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Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada?

Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada

Everyone loves Aldi, right?

The German grocery store has been making a name for itself in the US over the past few years by offering low prices on high-quality food items. But one question that many people are asking is: “Is Aldi coming to Las Vegas or Nevada?”. 

Well, let’s find out!

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The History Of Aldi

Discount grocer Aldi has a long and interesting history that begins in Germany after World War II. At that time, the country was divided into two parts: East Germany and West Germany. 

In 1946, brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over their mother’s small grocery store in Essen, West Germany, which had been destroyed during the war. They began by selling only sugar, cigarettes, and other basic items. The business was so successful that they soon opened additional stores.

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The Company Splits in Two…

In 1960, they split the company into two parts: Aldi Nord (Northern Aldi) and Aldi Sud (Southern Aldi). Each brother ran his own part of the company. In 1979, Aldi Nord acquired the Trader Joe’s chain in the United States. Twelve years later, Aldi Sud bought the American supermarket chain Pathmark. In 1996, Aldi Sud rebranded all of its U.S. stores as “Aldi.” Today, there are more than 1,700 Aldi stores in America.

Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada?

Is Aldi Coming To Las Vegas Or Nevada

The grocery chain has been rapidly expanding in the United States over the past decade. While Aldi has yet to open any stores in Las Vegas or Nevada, there have been several rumors that they are interested in doing so.

However, it seems that the company is more interested in expanding into other parts of the country first. Their newest distribution center is in Loxley, Alabama, which is located on the Gulf Coast. They are also focusing on opening stores in Florida and the Northeast. So, for now, Nevadans will have to continue shopping at other supermarkets. 

But who knows? Maybe Aldi will change their mind and come to Nevada and Las Vegas after all!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Las Vegas?

When the rumors began circulating that Aldi was planning to open a store in Las Vegas, shoppers were excited at the prospect of getting their hands on affordable groceries. However, those rumors have since proven to be false, leaving many to wonder why Aldi isn’t coming to Sin City.

A few theories are floating around. One is that the city’s large tourist population would make it difficult for Aldi to keep its prices low. After all, tourists are typically willing to pay more for convenience, and Aldi’s no-frills approach wouldn’t be conducive to a high volume of foot traffic.

They’re still on their way?

Another theory is that the company is methodically moving across the country, and as they are concentrating on the Gulf Coast, they just haven’t made it to Nevada yet. Finally, it’s possible that the company simply hasn’t found a suitable location in the city.

Where Should They Open a Store if They Did Come to Las Vegas?

This is a tough question because there are many different areas of the city, and each has its own unique demographics. Aldi also has its own requirements for potential shops, which include enough space to park over 95 cars and a building size of around 18,000 square feet. 

Where Should They Open a Store if They Did Come to Las Vegas

With that in mind, here are a few potential locations for an Aldi store in Las Vegas:

The Strip 

This is the most obvious choice, as it’s the most tourist-heavy area in the city. However, as previously mentioned, Aldi’s prices may be too low for the average Strip shopper, plus there is limited space and high rents to contend with.


This suburb is located just southeast of Las Vegas and is home to many families and retirees. Henderson has several large shopping centers that would be perfect for an Aldi, and the company would likely do well here.


This affluent neighborhood is located in the western part of the city and is one of the fastest-growing areas in Las Vegas. Summerlin has several large grocery stores, but an Aldi would likely find a niche among the residents who are looking for quality food at a competitive price.

When Will Aldi Come To Las Vegas?

This is another difficult question to answer, as Aldi has not made any public announcements about plans to open a store in Las Vegas. However, based on the company’s recent expansion efforts, it seems likely that they will eventually make their way to the city. For now, shoppers will just have to wait and see.

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What Grocery Stores are Currently in Las Vegas?

There are many different types of grocery stores in Las Vegas, from large supermarkets to small mom-and-pop shops. 

What Grocery Stores are Currently in Las Vegas

 Some of the Most Popular Stores Include:

  •  Smith’s Food and Drug – This chain is owned by Kroger and has several locations in the city.
  •  Vons – This supermarket chain is owned by Albertsons.
  •  Walmart – The world’s largest retailer, has many stores in Las Vegas, including a Supercenter on the Strip.
  •  Trader Joe’s – This popular grocery store chain has one location in Las Vegas, on the west side of town.
  •  Whole Foods Market – This upscale grocery store has one location in Las Vegas, on the Strip.

Get Ready For When They Do Arrive!

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Final Thoughts

Las Vegas residents will one day be able to get their groceries at Aldi. But for now, they will just have to continue trekking to their nearest store, whatever that may be. The company has not yet announced any plans to open a location in Sin City but based on its recent expansion efforts; it seems likely that they will eventually make their way here.

In the meantime, shoppers can check out some of the other grocery stores that are currently in Las Vegas, including Walmart, Smith’s Food and Drug, Vons, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods Market.

So, hopefully, you’ll have an Aldi to shop at one day!

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