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IKEA Returns without Receipt

ikea returns without receipt

Have you purchased something from IKEA that doesn’t quite make the grade?

Buying a bedframe and discovering it’s too large for your room is sure to be a real disappointment. Mistakes can happen, even if you measure carefully and consider the available space. Fortunately, IKEA offers a generous returns policy, which applies to most products the company sells. However, returning an unwanted item to a store when you’ve lost the receipt can often be a bit tricky. 

So, let’s learn all about IKEA returns without receipt. 

About The Return Policy 

The company’s standard policy allows you to take back unwanted items up to a year from the date of purchase. This so-called “No-Nonsense” policy is very generous and easy to follow. The company’s staff are always ready to help you with the returns process to make it quick and easy.

The only catch is that you usually need to have the original receipt to receive a refund or an exchange at IKEA. This can be an issue, especially if several months have passed since the date of purchase. Let’s take a look at what you can do if you’ve lost the receipt.  

Without the receipt

There are certain circumstances where you can return unwanted items without a receipt. It is a good idea to carefully review the company’s policy to make sure your claim qualifies. Let’s take a closer look.

Faulty items

You might not need proof of purchase if you want to return a faulty item. Although the quality of the company’s products is generally high, mistakes can occur during the manufacturing process. The product may also have been damaged while it was being shipped to you if you purchased it online.

If you have received a faulty product, you need to take it back to the returns department of your local store. The item will be carefully inspected, and the issue will be evaluated. If your claim is accepted, you will usually be offered an exchange or full refund. 

Other Accepted Proof Of Purchases

If you can show another type of proof of purchase, your request for a refund may still be granted. There are several methods you can use. 

Other Accepted Proof Of Purchases

Potential proof of purchase includes:

  • The credit card you used to purchase the product.
  • A bank statement highlighting the transaction. 
  • An order number for online purchases.  
  • A gift card number for purchases made using a gift card.

Store Credit

If you don’t have proof of purchase, you can request store credit instead of a refund. An employee will look up the current retail rate of the product. If the current selling price is lower, this is the amount you will receive in store credit. 

The returns period

The 365 returns window applies to new products that are in unopened boxes. If it has already been opened, the returns period is reduced to 180 days. However, modifying the product in any way violates the conditions of the policy.  

The buy-back scheme

IKEA operates a buy-back program in several countries throughout Europe. Under this program, the company pays customers for their old furniture. This allows customers to get some of their money back if they can’t show proof of purchase. Although this program has not made its way to the United States yet, it may be launched in the future. 

Important Factors to Consider

Showing the original receipt is the easiest way to prove that you actually purchased the product. Without this, there is no guarantee that your claim will be honored. Several different factors have an impact on whether or not you will be successful. 

Important Factors to Consider

The amount of time since the purchase

The most important factor is when you purchased the item. The returns period will automatically be cut in half if you cannot produce the receipt. Therefore, if more than 180 days have already passed, there’s no point in requesting a refund. 

If the item is still in stock

You can only receive a refund or exchange if the product is still available in stores. If it is no longer being carried, it will be more difficult to resell. This also indicated that it is outdated and no longer desirable. As a result, your request is likely to be rejected. 

The condition 

Products usually need to be unused and in perfect condition. If you have damaged it in any way, don’t count on getting your money back. 

Original packaging

It takes time and money to repackage products. Opening the box can also expose products to damage. If you have already thrown away the packaging, your request is likely to be denied. 


IKEA will not be able to sell the product for the full price if it is fully or partially assembled. Although it could be sold in the as-is section, it would be sold at a discount. It will also need to be fully assembled before it can be sold in this section. If it will take an employee too long to do this, your claim will probably be rejected.

The payment method you used

It is much harder to verify cash purchases than those made using a credit card. If you paid with cash, your claim is more likely to be rejected.

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Final Thoughts 

According to the terms of the IKEA returns policy, you usually need to have the receipt. Things become a bit more complicated if you have lost this tiny proof of purchase. However, you may be able to use another form of proof of purchase to make sure you receive a refund.

If you purchased the product from the company’s website, you should have a digital copy of the receipt. Alternatively, an employee may be able to find the purchase in the store’s system. If all else fails, you might be able to receive a replacement or store credit instead of a refund.

Good luck making your return to IKEA!

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