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Jobs for Sex Offenders

Jobs for Sex Offenders

Getting a job is in no way an easy thing. The competition for getting a job is tough with every passing day. Above that, being a sentenced felon will be a significant challenge for you to get a job.

A sex offender often does not get a job in their desired companies or positions. Most companies and business farms try to avoid appointing criminal offenders.

Spending a normal life becomes difficult with no job at hand. Sex offenders are always refrained from working in restaurants, shops, or public sectors where public interactions are necessary.

Due to the backchecking of all applicants, the appointing authorities get every information. They refrain from hiring sentenced sex offenders.

But don’t get disheartened. Nowadays, many job options have opened for sex offenders. They can earn a suitable amount for minimal living from these job options. A felony criminal can work in various reputed companies and positions nowadays. Felons have to look for a job where capabilities are the priority rather than records.

Most of the jobs for sex felons do not include public appearance or interactions. So, your career is not finished if you are a felon. You just need a U-turn in finding suitable jobs.

If you want any information about jobs for sex offenders, go through this article.

Here, we will discuss every detail of the job opportunities of sex offenders.

Effects Of A Sentenced Sex Offense On Career

Before finding a job, a felon should know the possible negative outcomes in job opportunities for being a sentenced sex offender.

Yes, there many negative effects of having a sex conviction on your career. Most of the companies and business farms cross-check every candidate applying for a position.

This is mandatory for investigating the records of every candidate. If they find any discrepancy in committing a crime, especially a sex offense, it becomes difficult for them to get the job. The companies will no doubt hire a fresh candidate rather than appointing a sex offender. This is the most significant effect of a sex offense on the career.

jobs for sex offender

Secondly, the perception of a sex offender becomes very regressive for every person around. Even if a sex offender secures a job, the colleagues will believe that he is severely dangerous. They will not talk or interact with the felon. They will try to avoid him as much as possible. This situation will make the working environment more difficult.

Another negative impact of sex conviction is limited usage and resources. A sex offender will be restricted from using many things. They will also have restrictions on talking or interacting with certain people.

An employer will always try to protect his customers and employee from a felon. The restrictions for sex offenders in the workspace are,

  • Limited access to the internet.
  • Restriction in interacting with minors and victims.
  • Firearms purchase restriction.
  • Regular screening for drugs and alcohol.
  • Limited movement and housing options.

Policies For Hiring A Sex Offender

Most companies and offices try not to hire a sex offender. This is becoming a big concern because the sex offenders coming out of prison do not get many work opportunities. Without a job, they cannot survive in this costly world. It ignites violence amongst them once again.

To give the sex offenders a normal life with minimum wage to survive is becoming a priority for many employers. But there are many points to keep in mind before hiring a sex offender. These concerns come from the risk factors of hiring a convicted sex offender.

Mainly the employers hire them following the state’s laws. Other deciding factors for appointing a sex offender are,

  • Responsibilities of the job and position.
  • The period since the offense.
  • Age of the offender when he committed the crime.
  • The extent of the crime.
  • State of the victim.
  • Ability to perform.
  • Less public interaction.

A sex offense is a psychological crime. So, the felon must go through sessions with psychologists after coming out from the bars. In these sessions, the psychologists try to figure out the reason behind committing the crime. They interact with the felons and give progress reports. The psychologist gives a certificate after going through successful sessions.

This certificate ensures that the sex offender is now mentally stable and will possibly refrain from committing crimes later on. So, this certificate is often mandatory for applying for jobs. The employers try to be sure about any future offense from a felon. This certificate gives the employer assurance of the behavior of the felon.

How To Search For Job Options For Sex Offenders?

Searching for a job for a sex offender is not easy at all. Every opportunity seems to get out of hand for records. More or less, every job site requires a fresh candidate without any offense. A sex offense is drastically negative for getting a job. While obstacles seem high, we are here to help.

We understand the difficulties of getting a job after being a convicted criminal of sex. But every individual has the right to employment and live a peaceful life. So, we will talk about the process of finding jobs for sex offenders.

job for sex offender

A sex offender can look for a job according to other sex offenders’ job histories of their locality. One should search for the companies or business farms that have already hired sex offenders. A sex offender registry is the best place to find possible options for the job.

Search the sex offender registry and click on every sex offender’s profile. You can find the career information of the sex offenders in their profiles. Note down the addresses of the companies and offices.

