versed with the core values Ikea offers so that it understands you can be the best fit for the company.

  • Offers exceptional customer service
  • Showcases entrepreneurial spirit
  • Focuses on employee care
  • Believes in building strong and long-lasting customer relations
  • Creates value for shareholders
  • Gives back to the society

Q – 3. What are your preferred shift timings?

Ans: You should always come across as a sflexible person with your working hours. This provides you a better opportunity to get hired by Ikea. You should be open to working on weekends and flexible with rotational offs.

Situation-Based Questions

Q – 1. How will you handle an unhappy customer?

Ans: Your answer should focus on suggestive strategies you will use to deal with an unhappy customer. It is always a good idea to listen and understand the problems faced by a customer and demonstrate empathy towards the customer. Suggest 2 – 3 strategies to handle customers based on the situation given to you.

Q – 2. How will you ensure your team has complete product knowledge about the section they are handling?

Ans: You should answer this question by portraying yourself as a store manager and suggest appropriate strategies to train your team members and provide relevant product knowledge related to products displayed in a particular section. Also, ensure your team members are polite and respectful towards customers.

Questions to Assess Your Strengths and Areas of Improvement

Q – 1. What are your strengths which you can use to succeed in this role?

Ans: You must logically structure your answer and link your strengths with aspects related to your job so strengths can be used to achieve desired success during your tenure with Ikea.

Q – 2. What are your areas of improvement which need correction for this role?

Ans: You should always talk about your areas of improvement in a positive way which assists your interviewer to guide you to improve these areas of improvement with relevant skills and knowledge during your tenure in the company. Always follow a logical and structural flow to answer smartly.

Questions for Compensation and Benefits

Q – 1. What is your expected Compensation?

Ans: You can talk about your expected compensation with a free mind. You can research the compensation offered for your role by researching through google or connecting with current employees through an employee forum. The compensation you are offered is based on your skill set and relevant work experience required for a particular role.

ikea interview questions ans

Q – 2. Do you have any questions for Ikea?

Ans: You can ask your queries, concerns, and doubts during this question. You can frame questions around your job role or the department that you are going to join. You can also gather information about the company’s growth and success. Try and ask questions about how you can use the learning curve of the company for personal and professional development. You can also show interest in various learning opportunities you can avail during your tenure with the company.

General Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What are the possible interview tips for cracking the Ikea interview?


  • Always arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your scheduled interview.
  • Always keep your smartphone and other devices in silent or airplane mode.
  • You must gather enough company information before you appear for an interview.
  • Speak at a moderate speed and avoid showing signs of nervousness.
  • Ensure you make good eye contact with your hiring manager.
  • Talk about the current organization you are working with positively.
  • Demonstrate confidence and a pleasing personality to get the job.
  • You can talk about your accomplishments and productivity at work.
  • Portray your skills, strengths, and weaknesses positively.
  • Be polite and respectful.

Q – 2. What kind of attire is best suited for your interview?

Ans: You can wear smart business casuals if you are applying for a position in a store outlet. These positions can be customer officer at the desk, sales staff, store manager, cashier, etc.

Bottom Line

Ikea offers home furnishing products to decorate your home. People who join the workforce of Ikea must have detailed product knowledge about the various products offered to customers so that they can provide exceptional customer service.

Ikea looks for smart, dedicated, hardworking, energetic, and innovative team members who can create a good impression in the market by retaining loyal customers. The hiring managers also assess whether you have the appropriate skills which can help you contribute towards the success of Ikea.

Ikea offers a range of learning opportunities and training opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills of their workforce. Use this interview tool to your advantage so that you can achieve and develop a lasting career with Ikea. You can not only build your career but also lead a successful life ahead.

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