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Inventory Clerk Job Description

inventory clerk job description

To become an inventory clerk, you need to know about the job description and other details. Being an inventory clerk, you need to manage supplies and products in and out of a company. You need to keep track of the items stored in the warehouse and stock the showroom floors too.

The inventory clerk is likely to help the store or inventory manager maintain and oversee the supply of products in the store. You need to keep track of all the products and collections available and ensure that your stock is organized. Besides that, you need to help in the unloading process and deliveries too.

You can work in places that tend to deal in large quantities of stock, including retail outlets, and keep track of what comes or goes out. Their efforts show a clear picture of what’s on hand and where it would be located.

The experts need to work during the standard business hours and facilitate around the clock while also being hired for the night shifts. Inventory clerks that hold some experience can move up in their career as supply chain planners, production schedules, inventory control specialists, or warehouse managers.

inventory clerk job description

Job Description – Inventory Clerk Job Description

Being an inventory clerk, your job responsibilities are likely to include maintaining stock records, training less experienced clerks, preparing balance or shortage reports, and overseeing the stock. Besides traveling occasionally, you can expect to work for longer hours. To become a successful inventory clerk, you need excellent math and analytical skills besides written and verbal communication skills.

The ideal candidates for the job need to be physically fit as they need to lift weight and have warehouse experience. They should also know to have word processing knowledge and a database.

The inventory clerk is the one who would keep a check on stock while moving in and out of a specific location known as a stockroom. They are most likely to work in a retail or wholesale outlet, warehouse distribution. Even though several inventory clerks work alone, they need to have an assistant when working in more extensive facilities, which would help them align with the inventory levels.

For example, several clerks would be responsible for managing incoming and outgoing merchandise within a company. It might also include ordering essential raw materials for a company or stock the showroom floors, but it all depends on the industry.

Skills Required – Inventory Clerk

As the job is all about counting objects and recording information, the inventory clerks need to be quite comfortable with basic computations besides software dealing with various numbers. They need to have organization skills as they are likely to juggle between multiple items, and they need to behave in a systematic approach.

The experts need to stay focused and concentrate on the task. It would help if you remained calm even during fast-paced environments. It would help if you were physically fit.

Job Responsibilities

  • The employee must ensure they maintain and update records.
  • You must count materials, equipment, and merchandise.
  • Reporting discrepancies between computer and physical counts are also important.
  • Stock and distribute supplies or merchandise besides complying with balance.
  • You need to prepare some cost reports also.
  • One must improve inventory management with time, so there is no future hassle and the process is smooth.

Job Requirements

  • Must have completed high school diploma.
  • You need to have two years or more experience in inventory control.
  • Excellent math or analytical skills are a must for the job.
  • Must be able to work for extended hours.
  • You need to have fantastic communication and organization skills.
  • It will be a brownie point if you have forklift experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do I need to possess strong technical skills as an inventory clerk job?

Ans. As an inventory clerk, you will be required to manage the inventory. In the earlier days, there was no technology. Hence inventory clerks had to carry out the process of managing inventory manually. But with the emergence of technology, there are plenty of systems and software in place, and individuals should have an intricate idea about using them.

2 Are the working hours of an inventory clerk flexible?

Ans. Many companies have proper shift timings in place, and generally, shift timings range from morning 9 am to 4-5 pm. However, there could be times when there is an urgency, which is when you might be asked to extend. Individuals should be flexible to work for extended hours when required.

3 What are the main skills required to ace the work as an inventory clerk?

Ans. Out of all the skills required, the few main skills include top organizational and communication skills. This is because you will always be required to be in touch with the vendors and be required to organize the inventory so that there is always enough for the business.

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