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Is Target owned by Walmart? (2023 Guide)

is target owned by walmart

As a major retailer, Target has a somewhat unusual past. It began as a modest department store in Minnesota, close to the North Dakota border way back in the early 1900s. Despite experiencing its fair share of failures throughout the years, Target has always managed to overcome them and triumph over adversity.

But, are they working together?

Target and Walmart are two of the biggest retailers in the world, making up a significant portion of all retail sales, particularly in the US. As a testament to their prominence, they were among the crucial retailers that remained open and operational during the Covid 19 lockdown, and are both highly successful and well-known establishments in their own right. 

When Walmart purchased a few Target stores, the questions began to fly – does Target collaborate with Walmart? And more importantly, is Target owned by Walmart?

 So, let’s find the answer to these and other interesting questions related to Target, Walmart, and their proprietors. 

Does Walmart Own Target? 

Does Walmart Own Target

The answer, quite simply, is no; Target is not owned by Walmart. It is, in fact, owned by the Target Corporation, a separate business that was once known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, which changed its name in 2000, and CEO Brian Cornell is the head of the company.  

That Walmart is the owner of Target is a common misconception. Many customers believe that they are not owned by their celebrated brand, something that might have a substantial impact on inconsistencies in customer experience.

Walmart has renovated Target stores…

Even though Walmart has purchased several corner businesses for renovation and utilized them as petite Walmart stores, rest assured that Target Corporation – not Walmart – owns Target. Both are hugely successful in their own right, with each having its well-known network of department stores.

 The American Target chain has almost 2,000 stores that sell a variety of goods at reasonable rates, and while the two operate similarly in terms of product, price, and so on, Target and Walmart are not related in any way and are run by different groups of individuals entirely. 

Who Exactly Is Target?

As was mentioned previously, the Target Corporation was formerly known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. It first went public in 1902 by George Draper Dayton of Dayton Dry Goods Company before being formally listed in 1962 as a company specializing in retail products, selling directly to customers. George was a young man who loved traveling to the west to explore the untapped retail potential. 

It was this wanderlust that carried him to the Minneapolis area, where he found what he had been looking for to expand his company. He opened the first Target store in the Denver metro region, Roseville, in Minnesota, a bustling urban area with a strong population of young professionals eager for future expansion. 

Expect More, Pay Less

The company continued to grow, which ultimately led to the name change in 2000. Today, Target Corporation has roughly 41 distribution centers and roughly 2,000 stores spread out over the United States.

Due to the company’s ongoing efforts throughout the years to better know, serve, understand and satisfy its customers, Target has gained the ranking of the eighth leading retailer and came 37th in the Fortune 500 US Corporations category. 

The world-famous slogan!

Remember the ‘Expect More, Pay Less’ slogan? Yes, you guessed it, that was Target! That slogan has been their guiding principle, along with continually assisting families in rediscovering the joy of living. 

Given that many industry experts don’t think the retail business model would succeed. It’s amazing to think that Target has become many customers’ preferred destination to visit while away from home. Not only because of the company’s famous red roof but rather due to their amazing shopping experience, which is to continually come up with fresh ideas to rekindle the fun of shopping. 

What Is Target Famous For?

What Is Target Famous For?

People of all ages and tastes flock to Target in search of stores that offer the most recent in home appliances, clothing, furniture, accessories, food, entertainment, décor, and technology.

 Along with well-known national brands, Target also offers thousands of exclusive products thanks to agreements they have with top designers and manufacturers, such as Michael Graves Everyday, Missoni Home-Fashion & Accessories, and Danial Knauf Project Couture. 

Target loves Philanthropy!

You can shop both online and in-store. With only a few clicks or swipes, customers can place orders whenever they want, from the convenience of their living room or at the checkout counters in their favorite store. With approximately 75% of the US population living within 10 miles of a Target, the company is easily accessible to most people and can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Target is just as renowned for its charitable work as it is for offering customers a convenient, comfortable, and inexpensive shopping experience. Among other things, it provides unused items and donations to the goodwill sector, leading it to reach the 22nd spot in Fortune Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ in 2010.

What Companies Does Walmart Own?

What Companies Does Walmart Own?

Worldwide, Walmart owns several companies, including the Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu Group and ASDA Stores Ltd in the UK. It owns stock in both businesses, holds a position on the boards of each, and maintains a constant working relationship with them. 

While Target Corporation is not owned by Walmart, it does own several other businesses.

What Companies Does Target Own?

Target owns the following assets:

  • Target Brand Incorporation.
  • Target General Merchandise Incorporation.
  • Target Enterprise Incorporation.
  • Target Capital Corporation.

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Is Target Owned By Walmart? – Final Thoughts

Target, a member of the Target Corporation, is a broad-spectrum shop with a focus on offering its customers a wide array of goods from both local suppliers and abroad. Customers can purchase anything from clothing to books and home goods, either by phone, online, or in a physical store. 

The answer to the question of Target being owned by Walmart is a resounding no; it is owned by Target Corporation. Walmart never owned Target; instead, it bought and remodeled certain Target locations to utilize as their chain stores. 

All the very best with your new job at Target!

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