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Janitor Job Description

the janitor job description

Working as a janitor requires you to work odd hours. You will either work early in the morning or late at night to clean the building properly without many people on the floor. As a Janitor, you will be assigned the duty of cleaning buildings like schools, libraries, hospitals, and other company buildings. Your job role would be to take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the area assigned to you by the supervisor.

janitor job description

Job Description – Janitor

The job role of a janitor requires you to be focused and proactive towards work. You will be assigned a few tasks and you need to make sure you complete them during your work hours. You will be working across different building infrastructures performing tasks such as cleaning and maintaining the way a building looks. The janitor also needs experience in cleaning with a basic knowledge of the equipment used for the job.

To work comfortably in this role, you will be asked to work on building repairs, floor cleaning, and other tasks. Also, you will be taking care of the inventory and asking for restocking elements that are missing from your inventory.

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Skills Required – Janitor

To be a successful janitor, you have to be organized and maintain your schedule according to the tasks assigned. You should also be a quick learner as you will be required to settle in with new ways in some buildings. You need to have good knowledge of the equipment used for maintaining and cleaning the buildings and floors. As a part of this job, you will be required to visit different buildings and clean them. For the same, you need to stay updated with your schedule as provided by your supervisor.

Job Responsibilities

  • You need to maintain the good condition of the building and ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the building.
  • You will also have to perform various tasks, such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor.
  • Cleaning of the stockroom and maintaining the stockroom to ensure the availability of the equipment.
  • Make sure that you have locked the doors of the building before you leave. You also have to make sure you clean the place before the crowd arrives to clean the buildings easily.
  • The janitor will also be required to clean up the spills and make sure they are properly cleaned. You need a proper set of equipment and knowledge about its usage.
  • You will have to perform repairs whenever required. The janitor will also be given proper training for these minor repairs before you start working as a Janitor.
  • If there are any major repairs required in the building, you have to report the same issue to the higher authorities to get it fixed.
  • Collecting the trash from different rooms and disposing of it in the dump before you leave the building
  • Supervising your own schedule to ensure you follow the time as per the tasks assigned to you
  • You might be required to work with a contract cleaning service whenever required.

Job Requirements

  • You should have the ability to manage your time properly.
  • You will also be required to have experience working with supervisors.
  • ability to lift around 25 pounds of weight
  • You also need a high school diploma or any related certificate in the same field.
  • The janitor also needs knowledge of basic cleaning equipment
  • Quick learner
  • Basic math skills
  • Handling cleaning and minor repairs in a building and reporting the major repairs to the supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where to apply for the job position of a Janitor?

Ans. You can find these jobs in newspapers and on the internet. You can choose either way and filter the jobs in your preferred locations.

2 What skills are required for this job position?

Ans. You need to have good organization skills to perform tasks before the deadline. You will be working at odd hours, so you should have the ability to work early in the morning or late at night. Also, you will have the responsibility of locking all the doors of the building before you leave the place.

3 Do you need any certificates to be eligible for the position of Janitor?

Ans. There is no such certificate that is required for this job position. You just have to acquire the skill set to do the work and learn new things quickly. You have to be able to work in a fast environment to be eligible for this job position.

4 How many years of experience are required to work as a Janitor?

Ans. You can start working as a Janitor if you have a basic knowledge of cleaning equipment. However, some organizations prefer to hire people with previous experience to ensure good services. But, you can find many opportunities as a beginner, but they might pay you a little less than an experienced janitor.

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