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Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business (2023 guide)

is hobby lobby going out of business

I’m not sure what I would do without my local Hobby Lobby. It’s where I go to get all my crafting supplies, and it’s also where I go to get equipment to learn a new skill. Yes, it is more than just a craft store – it’s a one-stop shop for all your pastime needs!

But what if it closes down? Where will I go then? There are other craft stores out there, but none of them quite compare to the awesomeness that is Hobby Lobby. Plus, who knows if any of those other stores will have the same deals? If they go out of business, then I’m in big trouble.

So, Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business? Let’s find out!

What Is Hobby Lobby?

It is a craft store chain that was founded 50 years ago. It is based in Oklahoma City, and it has over 800 stores across the United States. The company sells a variety of craft supplies, as well as products for hobbies such as scrapbooking, home decorating, and jewelry making.

The History Of Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby was founded in 1972 by David and Barbara Green. The couple had a passion for arts and crafts, and they were motivated to start their own business after becoming frustrated with the lack of selection and soaring prices at other craft stores. They opened their first store in Oklahoma City, and the company has grown ever since.

Throughout the years, Hobby Lobby has been known for its generous discounts and sales. The store offers a variety of sales and coupons, which makes it a popular destination for crafters and hobbyists. In recent years, the store has also been expanding its selection to include more home decor items and products for kids.

Is Hobby Lobby Going Out Of Business?

The answer to this question is a resounding no, Hobby Lobby is not going out of business! And there are no plans to close any of the stores. In fact, the company is doing quite well financially. So why are people asking if Hobby Lobby is closing? There are a few rumors floating around that may have started this speculation.

First, it is true that some stores have closed down. However, these closures are not permanent, and the stores will eventually reopen. The reason for the closures is typically due to remodeling or relocation.

They’re just rumors…

With the pandemic in 2020, some Hobby Lobby stores were forced to close temporarily. However, the company has since reopened all of its locations. Many of the staff were furloughed during the closures, but they have since been brought back.

There was a rumor going around that all stores would be closing down permanently, but this is not true. The rumor started after a fake news website published an article claiming that Hobby Lobby was going out of business. The article was quickly debunked, and Hobby Lobby has confirmed that it is not going out of business.

What about the employees?

Another rumor that may have contributed to the speculation is the fact that Hobby Lobby recently laid off a number of employees. This is not unusual for companies to do, and it does not mean that the company is in financial trouble. In fact, the company is still doing well financially, and it has no plans to close any stores.

What Happened To Hobby Lobby During The Pandemic?

What Happened To Hobby Lobby During The Pandemic?

The company faced quite a lot of backlash for not taking the pandemic seriously in the beginning. People were outraged that the chain was still open while other businesses were forced to close.

Hobby Lobby did eventually close all of its stores, but many people felt that it was too little too late. The company has since reopened all of its locations, and it has made a number of changes to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

Stuck at home with nothing to do!

Despite the controversy, Hobby Lobby is still doing well financially. In fact, the company’s sales increased by 9% in 2020. This is likely due to the fact that many people were stuck at home and looking for ways to occupy their time. Craft projects are a fantastic way to do this, and Hobby Lobby is the perfect place to find everything you need.

Is Hobby Lobby Doing Well Financially?

Yes, Hobby Lobby is doing quite well financially. As of 2021, the company is worth an estimated $5 billion. This is a significant increase from the company’s worth in 2020, which was $4.5 billion. The company’s sales have also been increasing in recent years.

Did Hobby Lobby Raise its Employees’ Wages?

Did Hobby Lobby Raise its Employees’ Wages?

In 2023, Hobby Lobby announced that it would be raising its employees’ wages. This was in response to the increased cost of living, and it was a way to show appreciation for the hard work of its employees. The minimum wage is now $18.50 per hour.

