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Jimmy John’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Are you searching for a job position at Jimmy John’s?

This article will provide you with all the information associated with Jimmy John’s work settings, job positions, working schedule, and job application process.

The American fast-food restaurant chain Jimmy John’s has specialization in cooking gourmet sandwiches since it was founded in Charleston, Illinois, in 1983 as making hot dogs. The company witnessed success with sandwiches and resulted in having more than 2,800 restaurants across 43 states.

Applicants can view and apply to their interesting job positions at Jimmy John’s restaurants. Scroll down to know the restaurant chain’s complete information, vacant positions, job description, and benefits in this article.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s hires job aspirants for many job roles to those with a minimum age of 16. The working hours of this restaurant chain are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities Available at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s currently have various job positions, including Restaurant Owners, Training Managers, Certified Security Rock Stars, Guerilla Marketers, Guerilla Marketers, Bakers, Catering Managers, Catering Specialists, Business Coaches, Area Managers,  General Managers, Assistant Managers,  Shift Leaders, Dishwashers, Prep Cooks, Line Cooks, Team Members, and Cashiers.

Future Job Scope at Jimmy John’s

Employees working with this restaurant chain get an excellent opportunity to gain experience with a well-known company and help improve their social skills. Jimmy John’s has a massive number of employees for the smooth functioning of its restaurant chain. Employees benefit through employee perks, insurances, programs, competitive salary, and career advancement in this successful restaurant chain.

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It hires experienced managers and entry-level candidates frequently for its over 1,600 restaurant locations across the world. This sub sandwich company continuously employs new candidates for managing its increased customer demands and hiring turnover.

Job Positions Offered at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s every restaurant provides various management and entry-level job roles frequently. This restaurant chain employs entry-level candidates into roles for In-shopper and drivers, and their management positions are considered for applicants with previous employment with the restaurant industry. Aspiring candidates can explore Jimmy John’s website and apply online for their preferred locations. Its various below-mentioned job roles need varying requirements and qualifications.

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  • These employees are responsible for making sandwiches, operate cash registers, take orders, and also greeting customers.
  • Their duties also involve answering phone calls, cleaning each restaurant, chopping vegetables, and slicing meats.
  • They should also be capable of working on foot during hectic work schedules.
  • In-shoppers at Jimmy John’s usually earn around $9.00 per hour.


  • Jimmy John’s drivers are responsible for delivering food and orders, assist in making sandwiches, and also take orders on the phone.
  • Applicants with a clean history and also valid driving licenses are preferred to join Jimmy John’s.
  • Drivers at Jimmy John’s usually earn around $6.00 to $8.00 an hour and also tips from Jimmy John’s customers.

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  • Managers are responsible for assorting supervisory duties
  • General Managers and Assistant Managers at Jimmy John’s train and employ candidates, supervise the production of items in their menu, and also assign work to staff daily.
  • Their duties also include closing and opening process apart from regular operational hours, organizing and receiving shipments, and forecast sales.
  • These employees also work for around 50 to 60 hours every week.
  • The salary range of Assistant Managers at Jimmy John’s is around $25k to $30K annually, while Jimmy John’s General Managers usually earn around $35k to $40k annually.

Benefits of Working with Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s offer multiple job benefits to the eligible applicants, including the following:

  • Newly hired Jimmy John’s associates to gain access to on-the-job training, flexible working schedule, and competitive salaries upon joining the company.
  • This restaurant chain also offers free meals to its employees while they are on duties.
  • Employees also receive 401(K) retirement plans and medical insurance according to their franchise restaurant location.

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The Online Job Application Process of Jimmy John’s

If you want to work with Jimmy John’s, you can go through the following online job application process and seek the opportunity to join this restaurant chain.

  • Candidates can visit Jimmy John’s career portal to know the available job vacancies.
  • You can select your required job title and also the state to know more details about it.
  • You must also send an e-mail to the concerned person available at the contact information upon satisfaction of the job role you selected to apply for at Jimmy John’s and complete your job application process.

Job seekers can also visit Jimmy John’s location to apply through a paper application form for the available job roles.

Checking Job Application Status of Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s franchisee locations have distinct employment processes. Applicants can get phone calls or e-mails in seven to eight days for the scheduling interview process. They can also contact Jimmy John’s hiring managers to know their job application process by visiting its stores during slower operational hours of the restaurant chain.

Some More Information about Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s launched the restaurant chain and established in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud, specializing in gourmet sub sandwiches. Its sandwiches are made with freshly sliced vegetables, sliced meats, and in-house baked bread. This restaurant chain offers around 200 job roles each week by partnering with small local businesses and launching new restaurant locations.


Have you ever tasted Jimmy John’s sandwiches? Its delicious sandwiches and ingredients with superior services from the employees make Jimmy John’s well-known across the United States. It thus encourages young candidates and students to work with this restaurant chain. To join Jimmy John’s team, you can apply for its available job vacancies through its online platform. It would be best for job seekers to apply for the required job roles by filling out the job application forms at its restaurant locations.

Candidates should provide all their personal details, previous employment details, and also their educational information while filling the job application to work with Jimmy John’s. Candidates with excellent working skills with teammates, friendly behavior, and previous experience are considered for employment at Jimmy John’s. If you fit the job profile perfectly, you shouldn’t shy away from applying for a job today.

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