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Is the Channel Tunnel open all night?

Is the Channel Tunnel open all night?

The Channel Tunnel, also known as the Chunnel, is not open all night for regular passenger service. However, it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for freight and maintenance trains. So while you cannot travel through the tunnel during the night if you are a passenger, the tunnel itself remains operational throughout.

The last passenger service departing from the UK to France through the Channel Tunnel usually runs in the late evening. Similarly, the last service from France to the UK leaves in the late evening as well. These scheduled departures ensure that passengers traveling between the two countries have ample time to complete their journey before the tunnel closes for the night.

The closure of the passenger service during the night allows for essential maintenance and safety checks to take place. This ensures the tunnel remains in optimal condition and provides a safe and reliable transportation link between the United Kingdom and France.

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