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Is there a safe in your room on a cruise ship?

Is there a safe in your room on a cruise ship?

Yes, most cruise ships nowadays come equipped with a safe in each room or cabin. These safes are typically small and located either in the closet or a drawer, ensuring that your valuables and important documents remain secure throughout your voyage. Cruise lines understand the importance of providing a secure storage option for their passengers, allowing you to have peace of mind while enjoying your time onboard.


1. How big are the safes in cruise ship cabins?

The size of the safes may vary depending on the cruise line and ship, but they are generally designed to fit small-sized items such as passports, cash, jewelry, and electronics. It’s important to note that the safes are not large enough to accommodate bigger items like laptops or large cameras, so it’s best to leave those in your cabin or utilize other security measures if available.

2. Can multiple people access the safe?

Yes, in most cases, the safe can be accessed by multiple people sharing the same cabin. It is common for cruise ship safes to have a digital keypad with a customizable code that you can set, ensuring that only you and your cabinmates have knowledge of the code. This allows all occupants of the cabin to store and access their valuable belongings conveniently.

3. Are the safes provided on cruise ships secure?

Cruise ship safes are designed with security in mind and are generally considered to be safe for storing your valuables. However, it’s important to remember that they are not entirely foolproof. It’s always a good idea to take additional precautions, such as keeping your cabin locked when you’re not present and not leaving highly valuable items unattended in your room.

4. What happens if I forget my safe code?

If you forget your safe code, don’t panic! Most cruise ship cabins have a procedure to reset the code in case of such an event. You can typically contact the guest services or front desk onboard, and they will assist you in resetting the safe code so that you can regain access to your belongings.

5. Are the safes insured?

The safes provided by the cruise ships are not insured by default. It is recommended to check with your travel insurance provider to see if your policy covers any potential theft or loss of valuables from the cabin safe. Additionally, it’s always wise to take a thorough inventory of the items you are storing in the safe and keep any valuable receipts or documents separately, as they may be required for insurance claims.

6. Can I use my own lock on the safe?

Cruise ship safes are generally equipped with their own locking mechanisms, and using additional locks is generally not necessary. It’s best to utilize the provided security features before attempting to use your personal lock. However, if you have specific security concerns, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the cruise line or check their policies regarding the use of personal locks.

7. Can I trust the employees onboard with my belongings?

Cruise ship employees undergo thorough background checks and are trained in maintaining passenger security and privacy. While incidents of theft onboard are extremely rare, it’s always wise to exercise caution and use the safe provided to store your valuables. It’s also recommended to keep an inventory of your belongings and ensure you’re aware of any valuable items that you bring with you on the cruise.

8. Are there any additional security measures in place for the safes?

Apart from the customizable code, most cruise ship safes have additional security features, such as an automatic time-out after multiple incorrect attempts to access the safe. This ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot continuously attempt to gain access to the safe using different combinations. Always remember to keep your safe code confidential and not share it with anyone outside your cabin.

9. Can I request a safe in the cabin if there isn’t one?

If your cabin does not have a safe, it’s worth reaching out to the guest services or front desk to inquire about the availability of a safe. While it may not always be possible, they might have alternative options for securing your valuables, such as a shared safe in a designated area. It’s always better to ask and explore the possibilities.

10. Can I bring my own safe onboard?

Most cruise lines prohibit passengers from bringing their own safes onboard due to security and safety reasons. The provided safes are designed and tested to meet specific safety standards, ensuring the security of both the passengers and the ship. It’s best to rely on the onboard safes for the storage of your valuables during your cruise.

11. Can I trust the crew members with the safe code?

The crew members are trained to respect passenger privacy and security. It’s highly unlikely that they would have access to your safe code unless there are specific circumstances or emergencies that require their involvement. It’s important to exercise caution and avoid sharing your safe code with anyone outside your cabin to ensure the confidentiality of your belongings.

12. What happens if the safe malfunctions or I can’t access it?

In the rare case of a malfunction with the safe or if you find yourself unable to access it, promptly contact the guest services or front desk onboard. They have the necessary tools and procedures to address any issues with the safe. It’s always a good idea to inform them immediately to ensure a quick resolution and the safety of your valuables.

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