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Jobs For 16 Year Olds

jobs for 16 year old

Are you in need of some extra cash?

Have you got spare time away from school and other responsibilities?

In most locations, you can work when you’re just 16 years old, and you don’t need any sort of work permit or parental consent. Getting a summer, winter, or even part-time regular job is also a great way to get some work experience which will look great on your resume later.

So what should you set out to do? It turns out that there are heaps of jobs for 16 year olds out there just waiting for you to fill one of them.

All you need to do is think about the type of job you want and what you’re able to do, then choose one from this list!

jobs for 16 year olds

Your Options

I know some people are thinking of leaving school at 16 and starting in the world of work. In today’s economy, you really should try to get as much education as possible to make yourself marketable and desirable as an employee. If you’re determined to leave school, you have to think more seriously about a full-time career.

This list, however, is for 16-year-olds who want to work to make some extra money and to gain experience. While you may just make the minimum wage, some jobs pay much better and also get you some important experience. These are both great reasons to work when you’re 16, but there are more benefits to getting started early as well.

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Gain life experience…

Getting experience is pretty broad. Work experience that you can put down on your resume is always a good thing. It shows potential employers that you’re a solid worker who knows what it means to take on the responsibilities of a job.

But aside from work experience, working even a part-time job can give you a lot of life experience. It teaches you responsibility, lets you get out in the world and meet new people and try new things, and brings you to new places.

Valuable insight into your future…

On top of that, you can get valuable insight from working when you’re 16 years old. At this age, you have to start making decisions about your future. What classes should you take at school? Should you go to college? Or maybe trade school? What should you study?

Getting out and seeing the world of work can help you make informed choices. You can try a job you think you’d like only to find out you don’t. You can also see if you want to get into work first before going on to continue your education later. Money, work experience, life experience, new people, and new places – that’s what working when you’re 16 years old can bring you.

Part-Time Regular Jobs for 16 Year Olds

In most locations, you can get a job when you’re 16, even if it’s full-time during school hours, except for Virginia, West Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia, and Nevada, where you need to be 18. But pretty much everywhere, you’re allowed to get a part-time job outside of school hours at the age of 16. In some places, you can even work at 15 and 14 years old.

A regular part-time job can provide you with extra income to support yourself and your family and also give you some all-important work experience to put on your resume. For 16-year-olds looking for regular part-time work, here are some of the best jobs to choose from.

Article Writer

Believe it or not, there are plenty of jobs out there for teenage writers. You can work as a freelancer picking up jobs from here and there. Or find yourself writing content for websites that have teen content in mind.

Most teen writers handle articles about things that already affect their lives – from products that teens use, to current teen issues, to what’s hot in entertainment. All you need to do this job is to have a head for language and the ability to put words down on the page. Lots and lots of them.

job for 16 year old

Artist (visual)

Art is extremely subjective. People don’t care how old you are when you make it – if they like it, they like it. If you have artistic skills and feel like getting your work out into the public space, you can try to sell it. You can work as a freelancer picking up commissions for pieces.

You can even get out your spray cans and offer to paint incredible street art on a building (for cash, of course). Whatever you think you can produce, if people love it, they will have no trouble paying you for your work.

AutoCAD Drafter

AutoCAD is the premiere computer-aided design program used in building and construction design. Taking sketched ideas and building them into full blueprints in AutoCAD is actually a surprisingly easy skill to learn and one you may just have already.

There’s something satisfying in the construction of a design as well. And don’t worry that you’re not an architect – basic drafting skills are done to their specifications, and they’ll sign off on the designs.


This job probably seems really obvious. Babysitting is a classic gig that pays a negotiable, usually low amount, for what could be a ton of work or just hanging out at someone’s house watching their TV and eating their food. Babysitting work varies, but it’s best to work for people you know and then build out your business on solid recommendations.

