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Is Shein Legit?

is shein legit

Shein is an online fast-fashion retailer that has become incredibly popular in recent years. With its trendy and affordable clothing, it’s not surprising that many people are drawn to the brand. However, there are concerns about the legitimacy of Shein’s business practices.

So, is Shein legit?

Whether you’re an experienced Shein shopper or are unfamiliar with the brand, it’s important to make informed decisions when making online purchases. So, let’s learn more about the controversy surrounding Shein’s legitimacy as an online retailer. 

What is Shein?

Shein is an e-commerce company that sells fashion clothing, accessories, and beauty products. The company was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in China and has since expanded globally with a presence in over 220 countries. Shein is known for its low prices and fast fashion, with new items. 

Shein’s business model is centered around offering fast fashion at affordable prices. This model allows the company to stay ahead of trends and produce items quickly and cheaply. New Shein items are added to their website daily.

what is shein

How do they keep their stuff so cheap?

One of the ways Shein keeps its prices low is through its manufacturing practices. Shein produces its clothing in factories in China, where labor costs are significantly lower than in other parts of the world. And according to a report by Business Insider, Shein pays its factory workers around $1 to $2 per hour.

Shein’s Customer Base

Primarily made up of young women, Shein’s customer base is mostly between the ages of 18 and 24. This demographic is attracted to Shein’s low prices and trendy clothing. Shein has also gained a large following on social media, with over 20 million followers on Instagram.

Shein’s Reputation

Despite its popularity, Shein has faced criticism for its business practices. One of the main concerns is the quality of the clothing. Many customers have complained that the clothing falls apart after only a few wears or washes. Shein has also been accused of copying designs from other brands.

In addition to concerns about quality and originality, Shein has also been criticized for its environmental impact. This is because Shein’s fast fashion business model encourages consumers to buy more clothing than they need. And this contributes to the growing problem of textile waste. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation report claims that 92 million tons of textile waste are made by the fashion industry annually.

Shein's Reputation

But is Shein Legit as a Business?

Despite the concerns surrounding Shein, the company is a legitimate business. Shein is registered in Hong Kong and operates legally in the countries where it has a presence. The company also has a customer service team available to assist with any issues customers may have.

In terms of the quality of the clothing, Shein has acknowledged that there have been issues in the past and has taken steps to address them. In a statement to Business Insider, a Shein spokesperson said, “We have improved our quality control process to ensure our customers receive high-quality products.”

And the eco-issues?

In terms of environmental impact, Shein has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives, including using eco-friendly packaging and reducing waste in its supply chain. Shein has also partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative to promote sustainable cotton production.

But is Shein Legit as a Business

Evidence for and Against Shein’s Legitimacy

There are a few further issues that have led to questions about the legitimacy of the company. Especially when it comes to customer payment security and product authenticity, as well as return and refund policies, company transparency, and customer loyalty programs.

In this section, we will explore these areas in more detail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evidence for and against Shein’s legitimacy.

Shein Customer Payment Security

Payment Options

Shein takes all kinds of payments, including credit, debit, PayPal, and Klarna.

Klarna is a popular payment provider that allows customers to pay in installments, which can be attractive for those on a tight budget. The availability of multiple payment options is a positive sign that Shein is legitimate and catering to the needs of its customers.

Payment Options

Secure Payment Process

Shein also takes measures to ensure the security of its customers’ payment information. The website is equipped with SSL encryption. This is the industry standard for securing online transactions. Additionally, Shein does not store customers’ credit card information, which adds another layer of security.

Overall, Shein’s secure payment process is a strong indicator of the company’s legitimacy.

Privacy and Data Protection

Shein has a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how the company collects, uses, and protects customers’ personal information. The policy states that Shein will not sell or rent customers’ personal information to third parties. And this is a very reassuring sign for customers. Shein uses cookies to make browsing better, but customers can turn them off if they want.

These measures show that Shein is committed to protecting its customers’ data and privacy.

The Authenticity of Shein Products

Counterfeit Concerns

One of the main concerns about Shein’s legitimacy is the possibility of counterfeit products. Shein has been accused of selling knockoff versions of designer items. So this raises questions about the authenticity of its items. However, Shein has denied these claims and stated that it has a strict policy against counterfeit products.

The company has also partnered with several well-known brands to offer collaborations, which suggests that it is committed to working with legitimate partners.

Quality Control Measures

Shein has implemented several quality control measures to ensure that its products are up to standard. The company has a large team of quality control inspectors who check products before they are shipped out to customers. Shein also has a customer service team that is available to help customers with any issues they may have with their products. These measures show that Shein is committed to providing quality products to its customers.

Brand Partnerships

Shein has partnered with several well-known brands. Such as Disney and Coca-Cola, to offer limited-edition collections. This indicates that Shein is a legitimate company that is able to collaborate with established brands. And the fact that these partnerships have been successful suggests that Shein is committed to legitimate practices.

Shein Return and Refund Policies

Return Policy Overview

Shein has a comprehensive return policy that allows customers to return items for a refund or exchange within 45 days of receiving their order. The policy applies to all products except for items marked as “non-returnable.”

Customers can initiate a return by logging into their Shein account and requesting a return authorization. Once the return is approved, customers can ship their items back to Shein for processing.

Return Policy Overview

Refund Processing Time

It takes different amounts of time to get a refund from Shein, depending on the payment method. If you paid with a card, you can expect your refund in ten business days.

Industry Awards and Recognition

Another indication of Shein’s legitimacy is the industry recognition it has received. Shein has won numerous awards, including the “Top 50 China Global Brand Builders” award in 2019 and the “Retailer of the Year” award at the World Retail Congress in 2018.

Additionally, Shein has been ranked as the top fashion app in multiple countries, including the United States, Germany, and Australia.

Shein’s Legal Compliance

Shein has stated that it is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. As mentioned, the company has a detailed privacy policy that outlines how it collects, uses, and protects customer data. Shein also has a code of conduct for its suppliers that includes labor and environmental standards provisions.

Shein's Legal Compliance

Additionally, Shein has been certified by multiple third-party organizations for its compliance with various measures, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

So, now that we’ve fully covered the question, is Shein a legitimate company? Let’s talk a little about what we think one final deciding factor might be…

Shein’s Efforts to Address Concerns

Perhaps one of the greatest indicators for us that Shein is relatively trustworthy is this. While there have been concerns about Shein’s legitimacy, the company has taken steps to address these concerns.

For example, Shein has improved its shipping and delivery times. And it has also made changes to its product descriptions and sizing information to provide more accurate information to customers. Shein has also implemented a customer service system that includes a chatbot and email support. Plus, they have added more payment options for customers.

Legit Matters

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Final Thoughts

Yes, it is, but the question of whether Shein is legit is a complex one. While the company is a legitimate business that operates legally in the countries where it has a presence, a few concerns remain about its business practices and impact on the environment.

Ultimately, the decision to shop at Shein is up to each individual. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. Most importantly, while Shein’s low prices and trendy clothing may be appealing, it’s important to consider the potential impact of our purchases on the environment. And on the people who make our clothes.

Happy shopping!

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