What Other Craft Stores Are There?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the chain store, there are a few other craft stores that you can check out. Michael’s is a popular option, and it offers a variety of items for crafters and hobbyists. Jo-Ann Fabrics is another excellent choice, and it also has a wide selection of products.

Top Tips For Shopping At Hobby Lobby

Top Tips For Shopping At Hobby Lobby

  • Check the weekly ad before you go shopping. This way, you’ll know what’s on sale, and you can plan your purchases accordingly.
  • Use a coupon whenever possible. You can find these coupons online or in the weekly ad.
  • Shop during the sales. Hobby Lobby has a number of sales throughout the year, and you can save a lot of money by shopping during these times.
  • Join the Hobby Lobby rewards program. This is a wonderful way to get discounts and earn points toward future purchases.
  • Don’t forget to ask for a price match. If you find an item cheaper at another store, Hobby Lobby will match the price.

Hobby Lobby Isn’t Going Anywhere!

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Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business? – Final Thoughts

No, Hobby Lobby is not going out of business. The company is doing well financially, and it has no plans to close any stores.

The craft store chain did face some criticism during the pandemic, but it has since made changes to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. If you’re looking for a craft store, Hobby Lobby is a great option. Just be sure to take advantage of the sales and coupons to get the best deals.

So, go get creative at your local Hobby Lobby Store!

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  1. I love Hobby Lobby. I furnished so much of my house with Hobby Lobby merchandise. Some time I just go and get away from the house and just go looking into Hobby Lobby. They have beautiful things in there. I guess the store will be there . Ownership will just change. My husband passed and I was able to get a flag box for him . He was in the army. The case is so beautiful on display. Good luck to you Mr Hobby lobby. Love your store.

  2. Hobby Lobby is a store where you can go and spend the day! They are absolutely awesome! I love that it is a Christian run business and their respect for their employees. No doubt one of the biggest reasons for their success. One other thing, love the Christian music they play over the intercom!

  3. I read several articles that said the owner was giving his stores to someone else. So, I take this news of him giving up the stores a lie? Also, why since he makes so much money since the pandemic did he not bring back the 40% coupon? Another greedy owner in the business? It’s a real shame not to bring it back when he offered the same discounts before just now he won’t offer the weekly 40% coupon.

  4. Hobby lobby would be great if it founder wasn’t a massive sack of $hit and holy rolling, snake charming, Trump loving, discriminatory turd. Facts: Green runs Hobby Lobby based on extremely conservative christian values (when it suits him, more on that later). That means he is extremely discriminatory toward the LGBT community. They will not hire you if you like members of the same sex. If they find out they will either cut your hours to nothing so you find another job or fire you for something else, usually made up. Guess what ladies? Working the late shit at Hobby Lobby. On your way to your car you are attacked, raped, and impregnated. Guess what Hobby Lobby doesn’t want you to do, in fact, they will fire you for it? Get an abortion. Thats right, your main boss feels that you were raped because it was the will of god…… 🤦‍♂️ Hobby Lobby and Green were busted in 2009 for buying and smuggling Iraqi artifacts out of the country. As if 300,000 civilian deaths wasn’t enough, Green felt it was okay to go ahead and rob them of their history and public wealth as well. I mean how low can a person go? The country was in flames and that grease ball was stealing from them. What he did was in no way shape or form any different from any other group looting…. The LA Riots, Hurricane Katrina, and the George Floyd protest come to mind…. Yet he public condemned the people who participated in those events. Yet here he is, 1000 times worse. Robbing from a suffering country. F Hobby Lobby. 9 times out of 10 you can get it cheaper online anyway. Hobby Lobby may be doing well now, but wait until we go to war with China. Those shelves will be barren. Oh ya, 94% lf their products come from China, so Hobby Lobby participates in global pollution, child labor, force prison labor, which in turn are human rights violations. How many Americans lost their jobs when Green started get his products from china? How many small businesses closed their doors for good? Let Hobby Lobby burn to the ground. Evil corporation.

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