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IT Technician Job Description

it technician job description

IT Technicians are responsible for maintaining the hardware and software requirements for an organization. They ensure all computers and other IT equipment runs smoothly in a better manner. IT technicians install software for the smooth operation of IT applications. They act as a contact person for providing IT support within the organization.

Job Description – IT Technician

An IT technician is a technically skilled candidate who can solve IT-related issues with their ability to solve problems. They identify user needs, ensure all systems are running smoothly. They can manage and monitor all technical duties related to IT systems in the best possible way. The IT technicians can interact with several employees at various levels in the departments. They try and understand their technical needs, problems, and implement appropriate problems to solve their problems.

Skills Required – IT Technician

IT Technicians should have strong problem-solving abilities to resolve IT-related issues. They should have strong decision-making skills. The IT technician is also responsible for carrying out IT-related consulting for clients and internal employees of the organization. They develop IT-related strategies to manage and govern the IT infrastructure of the organization.

The IT technician can also document IT-related processes and information to ensure the processes run smoothly in a better manner. They should be able to adapt to a fast-paced environment. The IT technician should also have excellent verbal and written communication to write IT-related processes for the organization.

Job Responsibilities – IT Technician

  • They install and implement hardware and software components within the IT systems.
  • They can also troubleshoot both software and hardware-related issues.
  • The IT technician is also responsible for installing IT equipment safely by ensuring it runs in a streamlined manner.
  • They can also upgrade the IT systems, in each computer of the organization.
  • They also perform IT-related tests and evaluations for both software and hardware equipment.
  • The IT technician also provides end-to-end support to every user for IT equipment to run smoothly.
  • They also handle IT-related errors to streamline IT processes in an organization.
  • They also maintain cordial relationships with all colleagues across the organization.
  • The IT technician can also conduct daily backup processes for ensuring IT processes are smooth.
  • They should also maintain all technical documentation to run IT processes smoothly.

Job Requirements – IT Technician

  • They need a bachelor’s degree in the field of computers.
  • The total relevant experience required is 2 years for this particular position.
  • They should also have complete knowledge about all programming languages.
  • They should also be well versed with written and verbal communication to work well in the IT Sector.
  • Their interpersonal skills should be extremely strong.
  • They should also know database programming and how to install different kinds of software.
  • The IT technician also ensures they pay appropriate attention to detail.
  • They are also good with problem-solving skills which help them to manage the IT setup of the organization well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does an IT technician do?

Ans. An IT technician is a computer expert who manages the IT support for an organization and its users. They ensure new software and hardware is installed in a timely and orderly fashion. They focus on the appropriate performance of the computers in the best possible manner.

2 Make a list of duties for IT technicians?


  • They install software for computers.
  • They also maintain the computer hardware for the smooth functioning of IT systems.
  • The IT technician also manages all IT functions as per specific requirements.
  • They also develop and maintain local networks in the IT sector.
  • They also maintain the privacy and security of different computer systems.

3 What is the basic educational qualification required for this role?

Ans. Any IT technician must have a B Tech or an M Tech degree to work as an IT Technician for their organization. They also require formalized IT training to manage the IT role in a better manner always. Excellent skills related to IT help a person to achieve their desired role in the field of IT. Relevant years of experience helps them to grow as an individual in the field of IT.

4 What kind of programming language is an added advantage for IT technicians?

Ans. Employees who work as IT technicians must have complete knowledge about IT-related programming languages such as C++, Linux, Java, Cisco, and A+. these languages help them to write basic programs for the IT industry. This helps in smoothly running the IT infrastructure.

5 What are the key requirements to work as an IT technician?


  • They require a high school diploma and a college degree in the field of computer science.
  • The IT technician can also gain professional certifications in the field of IT.
  • They can acquire excellent on-the-job experience.
  • To grow in the IT sector, a technician requires proper skills and relevant training to learn about the rapidly changing work environment in the IT sector.
  • IT technicians can work hard to achieve success in their careers as IT technicians.
  • They need professional on-the-job training to complete their job as an IT Technician.
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