As long as you’re good with kids and seem responsible, people who are desperate to get out will leave their precious children in your hands. Hope they’ll be asleep for at least some of the time!

the jobs for 16 year old


If you’re not afraid of dust and grime and are willing to put some elbow grease into your work, being a cleaner could be the job for you. You can get hired part-time as a team member for a cleaning business. They’ll find you work and pay you a basic wage.

However, you can also freelance. Cleaning out basements, attics, and garages can be a niche business to get into in your city. If you have a group of willing friends and a vehicle to help you move around, think about setting up your own business, helping people get rid of the junk they’ve been sitting on for way too long.

Crafty Craftsperson

Have you got a knack for making things? You may just be a crafty craftsperson just waiting to come out of your shell! Craft-selling websites like Etsy allow you to put your craftwork on the market.

From handmade soap to jewelry to just about everything else that can be crafted can be put up for sale on these sites. You set your prices and ship your products and only pay a percentage to the site for hosting your store. Or you can even set up your online store.

Data Entry Specialist

OK, I admit that this might not be the sexiest sounding job ever, but it’s also not the hardest way to make a buck. Data from any number of sources is the world’s new currency. And entering data into database tables is simply a necessity.

While it might not be active, creative, or fun work, data entry is straightforward to learn. It’s almost always just reading information and typing numbers and words into a table. While it can be monotonous and mind-numbing, it takes little mental power, and you can instantly leave it behind as soon as you clock out.

the job for 16 year old

Film Extra

Yes, being an extra is a job. Extras on film sites can make a decent daily wage for mostly just sitting around waiting for cues. If you have free time or days off from school, you can get started as an extra easily. Check for an agency in your city that provides extras for TV and movies.

Then you’ll get some headshots done and wait for calls. Most of this job is waiting around, and sometimes the hours run much longer than expected. Be prepared and make sure you bring your phone charger with you!

Fast Food Crew

Most fast-food joints call their line cooks and cashiers their “crew.” This is a stereotypical first job for teens because the pay isn’t great, and the conditions can be rushed and high-pressure.

However, some people find that it is easy and that they’re good at it. Slinging burgers and fries aren’t all that complicated, after all. At least you usually get free meals on your shifts, and you get to work with a bunch of other people just like you.


A surprising number of businesses use mascots. From sports teams to restaurants, to playgrounds and fun parks, funny, cartoonish characters are a great way to pull in kids and make experiences fun. It can be fun inside the mascot costume, too.

You get to walk around passing out high fives and hugs to kids of all ages. You also get to scare the crap out of a few little kids and make them run away bawling. But be warned – it can also be terribly hot and sticky inside a mascot suit. Drink lots of water and make sure you know how to get to the toilet.

the job for 16 year olds


At 16 years old, you’re nearly past your prime as a model already! Well, that’s an exaggeration, but in this industry, people start young. There’s a lot of work for teen models, both for fashion shoots and live runway work.

You’ll need to get some headshots and a portfolio together, probably with the help of an agency that will manage your career and find you work in exchange for a percentage of your earnings. But who knows – you might just end up making it in this difficult industry.

Music Teacher

If you have formal musical training, or even if you don’t, you may be able to teach other people how to play or sing. You just need to have the musical skills to demonstrate and the teaching skills to instruct others.

The most popular instruments people want to learn are the piano, violin, and guitar, so these are big markets. But if you play something else well, your skills might be harder to find, so you can demand higher pay.


While painting house exteriors is a great summer job, you can paint any time of year if you add interior work into the mix. Painting isn’t hard to learn. You just need to know how to prepare your surfaces and choose the right paint for the right job.

After that, it’s a matter of keeping a steady hand. Oh, and not making a huge mess, too. You can join a summer painting crew or work on evenings and weekends with a team or as a private freelancer. The more you do it, the faster you can get and the more money you can make.

job for 16 year olds

Pet Sitter

As a babysitter, the job of a pet sitter is pretty self-explanatory. However, pet sitting can be a lot different from babysitting. Some people will pay you to take their pet for a few days or even weeks while they live it up on holiday.

