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Jobs for People Who Don’t Like People

Jobs for People Who Don’t Like People

Some people just love to be around other people and thrive on the interaction and the contact that occurs. But there are those who just don’t. We are not all the same, thankfully, and there are those of us who prefer to be isolated from others.

But whether we like being with people or not we all have to work. So let’s take a look at Jobs for people who don’t like people and find out if you’re one of them?

jobs for people who dont like people

Jobs For People Who Don’t Like People – The Options

Those Who Have Qualifications

I was interested in finding out about something. I wanted to know if the jobs that were being suggested for these people had a balance in terms of qualifications required. The answer was no.

It appears that the person who does not like being around others can only be highly qualified. I say that because those are the only jobs that are suggested by some observers. I am going to look at a range of jobs for those with qualifications and those that may not have them.

Let’s start by looking at five jobs that require a high or at least a reasonable level of education.

job for people who dont like people


This requires quite a high level of education. You will require at least a Bachelor’s degree, but preferably a Master’s. And this will be best in a Mathematics based subject. Some auditors start off as accountants, where meeting the public is common, but not all.

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Attention to detail

It is a job that requires honesty and a high level of integrity and is for those who enjoy the attention to detail. It will usually be an isolated occupation, so it will suit a lot of introverted people.


Another occupation for those that like to crunch their numbers that also demands a high level of maths-based qualifications. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics will probably be required. As well as knowledge of calculus and linear algebra.

Alone with your numbers

You might not like associating too much with people, but presumably, you won’t mind statistically analyzing them. Working within an organization is likely to be a quiet and ideal working environment. Effectively, just the numbers and you.

the job for people who dont like people

Computer Software Developer

This will be an ideal job for those who love their computers. The entry qualifications are going to be less than the previous two options. You may find that a BTEC diploma in computer science or some college qualifications at grade C or higher will be enough. Although, one of them will need to be in mathematics.

Possibilities for working from home

There will need to be initial contact with others, especially if you need to undertake some course work. But once qualified, many developers actually work from home. It can’t get much better than that for those who want to avoid people in the workplace.


This is an environment for people who prefer to work with animals. And in some cases, who can blame them. This will require a decent degree for entry, and there will be a study period at the front end. Having said that, once you are qualified, it becomes a different thing.

No one to talk back

You’re not going to get too much in the way of conversation that you have to indulge in. Most of the day, it will be you and the animals. There will be human interaction at times, but it is likely to be negligible.

the jobs for people who dont like people


Becoming a Surveyor will see you out of the office for most of your working day. This is a position that can have confusing entry requirements. Some demand a bachelor’s degree; others don’t. Some offer a pre-entry exam that needs to be passed.

It is a position that will demand good mathematics skills as well as a desire for accuracy. You will work in a variety of environments, from buildings to on the roads. In fact, anywhere where there is new construction, a survey will need to be taken.

We Don’t All Have A Good Education

Not everyone is fortunate to get a good education. But there are those in that demographic that also prefer not having too much, if any, interaction with people. Let’s see what can be offered:

Online Support Agent

For those that love their computers, becoming an Online Support Agent is a good opportunity. You may well be working in an office but are likely to be in an enclosed booth for privacy.

That means that you will be isolated for most of the working day. You will correspond with customers via an online chat link or email. Educational requirements are not so important with this kind of work. A pleasant telephone manner and a desire to help are far more important.

job for people who dont like people guide

Postal Delivery

Now here is a job that satisfies a couple of different situations. It is a job where you haven’t got to interact too much with people at all. You will spend all of your time in your community, providing a much-needed service. You will also be a welcome guest if you have parcels or anxiously awaited letters. A nice feeling to have.

An extra benefit

All bases are covered with the job, but there is an extra benefit. You are going to be walking around for quite a lot of the day. For those who like to do a bit of fitness work, this is an ideal solution. And you are being paid to do it.

Data Entry

If you are looking for a job in an office environment where interaction with people is minimal, this could be an option. Entering data into a spreadsheet or other software package all day could be tedious at times, but you won’t be bothered much. This is a job that will leave you and your computer all alone for most of the day.

Animal Rescue Centres

If you love animals and would like to help, then an animal rescue center might be a good idea. For animal lovers, there is certainly going to be a lot of job satisfaction to be gained. These days there are plenty around. The salary might not be so good, but the rewards in other ways are enormous.

Dog Walker

Continuing the animal theme, businesses that walk people’s dogs have grown in recent years. If you like dogs, have you thought about setting up your own dog walking business? It will take a very small amount of interaction with people to establish it. But once that is done, the day is yours with some canine friends.

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Not Too Sure Which Job Is For You Yet?

Let’s first take a look at my Best Jobs For Introverts, Best Remote Job Boards, as well as Best Remote Jobs That Pay Well for those introverts out there.

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Another option for those who like to work alone is becoming a truck driver. Imagine just you and the open road… Well, here is some research we found on the matter just for you.

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Final Thoughts

Just because you don’t thrive amongst others doesn’t mean you can’t find a job that suits your chosen lifestyle. Whether you have specific qualifications or not, there is going to be something that suits all tastes.

There are so many remote job options out there today. And more and more people are choosing to actually work from home. So, you just need to have a good look around.

All the very best with your job hunting!

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