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JetBlue Interview Questions

jetblue interview questions

Jet Blue is the 6th largest passenger airline in America. The airline looks for enthusiastic and dynamic persons who can join their team and serve customers. Jet Blue looks for candidates who can demonstrate values such as safety, integrity, fun, and care.

jetblue interview questions

Jet Blue operates in many cities of the USA and also travels on international routes. The loyalty program of Jet Blue is called Trublue. Jet Blue has its headquarters in New York. They have several partners under its umbrella. Some of these include Virgin Atlantic, LAN, and Qatar Airways. Jet Blue always focuses on providing the best in class services for its customers to make their journey a memorable one.

Basic Interview Questions for Jet Blue

Q – 1. Introduce Yourself?

Ans: Structure your answer well by talking about hobbies, previous work experience, education and use co–related examples to support your answer. Don’t make the conversation verbose or boring. Don’t introduce your name to the interviewing panel because that is already mentioned on your Resume.

Q – 2. Describe Jet Blue in Your Own Words?

Ans: Talk about the company history and awards and recognition which Jet Blue has received over the years. You can also talk about where the corporate office of Jet Blue is located and whether you are aware of the loyalty program the airline offers for customers. You can also talk about the core values of Jet Blue which help you to become part of their diverse workforce and also facilitate you to grow as a professional.

It operates under several partnerships to provide customers an exceptional flying experience. The Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, Iceland Air are some of the airlines to give customers a memorable journey in the long run. Jet Blue is the official airline for a baseball team called Boston Red Sox.

Q – 3. Why Do You Choose Jet Blue as Your Employer?

Ans: You can talk about your love for working in the aviation sector and handling customers is your forte. This opportunity of working with Jet Blue permits you to grow as a professional. You can also talk about your previous experience and state real-life examples where you dealt with passengers and made their journey a memorable one.

Customer Handling Skills for Jet Blue

Q – 1. How Will You Deal with an Unhappy Customer?

Ans: You must use an empathetic and positive approach to deal with a difficult set of customers who are not satisfied with the services offered by Jet Blue Airlines. Customer service skills formulate the foundation of the airline. This helps customers receive timely service and also ensures their journey is a memorable one.

Q – 2. What Skills Are Required to Become an Effective Customer Service Agent at Jet Blue?

Ans: Someone who demonstrates a pleasing personality and also demonstrates skills like good communication skills, effective interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills to deal with customers can become an effective customer service professional with the airline. It is also the responsibility of customer service professionals to cater and meet all customer requirements and deliver customer satisfaction on time.

Career Opportunities for Jet Blue

Q – 1. How Will You Get a Job with Jet Blue Airlines?

Ans: You can apply online through the career page and fill up the online application form for your hiring managers to begin the interview process with an online assessment and a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager.

Q – 2. Does Interview Process Differ For Every Position You Apply for in Jet Blue?

Ans: Yes, the interview process differs for each position as some entry-level positions will have a face-to-face round of interviews and the others will undergo a video screening process. Most of the interview questions remain common for kinds of interviews, only specific kinds of interview questions related to specific career aspects differ from one job role to another.

jetblue interview the question

Q – 3. Do You Have a 5-Year Career Plan with Jet Blue?

Ans: You may be joining the airline at an entry-level position but you can specifically read a specific job opportunity for a role higher than yours. This allows you to structure your answer appropriately by talking about that job role with skills where you can see yourself 5 – years from now.

Q – 4. Why Do You Want to Work with Jet Blue?

Ans: You can state your skills like hard work, dedication, punctuality, and your quick learning attitude which will work in your favor.  You should also read the job description carefully to clearly understand the exact requirement for this job with the relevant skillset required to achieve the goals related to this job. Demonstrate yourself as a team player as well as an individual worker to excel in your job with Jet Airways.

Q-5 List Down Core Values of Jet Blue?

Ans: Jet blue looks for employees who can demonstrate safety, integrity, care, and fun. These values must be demonstrated in your behavior if you wish to develop a career with Jet Blue. You can watch the introductory video about the airline and testimonials of previous employees to understand these values. You can demonstrate the same in the interview process.

Strengths& Weaknesses for Jet Blue

Q-1 What Are Your Core Strengths?

Ans: The core strength for you can be good interpersonal skills or communication skills which allow you to manage and deal with people well. While you work for the aviation sector you can handle many critical situations with ease and with the presence of mind.

Q-2. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Ans: You should never deny the fact that you have any weaknesses. Accepting weaknesses provides you a better opportunity to work with Jet Blue as an employer. In general, you may face the issue of speaking in public. However, this is a core skill required for dealing with customers in the aviation sector. You require to attend some specific training programs to overcome this fear of public speaking. This will help you in the long run as well.

Q – 3. How To Prepare for a Jet Blue Interview?

Ans: You must study the company knowledge and the hiring process to open your chances of getting hired with Jet Blue. You must have a relevant skill set that helps you achieve a job of your choice at Jet Blue. Use a logical and positive approach to answer the question properly, avoid using lengthy sentences to answer the question by making it monotonous.

Q – 4. What is The Total Duration of Your Interview with Jet Blue?

Ans: The interview cycle conducts multiple rounds of interviews to assess candidates at various levels, hence the interview lasts from a few weeks to several months depending on the number of rounds being conducted.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1.  What Are The Basic Interview Tips for Jet Blue?

Ans: You must reach early for the interview. Complete your homework for the organization. Study the annual reports well for preparing your answers. Avoid speaking very fast which shows your nervousness. Carry a pen and a notepad and provide 2 resumes to your interviewer. Be open to a background check, this is done to safeguard the employees, customers, and company’s interest.

jetblue interview question tips

Q – 2. What Kind of Questions You Can Ask The Interviewer?


  • You can ask about the work culture of Jet Blue Airlines?
  • You can ask about the attributes of an ideal candidate working with Jet Blue?
  • What are the core responsibilities of a particular position?
  • How is career success measured for a position you applied for?
  • How will you succeed in a learning curve offered by Jet Blue?
  • What kind of learning opportunities are available for you to choose from?

Q – 3. What Kind of Dress Code Can You Wear for The Interview?

Ans: Dress formally so you can create a good first impression at the interview table. You can use to dress up properly and demonstrate confidence so that you perform well at the interview. Attire and knowledge both go hand in hand to provide you a platform to secure the best job possible for you.

Q – 4. Are You Open To Working in Flexible Shifts?

Ans: Working in the aviation sector is not an easy task, it requires diligence and flexibility to excel at work, hence, working in flexible shifts allows employees to excel at their job and contribute to the company’s success. If someone is not open to working for flexible shifts, the aviation industry is a wrong choice for them.

Bottom Line

Jet blue offers ample opportunities to prospective employees. The applicants with the right kind of skills and product knowledge can apply to the aviation sector for this airline. Dedicated, hardworking, courteous applicants who can deliver exceptional customer service during the flight or at the airport stand a chance to develop a rewarding career with Jet Blue Airlines.

The training programs or other skill-based initiatives offered by Jet Blue also help employees to grow and climb above the definite career ladder provided to them. Background checks also help Jet Blue Airlines to eliminate non–trustworthy and dishonest professionals who may prove to be bad hires for the airline. The interview tool also helps prospective applicants to prepare well for the Jet Blue Interview.

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