Others, though, will leave their pets at home and ask you to drop by once a day to clean the litter box, take the dog for a walk, and put out food. Can’t do that with a baby, can you?

Plant Sitter

Definitely don’t sit on the plants. But if you want to make some extra money, put out the word that you’re a plant sitter in your neighborhood. You can offer to go into peoples’ homes and water and fertilize their plants while they’re away on vacay.

Some people keep very rare and needy plants which may also require you to take them to your place for care. You can even combine plant and pet sitting to make more money. Just remember that having keys to peoples’ houses can be a big responsibility.


Sure, these days, everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times. But that doesn’t mean we’ll all be good at taking photos. If you find that you are, however, why not make money from your talent right from the get-go? Stock photo websites like Shutterstock and Dreamstime let you upload your photos and put them on sale instantly.

The sites take a cut of your royalties in exchange for the service, and the rest is yours. People are buying more photos than ever before, so why not make some of them yours? All you need is a good camera and a keen eye for composition, plus the right keywords to sell your wares.

best job for 16 year olds


If you have a great command of language and a keen eye for detail, try working as a proofreader. You’ll normally set your rates so that you get paid by the word or by the page. Then all you need is a way to attract clients. You can use freelancing websites to do this, or just let things spread by word of mouth.

You can even put the word out with people at your school – try offering free proofreading for papers for first-time clients. It doesn’t take long, and if they like your service enough, they might pay for it the second time.


(for Gift Wrapper, see Winter Jobs!)

It’s true. Even at 16 years old, you can get work as a rapper. Now I know this is a dream for many teens, and everyone wants to be discovered. But while you’re waiting, why not hone your skills by working as a rapper for hire?

As session musicians, rappers are in demand to add flavor to musical tracks of all sorts. More and more people are producing their music at home and are hiring freelance musicians to fill in the parts they can’t play by themselves. You may be able to put your skills to the test, writing your own lyrics and spitting a few bars for cash.

Retail Sales Assistant

Think about your favorite clothing store or electronics shop. All you have to do to work in a place like that is be friendly and out-going, look presentable, and learn the products. Staff turnover is usually pretty high in retail, so that means stores are nearly always looking for new people.

Go in person and drop off your resume with a handful of stores that you already like, and the chances are you’ll get called in for an interview quickly.


You’d be amazed how much you forget once you leave school. I think I’ve forgotten more than I learned! That’s one main reason why parents will hire tutors for their kids. Besides being busy themselves, most people find it hard to tutor kids in subjects they learned decades ago.

But if you’re in school, things stay fresh in your mind. That’s why a more senior student can be a great tutor for a younger one. If there are any subjects you really excel in, spread the word, and you might soon be making money off your own brain. How nice is that?

best job for 16 year old

Summer Jobs for 16 Year Olds

When you’re in high school, your summer break is one of the things you probably look forward to the most. That might be because it’s time you can relax, chill with your friends, travel, or maybe just do nothing.

But for many 16-year-olds, the summer is a time for opportunity. You can take advantage of nice weather and free time to get some extra cash and gain experience for your future.

Here Are Some Great Summer Job Ideas for 16-year-olds

Camp Counselor

The 80’s movie staple jobs for teens include camp counselor and lifeguard, and for good reason. Being a camp counselor is one of the most fun jobs there is, even if it isn’t the best paying. You work long days, but most of the time, you’re doing fun activities. Hanging out in the great outdoors and having fun.

You can also meet tons of great people your age and have that summer camp experience you never got as a kid – only better!

best jobs for 16 year olds

Car Washer

If you’re thinking bikinis and bubbles, you might have to rein in your imagination a bit there, tiger! If you pick up a summer job as a car washer, your job will include spraying down dirty cars and vacuuming their insides.

While automatic car washes do a great job, some people want it done by a careful person who’s going to be detailed and take care of the car. And you’ll probably have to wear rubber boots and coveralls to keep the grime off. Sexy!

