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Jewel-Osco Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Work Requirement and Scheduling

Jewel-Osco offers many job vacancies for its more than 250 store locations. In addition, it provides employment opportunities and services across the Midwest. Its most required job roles include Customer Service Representatives, Cake Decorators, Deli Clerks, Stock Associates, and Cashiers.

The supermarket chain Jewel-Osco hires candidates continuously for various job positions. Scroll down and know Jewel-Osco’s online job application process, job overview, benefits, career growth, and roles and responsibilities.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Jewel-Osco:

Work Requirement and Scheduling

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Jewel-Osco continuously hires applicants with a minimum of 16 years at its store locations. It is open for seven days a week and works consistently for twenty-four hours.

  • Monday to Saturday: 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Jewel-Osco:

The applicants with the least or no experience looking for entry-level posts can apply at Jewel Osco. Those looking to work with the supermarket might have to possess flexible schedule availability and high school diplomas. The candidates need to be dependant, have an outgoing personality, be willing to learn new things, and be honest enough for easy considerations.

Managerial jobs, corporate positions, shift supervisor jobs are some of the available posts of the company. However, management posts are mostly fulfilled by the existing employees, and the supermarket employees need to be loyal and search for careers in the same industry. Therefore, most of the candidates associated with the company often start at entry-level posts and are promoted to further higher managerial posts.

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Job Positions Offered at Jewel-Osco:

Job Positions Offered

The vacant positions often offered at Jewel-Osco, include Managers, Stock Associates, Customer Services, Cashiers, and Service Clerks. In addition, various job positions available at Jewel-Osco frequently include the following:


  • The worker needs to complete transactions and assist in customer services.
  • Candidates also need to be attractive, efficient, and friendly and have a chance to earn up to $9.00 per hour.


  • The interested candidate needs to be willing to be the team’s part, have some personable demeanors, and also be friendly.
  • The candidate may earn up to $8.00 per hour or more.
  • The candidate also needs to assist the customers in purchases, maintaining and organizing stock, and performing departmental tasks.


  • The candidate needs to go for hiring and training duties, scheduling, and also supervising the co-workers.
  • The applicant must also be able to delegate, train and organize workers.
  • The candidate has an option to earn up to $35,000-$70,000 annually.

Benefits of working with Jewel-Osco:

The supermarket retail chain, Jewel-Osco, provides various job benefits to its workers, including the following:

  • Jewel-Osco provides friendly, supportive and joyful work settings to its employees.
  • Employees usually receive career growth opportunities and paid training while working with Jewel-Osco.
  • They also get competitive pay opportunities, attractive base salaries, and flexible shift schedules.
  • Eligible workers also get access to employee benefits, paid time off, insurance coverage, pension plans, and 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Employees at Jewel-Osco also get complimentary uniforms and name tags.

The online job application process of Jewel-Osco:

The online job application process

Job seekers can read the steps mentioned below and fill in their online job application to be a part of the Jewel-Osco team.

  • Individuals looking to work with Jewel-Osco can visit its website.
  • Check out the job positions webpage on the site. It will direct you to a new browser window for Jewel-Osco’s current job vacancies.
  • Tap on the “Apply Now” button after scrolling this page till the end. You will see the job roles for pharmacy, supply chain, corporate, and retail. Click on the category suitable according to your requirement and eligibility.
  • Aspiring candidates explore jobs based on the location, job role, or keyword they are interested in applying for at Jewel-Osco. You can scroll down to this webpage to check your required results.
  • If candidates are looking to apply for more than one job position for Jewel-Osco, they can tap on the “Add to My Job Cart” tab.
  • Applicant login to their accounts or tap on the “New User” tab if you apply for the first time.
  • New users are required to create their username and password with the authentic e-mail address to open a new account at Jewel-Osco’s online career platform.
  • Tap on the “Accept” tab to agree with the agreement provided here.
  • Upload your profile and resume on this screen. The personal details of a candidate are extracted automatically after uploading the resume. Candidates can skip this step if they do not have their resumes ready.
  • Fill in the personal or required details here of your personal and contact information with the referral source.
  • Review your online job application for Jewel-Osco carefully and tap on the “Submit” tab after providing your e-signature.

Checking job application status of Jewel-Osco:

The Jewel-Osco usually takes around one day to months to finalize its new employees. Potential candidates with previous work experience hear back from Jewel-Osco within a week. Besides, the referred individuals from exiting Jewel-Osco employees may also get consideration within a week. Candidates who submitted their job application form for Jewel-Osco may check their job status through the career portal. In addition, aspiring candidates may visit Jewel-Osco’s physical stores to know their hiring status.

Some more information about Jewel-Osco:

Some more information

The store assists multiple non-profit organizations and is also involved in many other communities near their stores. The store also addresses other hunger, malnutrition and poverty-related socioeconomic issues. The grocery chain store also funds several other non-profit groups supporting healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

The supermarket was also a part of a recycling program held back in 2009, which aimed at keeping away the tons of plastics from filling in the landfills, thus reducing the pollutions. Also, they have encouraged their customers to reuse the grocery bags multiple times, be sustainable, and take proper care of the environment.


Jewel-Osco has many supermarket store locations across Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois, for which it keeps hiring individuals. It is based in Ithaca, Illinois, and offers various job opportunities for many job positions in the supply chain, pharmacy, corporate, and retail roles. Job applicants check out the instructions mentioned above and fill out the online job application form to get employment at Jewel-Osco.

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