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Japan Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info


Japan Airlines operates in dozens of countries, helping millions of passengers to reach their destination on time. Japan Airlines, also referred to as JAL, was formed as the national carrier in 1953. Because of the stable structure of air travel, employees who apply for entry-level jobs at Japan Airlines should anticipate working a range of shift schedules. These schedules could involve holidays, weekends, and night shift settings. Most Japan Airlines’ job positions get offered with salary packages rather than hourly wages.

Additional Information

Japan Airlines need candidates to be flexible to work on holidays, weekends, or early mornings. It also needs candidates to have excellent communication skills to assist guests. Prior work experience, computer proficiency, and typing are required for a few job roles. The ability to speak Japanese is an added feature to get job consideration at Japan Airlines.

You can scroll down this page and learn the complete hiring process of Japan Airlines. It also includes the information associated with the bonuses, advancement opportunities, salary offered, employee benefits, job roles and duties, and many more Japan Airlines provides.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines offers jobs to people with a minimum of 18 years. The job duty hours and operational timings of Japan Airlines is for 24 hours and even days a week.

Job Prospects at Japan Airlines

Airports serve as travel hubs, and employment positions with Japan Airlines could provide workers with convenient access to various destinations. For some, the worldwide nature of this sector offers an opportunity to travel to a continent, country, or a different city.

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Jobs with Japan Airlines are ideal for multi-tasking people. JAL employs efficient, polite personnel to ensure that passengers and aircraft arrive on time. Japan Airlines career comes with the possibility to transfer. JAL operates a large number of persons of Japanese ancestry. Working with Japan Airlines is a great way to learn about the country’s culture and customs, whether you have Japanese ancestors or not. Employees may polish up their communication skills with coworkers and clients.

The Job Positions Available at Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines extends multiple job posts to job finders, including Ramp Operations Agent or Baggage Handler, In-Flight Service Associate. It also offers Ground Handling Staff Member, Cabin Crew Member, and Flight Attendant positions. The following are Japan Airlines’ readily required job positions for full-time and part-time work capacities:

Customer Service Representative

  • The candidate has an option to earn around $25k annually with this post.
  • They have to check the luggage, represent work service desks, and sometimes assist the travelers.
  • They need to be personable, helpful, and decisive while dealing with patrons.

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Ground Handling Staff Member

  • The candidate can earn around $23k annually.
  • They need to move the cargo, drive machines, inspect the aircraft, and sometimes guide the planes.
  • They need to be physically strong and must be able to lift heavyweights.
  • It is a part-time job but also promises full-time promotions.

Flight Attendant

  • They have expanded salary options, with a base salary of around $25k per year.
  • They need to perform safety demos, customer relations and also need to go for the foodservice duties.
  • The flight attendants need to be pleasant, accommodating, and responsive to the passengers.

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The Job Application Process of Japan Airlines

The candidates looking to join Japan Airlines must fill up the job application form. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to apply for a job role at Japan Airlines:

  • Candidates should visit Japan Airlines’ official online platform and go to the main career page.
  • Japan Airlines allows candidates to download its printable version of the job application form.
  • You can download this printable version through JAL’s official platform.
  • Scroll down this webpage and locate the downloadable job application form at the bottom of this webpage.
  • The candidates should carefully read and fill up entire sections of Japan Airlines’ job application form.
  • Complete the form and review it before submitting it to Japan Airlines.

Checking Job Application Status for Japan Airlines

The employment process for Japanese Airlines job positions can take a long time because of drug tests and background checks. The interview procedure is multi-staged, so keep an eye out for Japan Airlines’ communications. It is essential to check in with Japan Airlines’ recruiting staff about two weeks after submitting the job application.

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Benefits and Perks While Working at Japan Airlines

Japan Airline offers the following work benefits to its employees:

  • Apart from their salaries, workers associated with the airline company are also entitled to claim its multiple job benefits.
  • They have the chance to get discounted or free flight tickets.
  • The jobs provided by the company also include coverage for healthcare facilities, paid vacations, and time off.
  • Other than this, they are also eligible for vision, dental and medical insurances.
  • The candidates also get access to 401k retirement plans.
  • Along with this, the management also includes life insurance in the salaries.
  • Apart from all this inclusion, some of the career seekers might also get yearly bonuses.

Additional Details of Japan Airlines

The Oneworld alliance includes Japan Airlines. It helps bring along air carriers from all around the world. Customers can win points that you can use on all linked airlines through Japan Airlines’ frequent flyer program.


The best way to apply for a job position with Japan Airlines is to use the official online platform and submit the application form through its primary career webpage. Contacting an HR representative or applying online through the company’s career page is ideal for job seekers. Job applicants should also submit their resume along with a covering letter. Any employee who is fluent in Japanese should make a point of mentioning it.

Japan Airlines usually looks for energetic and well-qualified individuals to join its team. The management recruits most applicants as Reservation Call Center Agents. It is the most required job position at Japan Airlines. It facilitates entry-level capacities or work settings. The airlines offer its Reservation Call Center Agents a paid training program upon hire. You may closely look at the job roles of each position at Japan Airlines and apply accordingly to join the industry.

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