Dog Walker

If animals are your thing, taking on a summer job as a dog walker may be a perfect idea. Sure it’s tricky, and you have to know how to manage dogs. But there are a whole lot of benefits. People don’t care how old you are as long as their dogs come back exercised and happy.

You get a ton of exercise and fun playing with dogs if that’s your bag. But one added perk is just how many people you meet. Not only walking down the street – you also get to know tons of people whose dogs you walk, which can lead to some great connections in the future.

Farm Hand

If you live in a more rural area where there are lots of farms, working as a farmhand for the summer just makes perfect sense. Chances are that you already have experience with livestock and farming equipment that you can apply to the job.

It’s pretty easy to learn how to care for crops and when to harvest them, too. This isn’t easy work – the days are long, and the pay is pretty low. But at least you’ll get to work outside and learn all about farming while you do it.

job for 16 year old guide

Fence Painter

Painting fences is a job basically anyone can do. You need hardly any equipment and hardly any special skills to do it. In fact, I’ll teach you right now. First, clean the fence. Next, sand off any loose paint. Then paint the fence.

Congrats, you just graduated from the theory section of fence painter’s college. If you want to pass the practical section, just get out there and get some fence painting jobs in your community or beyond.

Golf Caddy

In the summer, outdoor jobs are the best. Except for jobs you have to do in the rain. But golf caddies don’t go out in the rain because it’s kind of dangerous to walk around swinging steel lightning rods around. In good weather, the job of a caddy is to carry around a golfer’s clubs and keep them clean and organized.

But on top of that, a good caddy will know a golf course and hand out tips and the right club for each hole. If you’re willing to dig into the bushes to recover balls, you may end up getting some great tips yourself!


Landscaping can involve everything from constructing gardens to laying down crushed rock and gravel to planting or removing trees. And a whole bunch more. This is a very physical job, but if you’re young and strong, you may just find that you love it.

This is all outdoor work, of course, and you will normally have to work in all sorts of weather conditions. Except for snow. It doesn’t usually snow in summer, does it?


Come on; this is a classic summer job that I had to include. If you love sporting a swimsuit and working on your tan while mostly sitting around looking cool, try being a lifeguard. Of course, you need to hold swimming and first aid/CPR certifications. The downside? No playing on your phone while on duty!

the job for 16 year old guide

Pool Cleaner

Summer is also the time when people get their swimming pools into tip-top shape. Why not be the person to do it and rake in the money while you do? Pool cleaning and maintenance can be well-paid work.

It involves clearing debris from the pool. Running pool cleaning robots and keeping the chemical balance right. This can also be a great way to get into the swimming pool industry in case you want to do sales or even design in the future.


Summer is prime time for kids’ sports. Why not take advantage of that fact to get paid working as a referee or umpire for soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, or any other sport? Most refereeing jobs don’t pay all that well, but you do get to exercise and have a bit of fun while you work.

Or if you just love sports, this is a good way to learn more about them and even keep up with your fitness while you referee for kids.

Swimming Instructor

Many lifeguards also double as swimming instructors, but there’s no reason you can’t only teach. Kids, and sometimes adults, take swimming lessons every summer to learn basic skills and have fun beating the heat. If you’re a great swimmer and patient with little squirts, you may just make a fantastic swimming instructor. Just be prepared to have prune skin basically all the time!

Winter Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Just like your summer break, winter break can also be a great time to make some extra cash. A huge number of part-time jobs open up in the winter, especially around the holiday season, and employers are always looking for teens to work for them at this time.

Just don’t forget to bundle up – working in the winter can be c-c-c-c-cold!

Christmas Tree Seller

Each year, hundreds of thousands of little farmed trees are grown for the Christmas tree market. While this period lasts only about two weeks just before Christmas, it’s a time when there’s a whole heck of a lot of work to be done.

