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Is Six Flags New Orleans coming back?

Is Six Flags New Orleans coming back?

At present, there are no official plans for Six Flags New Orleans to reopen. The theme park, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, has been closed since August 2005 when it was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Despite years of speculation and rumors, there have been no concrete announcements regarding its revival. However, there have been discussions between the city and potential developers about the future of the site. Ultimately, the decision to revitalize the park or transform it into a new attraction lies in the hands of the stakeholders involved in the project.

FAQs about Six Flags New Orleans

1. What happened to Six Flags New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

After the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, Six Flags New Orleans suffered extensive damage. The park was submerged in floodwaters for an extended period, leading to severe structural damage to many of the attractions and infrastructure. As a result, it became financially unviable for the park’s operators to restore and reopen the site.

2. Are there any plans to renovate or rebuild Six Flags New Orleans?

While there have been discussions and interest in renovating or rebuilding Six Flags New Orleans, there are currently no confirmed plans in place. The city of New Orleans has explored potential opportunities with developers and investors, but no specific projects or timelines have been announced. The decision to restore or redevelop the park depends on various factors, including financial considerations and the viability of the potential attraction.

3. Has Six Flags abandoned the New Orleans park?

While Six Flags no longer operates the New Orleans park, it hasn’t completely abandoned the site. The company maintains ownership of the property and has expressed interest in potential future developments. However, as of now, Six Flags does not have any immediate plans to reopen the park or invest in its renovation.

4. What are the challenges in reopening Six Flags New Orleans?

Reopening Six Flags New Orleans poses significant challenges. The park suffered severe damage from Hurricane Katrina, which means extensive repairs and renovations would be necessary. Additionally, financing such a project and generating enough public interest and support are additional hurdles. Local government approvals, permits, and community involvement are crucial factors that will influence the feasibility of reopening the park.

5. Are there any other proposals for the Six Flags New Orleans site?

Apart from discussions about reopening Six Flags New Orleans, there have been other proposals for the site. For example, there have been talks about transforming the area into a film production studio or a mixed-use development with residential and commercial spaces. However, these proposals are still in the early stages, and no firm decisions have been made regarding the future of the site.

6. Can visitors still see the remains of Six Flags New Orleans?

Currently, visitors are not allowed to access the remains of Six Flags New Orleans. The site is closed to the public due to safety concerns and ongoing discussions about its future. Trespassing on the property is prohibited, as it is privately owned. However, there are various online resources, including photographs and videos, that offer glimpses of the abandoned park.

7. Is there nostalgia associated with Six Flags New Orleans?

For many locals and visitors, Six Flags New Orleans holds nostalgic memories as it was once a popular theme park in the area. The park’s closure after Hurricane Katrina left a void in the entertainment options of the city. The abandoned remnants of the park still evoke a sense of nostalgia for those who remember its heyday.

8. How has the absence of Six Flags New Orleans impacted the local economy?

The closure of Six Flags New Orleans had a significant impact on the local economy. The theme park was not only a popular tourist attraction but also a source of employment and revenue for the city. Its absence meant the loss of jobs and economic opportunities for residents and businesses in the surrounding area. Efforts to revitalize the site or develop new attractions have been fueled by the desire to restore the economic benefits that a thriving theme park can bring.

9. What is the current condition of the Six Flags New Orleans site?

The current condition of the Six Flags New Orleans site is in a state of disrepair. Many of the structures and rides have deteriorated over the years, and nature has reclaimed parts of the park. The once vibrant and bustling site now stands as a haunting reminder of its former glory. Engaging in any activities within the vicinity is strongly discouraged due to safety concerns and potential legal consequences.

10. How are the local community and authorities involved in the future plans for Six Flags New Orleans?

The local community and authorities play a crucial role in the decision-making process regarding the future of Six Flags New Orleans. The city government, developers, stakeholders, and residents engage in discussions, public meetings, and consultations to gather input and make informed choices. The involvement of the community ensures that any future plans align with the interests and aspirations of the local population.

11. Are there any potential benefits to reviving Six Flags New Orleans?

Reviving Six Flags New Orleans could bring a range of potential benefits to the city and its residents. Firstly, it could create employment opportunities, both during the construction phase and when the park is operational. Additionally, it can attract tourism and boost the local economy. A revived theme park could also provide entertainment options for locals and enhance the overall quality of life in the area.

12. Can the success of other reopened amusement parks serve as inspiration for Six Flags New Orleans?

Yes, the success stories of other reopened amusement parks can serve as an inspiration for Six Flags New Orleans. Examples such as Joyland Amusement Park in Kansas and Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania demonstrate that with the right planning, investment, and community support, abandoned parks can be revitalized. These success stories highlight the potential for Six Flags New Orleans to rise from the ruins and regain its status as a beloved entertainment destination.


While the future of Six Flags New Orleans remains uncertain, there is a glimmer of hope for its potential revival. The discussions and interest in the site’s redevelopment indicate a willingness to explore opportunities and create new attractions in the area. The nostalgia associated with the park and the economic benefits it could bring make it an attractive prospect for both locals and investors. Time will tell whether Six Flags New Orleans will once again grace the New Orleans skyline as a thriving theme park.

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