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Ingles Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

ingles application

About Ingles Application

Ingles is a grocery store that offers grocery items to rural communities. This store requires staff at each store location with a dedicated team of workers with outstanding customer service. The restaurant stands distinctly from its competitors. All job seekers apply for employment in the regional sector of grocery stores.

ingles application

Job seekers focus on applying for various career opportunities at this grocery store. This grocery store hires associates at entry-level or experienced managers to fulfill a wide range of services offered by Ingles Grocery Store.

Essential Requirements for Ingles Grocery Store

What is the minimum age required for Ingles?

The minimum age required for Ingles is 16 years.

What are the hours of operation at Ingles?

The store is open every day from 7 am to 10 pm.

What are the various entry-level positions at Ingles?

The various entry-level positions at Ingles are cashier, stock clerk, store associate, assistant manager, and store manager.

How will an applicant apply for a suitable position?

The applicant can apply through the online application process for the Ingles store.

Job Opportunities at Ingles

Ingles carry out the hiring process of new applicants at the store level. This includes the service clerk, cashier, supervisor, and manager. The supermarket chain features all job titles that get hired. Ingles jobs include various clerical positions in different departments of the store such as bakery, deli, floral, meat and video. The entry-level workers consistently open jobs for cashiers, clerks, supervisory and managerial positions. The different associates earn based on current experience about a particular job role.

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Complete the online application form listed on the career page of the official website. The standard grocery store offers coffee shops, gas stations, and pharmacies. The presence of these amenities creates more career opportunities and employees move up the career ladder. The candidates can get technical jobs and experienced workers get proper credentials to qualify. The applicants should be well versed in pharmacy management to work at Ingles in the pharmacy department.

Career Positions and Salary Information at Ingles

Ingles also provide a competitive salary package and flexible work schedules along with career advancement opportunities. All store associates must have the ability to work night shifts, weekends, and on public holidays. Ingles also hire workers at the age of 16 and maintain a scholarship program for workers graduating from high school.

Service Clerk

  • This is an entry-level position for clerks so that customer service duties get executed at the supermarket called Ingles.
  • Service clerks also fill bags with groceries and provide the required assistance to customers.
  • The job responsibilities include cleaning, organizing, and frontend so that employees can keep work stations clean.
  • It is also their responsibility to collect shopping carts from the parking lot.
  • Service clerks also work closely with cashiers to earn an hourly pay of 8 dollars every hour.

Stock Clerk

  • Candidates apply online for stock clerk positions.
  • Stock clerks must also have energetic personalities and strong work ethics.
  • They also maintain product availability in stores.
  • The total hourly pay is 8 dollars to 9 dollars every hour.
  • Stock clerks must also have the ability to work on heavy-duty assignments by lifting grocery items and loading them on stock shelves or stock rooms.


  • Career opportunities in the grocery store require previous experience and also a good academic background.
  • Management positions also come with a variety of job titles which range from supervisor to store manager.
  • Common jobs include managing teams at entry-level during work shifts.
  • They must also ensure the sales goals are met along with financial targets.
  • The manager also oversees the hiring team and training at the entry level.
  • The pay scale range from 12 dollars per hour to 60,000 dollars annually.

Suggestions for Applying at Ingles

  • The candidate must be open to work in proper flexible schedules so that nights, weekends, and holidays are taken into account.
  • Part-time and full-time employment in the store.
  • The skills include communication skills and keep the employees motivated to work better.
  • The supermarket requires skills for working in various departments such as meat and deli.
  • Personal hygiene, punctuality play important roles in hiring decisions.

Check Application Status for Ingles

Ingles offers online application forms to new workers. Some of the stores are still there which use physical applications.  The job applicants can conduct online submissions that create work profiles and fill out forms. The profiles allow candidates to apply for jobs with desired hiring status. They send an email with the details of the process by which applicants can check application forms. Calling and visiting hiring managers creates a direct contact which provides hiring managers the opportunity to conduct interviews.

Work Benefits at Ingles

  • Every associate receives job benefits such as weekly pays and direct deposits.
  • They have career advancement opportunities and provide flexible work schedules.
  • The health insurance offers a prescription for drug coverage.
  • It also offers medical leave for the family.
  • Qualified employees receive various work benefits such as paid vacations, dental and vision plans along with spending accounts, and a life insurance policy provided by the company.

ingles application tips

Additional Information for Ingles

Ingles also offer markets that operate in small communities within the grocery retail chain. This supermarket chain follows a centralized network of merchandise distribution. This facility is 250 miles away from each store. Customers enjoy meat selection and a wide range of cuts which are not available in different supermarkets. They also allow customers to watch the meat while it is being cut in front of them.


Ingles is a grocery chain that follows a very simple application process. It offers many career advancement opportunities to young talent along with training opportunities and work benefits. The applicants require many skills to work properly at Ingles. They can stock shelves and fill bags with grocery items along with providing customer assistance to customers.

Customers require friendly and good-natured staff members who can serve customers better. This opens new opportunities at work. Ingles also offers various career opportunities at the store level which requires skills and knowledge to perform better at every assigned task. Ingles also offers many health benefits to employees who work well at the store contributing to the success of the store in the long run.

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