Tree farms need harvesters to cut down and load up trees. Tree lots need labor to unload trees and sellers to move them. This job might be chilly, but it’s by far the best-smelling winter job out there!

the job for 16 year olds guide

Christmas Tree Remover

Once the holiday season comes to an end, people want to get rid of the trees that are turning dry and shedding on their carpets. Check and see if your city has a removal service.

If not, you may have just found a lucrative seasonal job that you can even set up as your own small business. All you really need is a pick-up truck, some rope, and a place to haul the trees to. A wood chipper wouldn’t hurt, either!

Firewood Seller

Woodlots get most of their business during the winter when people want to romance up their lives with a real log fire. That’s why they hire lots of teens to help split, bundle and load up firewood for their customers. This job actually can last all year long if you prove yourself to be a dedicated, hard worker.

It’s also great exercise and smells pretty nice, too. This is a job I did as a teen, and I have such good memories about it that – sorry, I’ve gone and got all sappy.

Gift Wrapper

Malls and big department stores employ extra people during the holidays to wrap presents. Why is this a great job for 16-year-olds? It’s easy. All you have to do is be neat and have a touch of decorating flair. Also, it’s normally a free bonus the store puts on for customers.

That means you’re normally dealing with people who are already happy they’re getting something for free. If you’re cheerful, wrap quickly and neatly, and look cute in an elf hat, you might also get some tips to help you buy your holiday gifts.

Holiday Decorator

Most of us are used to decorating our own Christmas trees and putting up our own Christmas lights. But you’d be surprised how many people would be happy to hire someone else to decorate their homes for the holidays.

You can make yourself a little business if you have an artsy touch. Of course, shops and malls will normally hire crews to help them decorate, so you can also get on a crew doing that as well.

 job for the 16 year olds

Ice Rink Maintenance Worker

If you live in those frigid northern climes, you know that ice rinks pop up all over in the winter months. Normally maintained by the city, these rinks need staff to maintain them. This includes shoveling snow off them and flooding them daily. It may also mean booking ice times and monitoring users, sort of like a lifeguard on frozen water.

Ski or Snowboard Instructor

As an able skier or snowboarder, you may be able to teach others effectively. To work as a ski or snowboard instructor, you’ll need to pass a test and probably take a certification course.

If you’re 16 years old, chances are you’ll mostly be asked to teach children and teens rather than adults. You need to be good with kids for this job. But the rewards are that you get to ski or snowboard all day (including between lessons) and often get tips for great teaching.

Ski Hill Staff

Ski hills are great places to work. Sure, they usually pay minimum wage, but you almost always get rewarded in another way – a free pass! If you love to ski or snowboard (or both), you can work right at a hill as a lift attendee, ski patroller, or trail maintainer and spend every free second skiing.

Of course, you normally have to get there super-early and deal with long days working in the cold. Still, the skiing and fun atmosphere can be unbeatable.

Snow Removal Technician

OK, this job is really just “shoveler,” but Snow Removal Technician sounds better on a business card. There are two main ways to get into snow removal services. The classic way is to go door to door and hit up your neighbors for work.

The other way is to join a snow removal business that needs employees. A business will find the customers for you and probably provide you with equipment like a riding snowblower. But you can get more exercise and maybe even make more money with just a shovel.

job for the 16 year olds

Winter Camp Counselor

While not nearly as common as summer camps, winter camp is still a popular activity for kids. And they need people to look after them. Winter camps can involve lots of outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even winter camping.

If you have these skills and love working in the great outdoors, even if it’s freezing, this might be a great choice. Just remember, you have to be good with kids, too.

Winter Concession Staff

Winter concession stands pop up all over the place in the colder months. They’re normally associated with skating rinks and hot chocolate. But they can also include concessions at hockey games and skiing events. While everyone else is shivering, you normally get to stay toasty in a warm booth and have about all the free ho-cho you can handle.

