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Is Superstore Based on Walmart? (2023 Guide)

is superstore based on walmart

Are you a fan of the comedy series Superstore?

The show ran for a total of six years and features a large cast of colorful characters. These characters work in a big box discount store, which may look more than a little familiar to many people. The store where the action took place was called Cloud 9, and the branch number was #1217. From the uniforms that the characters wore to the types of products being sold, there are plenty of familiar aspects. 

So, if you are wondering, ‘is Superstore based on Walmart?’, then it’s time to find out…

About Cloud 9

About Cloud 9

This is the name of the hypermarket discount store where scenes from the series are featured. The store sells a wide range of grocery products as well as liquor and guns and has a pharmacy. The store even has a credit union for employees to make use of and a photo studio.

The Location

The Cloud 9 store that is presented in the show is located on Ozark Highlands Road in St. Louis, Missouri. In the show, the district manager of the store was Jeff Sutin. 

A number of other store locations are presented throughout the course of the TV show. These include Fenton, Easton, Bel-Ridge, and Kirkwood. Locations in Detroit and Austin are also referred to. The store was destroyed by a tornado in the finale of season two. It was then reopened with a facelift in the first show of season three.

The store goes international…

 While Cloud 9’s corporate offices is based in Chicago, locations can be found all around the world. Throughout the show, several international branches are referred to. These include stores in Mexico City, Taipei, Vancouver, Paris, Mumbai, and Beijing. 

The Treatment Of Employees

The Treatment Of Employees

The Cloud 9 corporation is famous for refusing to offer employees benefits. This includes denying access to paid overtime, health insurance, or maternity leave. Cloud 9 employees are only permitted to take fifteen minutes for lunch and one bathroom break during their shift. 

The corporate office controls all of the operations in individual stores. This includes the music, store temperature, all locks, and the lights. As the show has portrayed, this has caused some serious hardships for the Cloud 9 employees.

A touch of reality…

While the break policy for supermarket chain employees is slightly better than on the show, benefits are still limited. The control of the ambiance in individual stores by the corporate office actually occurs in many real-life chains. Just like in the show, this can often pose a problem for the real-life employees who work in the stores. 

Is Superstore Based On Walmart? – The Filming

Is Superstore Based On Walmart? - The Filming

The pilot of the show was filmed in a former Kmart store in the city of Burbank, California. Although the store had been modified and rebranded, the Kmart signage could clearly be seen in certain shots. During the filming of the pilot, members of the public often wandered into the modified store. They mistook actors for actual Kmart employees and tried to ask them questions about different products. 

However, the rest of the series was filmed on sets that were built on two soundstages. The first season of the show proved to be a hit, and the production budget grew as a result. Filming then moved to a three-story soundstage in Universal Studios. 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Although the average Walmart Supercenter covers 182,000 square feet, the set is not anywhere near that size. Large mirrors were strategically placed throughout the set to create the impression of extra space. This helps to make it look as though the store is much bigger than it really is. 

Several of the items in the set are real to create the impression of authenticity. All of the checkout registers and scanners are genuine articles. They were purchased and repurposed from old Fresh & Easy and Ralph’s stores. 

What About The Store Products?

The episodes of the TV series feature a large number of recognizable brands throughout the store. The brands that are featured have signed special clearance agreements with the show creators. This allows the labels of brands like Keurig and Pepsi to be filmed. 

Many people also believe that these companies have paid the showrunners to feature their products on screen. Product placement is a clever money-making tactic that is used by a large number of films and TV shows. In addition to generating extra revenue, it also helps to make the store look more real.

Is The TV Show A Parody?

As with any good comedy, real-life or realistic events are exaggerated for comic effect. If you are a fan of the show, you are sure to be aware that many of the events could not possibly happen. However, many former Walmart employees have their own eyebrow-raising stories to tell. 

Truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. While the creators of the show have not worked at the supermarket chain, they did spend time interviewing employees. They also spent a lot of time consulting with OUR Walmart

Some scenes are based on actual events!

This retail labor advocacy nonprofit organization is also known as United4Respect and is composed of both former and current employees. The members of the organization are ready and willing to share their stories to effect change. 

Because the writers of the show spent a lot of time consulting former employees, some storylines are based on actual events. 

Why Not Work At The Real Walmart?

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Final Thoughts

Cloud 9, the chain of discount stores that Superstore features, is completely fictional. None of the creators of the show have officially stated that it is based on Walmart in any way. However, anyone who has spent time in one of the company’s stores is likely to notice a few strong similarities.

One of the most striking is the bright blue apron uniforms that Cloud 9 employees wear. A large number of weird and larger-than-life events take place in this hit show. While they may seem bizarre, anyone who has ever worked in retail is likely to have a few similar real-life stories.

All the very best if you decide to work at Walmart!

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