Online Jobs for 16 Year Olds

More and more jobs are moving into the online work-from-anywhere market. This, of course, includes jobs for teenagers as well as for anyone else. In fact, with so many online marketplaces and freelancing websites out there, people of any age can get into work of all sorts that wasn’t available in the past.

Some of the best-paying jobs for 16 year olds are also these online jobs that may only require basic skills that are pretty much second nature for most teens.


As surprising as it may be, there are plenty of people and businesses out there who will pay you to blog for them. This generally means they have a blog or three and haven’t got the time to write all of their own articles. Instead, they can hire you as either an associate writer or as a ghostwriter under their own name.

But these aren’t the normal “write about whatever you’re thinking” kinds of blogs. I mean blogs that either have a strong following about a specific topic (like dog care) or blogs that already have a significant following. You’ll have to write in a tone and style that matches the blog, but this is still great practice for any young aspiring writer.

bets job for the 16 year old

Graphic Artist

Can you use Photoshop like a pro? Do you work Illustrator like you’re playing a game? If you’re great at graphic art and design, there are tons of jobs out there. Most graphic designers work on a piece-work basis, so their time is their own, and they make their hours.

You can, too, as long as you can use samples of your work to attract customers. While there’s a lot of competition, more and more businesses are using graphic design to enhance their business and boot sales. So there’s a ton of work to be had.


If you’ve got artistic skills that you think you can sell, consider working as a part-time or freelance illustrator. You can post samples of your work and try to find customers in need of illustrations.

The cool thing about this kind of freelance job is that you can work on your own time whenever you’re free so long as you meet your deadlines. It can also be a gateway to a career in art and illustration and a way to get your work out for the world to see.

Music Producer

If you’re already into music and possibly already doing production, you should know that you can easily get your work up for sale. Tons of sites give you the ability to throw up your tracks and let customers license them, just like stock photo websites.

With the investment in a decent Digital Audio Workstation and some very cool digital instruments, you can produce any kind of music you want from the comfort of your own home. This is a very cool way to get into production and get paid for the results of your playtime.

Online Course Designer

Do you have special expertise in some areas? It could be anything from applying makeup to hosting D&D sessions. If there’s anything that you do well, there are other people out there who want to learn how to do it too.

Online courses are a great way to earn money by teaching what you know. So many sites out there allow you to build and post your online course with text, images, and video content to help students. All the platforms do is host your course and take a cut of the tuition money that comes in. The rest is yours, so this can make you money for years to come.

Online Tutor

These days, online learning is a major new industry. So many students have got used to using platforms like Zoom and Google Meetings that they’re even more comfortable with them than on-site learning. If you excel in any subject, you can look at becoming an online tutor.

And while you can tutor kids from your area, there’s no reason why you can’t get paid to help students around the country or even around the world with their schoolwork.

the best job for the 16 year old

Remote Customer Service Representative

Customer service isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This job can be brutal – you can get frustrated, angry customers on the line ready to tear your head off as the only human they can get in touch with. But if you have thick skin and helpful nature, you may still find it rewarding.

What’s even more rewarding is that these days you don’t need to report to a call center like in the past. You can work remotely to provide customer service for lots of companies. You can also work flexible hours and work around any other schedule you might have.


Yes, even you, a regular old 16-year-old, can get paid for reviewing games and music. Because you’re only 16, some companies are looking specifically for your input. Companies like Slice the Pie will pay you for honest reviews on their site.

You can get real cash from writing reviews, but also for taking online surveys, listening to online radio stations, even testing out games. So, you get paid for all the things you’re doing anyway.

Session Musician

While this sounds like a tremendously professional job, even at 16 years old, you can get into performing as a session artist. All you need is musical skills and a quality microphone. Well, you may also need to be able to read musical notation. Or re-create an instrumental performance from a melody.

But rather than having to head down into a studio to work with a band or a solo artist, you can work from home. So you can shop your skills out to anyone who needs a track with your instrument on it.

Social Media Account Manager

In the past ten years, social media platforms have revolutionized marketing. While you may have just needed a single website in the past, now your business has to be on every major social media platform. And you have to keep your accounts updated by posting new and stimulating information daily.

While it’s not a hard job, it can take a lot of time that business owners just don’t have. Teens are already all over social media, so this fits as a perfect job for people who know the ins and outs of these platforms.

T-Shirt Designer

While this may fall into the crossover realm of the graphic artist, a t-shirt designer is focused on one specific area. What looks good or funny or cool when it’s printed on a shirt? All you have to do is come up with the ideas and then create the image template.

Websites like CafePress do the rest. Customers go on and search for designs. The company takes the orders, prints the shirts, and ships them out. If your designs get chosen, you get a commission – simple as that!

Voiceover Artist

If this surprises you, just think about all the Hulus and Netflixes out there that produce quality voiceovers for foreign language shows. Not only TV and movies but also business and even governmental videos may need voiceover work, too.

All you need is a good, QUIET recording set-up and a lovely or interesting voice. Lots of programs work really hard to match voices to the age of their characters, so this is a huge bonus for 16-year-olds looking for work. Try out Voices.com and other similar sites for work.

Web Designer

Back in the day, web design was a real niche job that only proficient coders could handle. Now, though, so many drag and drop platforms available out there have changed the whole market. It’s easier than ever to create working websites that look sharp and manage your data properly.

Teens who are skilled at web design can find freelance work in this field easily. And anyway, everyone and everything seems to need a website these days.

the best job for the 16 year olds


In the era of influencers, being a YouTuber can be a massively lucrative job. Not only can you get money straight from YouTube for the views you get of your videos. But you can also get into collaborations, sponsorships, and invitations to appear on other platforms.

You can build up a massive following, or even just a small but dedicated group of fans that want to watch whatever you’re going to come out with next.

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Let’s Help You Create Your First CV!

At 16 years old, I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of an awesome online presence. But creating a professional resume is still a must in the workforce these days.

So, we’ve taken the liberty to research for you and found these excellent guides to help you. So, check out the English for Academic CVs, Resumes, and Online Profiles, the Land Your Dream Job: Join the 2% Who Make it Past Resumé Screening, or what about the CVs, Resumes, and LinkedIn: A Guide to Professional English, Marketing Yourself in the Age of Digital: CVs, Applications, Interviews, Social Media, LinkedIn, or the Resume Format Guide available in 2023.

In addition, we also recommend Optimize Your Resume: DOs and DON’Ts the SamNova Way, and Resume Writing: 10 Ridiculously Simple Tips, or perhaps the How to Write an Amazing IT Resume and the Resume Formats book to get that resume to sparkle!

If you’re looking to optimize your Linkedin profile specifically, then take a look at the LinkedIn Riches: How To Use LinkedIn For Business, Sales and Marketing!, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid, and Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile, as well as the well-known LinkedIn For Dummies, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies also available online today.

Interview like a pro…

If you’re not quite prepared yet, we found additional advice online on the STAR Method. So, check out The STAR Method Explained: Proven Technique to Succeed at Interview, or The STAR Interview: How to Tell a Great Story, Nail the Interview and Land Your Dream Job.

And the perfect notebook to prepare for your interview is the STAR METHOD INTERVIEW: Interview Journal: Notebook designed for job seekers to use as a guide for interview prep and as a tool for interview questions and answers during interviews available in 2023.

Final Thoughts

I could go on and on – you’d be surprised how many jobs there are out there for teenagers, even if you’re only 16. I hope you got a few good ideas for ways that you can work and make money and gain experience while you’re at it.

From art to sports to food services to data entry, there’s work for everyone who wants it. Just keep in mind that because you’re young, you have to be extra cautious when in the world of work. Employers may try to pay you less than you’re worth or make you work extra hours with no pay.

Stand up for your rights, or better yet, create your own business to ensure that the proceeds from your work stay in your pockets.

The world’s your oyster… so go out and reap the benefits!

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