Now check online for the addresses and search for any vacant post. Immediately apply for the post you think you can do.

This is the best way to find a job for sex offenders because they will already know about your job requirements. You can also get a comfortable working environment for the previous job of a felon.

How To Apply For Jobs?

A job is a must to live and survive. A felon also has an equal right to get a job. A sex convicted person often complains about not getting a job.

Yes, it becomes drastically difficult to get a job with past criminal records. The employers have a negative perception of the felons. They think about the security of their customers in case of sex offenders. But above all, a sex offender must do a job to survive. Their sex crime limits the job opportunities available for them.

the job for sex offender

So, a sex offender should apply for every possible post. Be it a restaurant, a back office, or even a factory; a sex offender should apply everywhere to open up as many job options as possible.

Every job application requires criminal history. One should fill up this para directly and shortly. A sex offender should be truthful while filling out the application for a job. The employer would know about your criminal history before employing you. So, it is mandatory to be truthful, or you will be disqualified.

Now, you may wonder how to approach the criminal offense section in the application. Here are some tips you can follow,

1 Be 100% true to your words.

2 Describe what happened in brief.

3  State the mental state after the sex offense and how to be a better person.

4 Explain the eagerness to do something good.

5 Describe the feeling of being over the past.

6 Accept the responsibility honestly.

Mistakes make everyone’s life. A sex offense is a mistake too. A sex offender can move past the incident and be a better person.

So, telling that in the application can catch the attention of the employer. Honesty can bring a sex offender new light. A sex offender can also get a job from trying.

What Jobs Are Suitable For Sex Offenders?

We have already discussed that more opportunities mean more scope of getting a job. Being a sex offender is a negative concern in the job profile. But this does not mean a sex offender can’t get a job. Many companies are stepping forward in employing felons. Sex offenders are also getting jobs in these companies. These companies try to focus only on the capabilities of a person.

the jobs for sex offender

They follow the rules and regulations of the state for hiring a sex offender. But they do not judge their capabilities on their records. Most of these companies do not include many public interactions. Employers offer skilled labor jobs for sex offenders. The job options for sex offenders include,

1 Driving

If a sex offender possesses a driving license, then they can apply for driving jobs. Many companies hire truck drivers with criminal offenses. This job does not include public interaction. So, employers think it is safe to hire sex offenders in this job position.

2 Construction Sites

Construction sites need intensive work pressure and less communication or interactions. Many construction industries like electrical, plumbing, welding, and carpentry appoint sex offenders in these works.

the jobs for sex offender

3 Animal Shelters

A little contact with the public the reason behind employing sex offenders in animal shelters.

4 Restaurants

Nowadays, many reputed restaurants, including subway, McDonald’s, and KFC, hire sex offenders.

the job for sex offender

5 Social Chores

Social chores are the best job for sex offenders. This job includes landscaping, basic yard work, tree removal, snow removal, junkyard cleaning, and many more.

6 Online

Many online platforms offer jobs to sex offenders because these include zero public contact. Also, they can work from home. So, they don’t have to experience any social discomfort from other employees.

These are various opportunities where a sex offender can work freely. Now you may wonder what companies to look for doing these jobs. Well, we are happy to help you with this concern.

Here is a massive list of companies that have hired sex offenders before.

  • Ace hardware
  • Anderson windows
  • Apple Inc.
  • Avis rent-a-car
  • Avon
  • Bridgestone
  • Best western
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Canon
  • Carrier Corporation
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Community education centers
  • Dairy queen
  • Denny’s
  • Duracell
  • Fruit of the loam
  • K-mart
  • Miller brewing company
  • IBM
  • Shell oil
  • Motorola
  • Trader Joes
  • Us steel corporations
  • Wendy’s
  • Walgreens
  • Sara lee
  • Sears and Roebuck’s corp.
  • Sony
  • Xerox

Challenging Jobs For Sex Offenders

A sex offender is barred from many opportunities even after completing the term of the sentence. It is because of the criminal record they possess. The negativity from the sex conviction record massively affects the job profile of a sex offender. Employers of public farms are afraid of appointing sex offenders because of possible future crimes. They fear that a sex offender can assault anyone even after coming out of the bars.

While stereotyping is wrong, it, unfortunately, does exist in all walks of life. There are some sectors where a sex offender might not get a job, especially in a child safety zone. These sectors are:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Daycare centers
  • Swimming training
  • Youth centers
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare centers
  • Physician jobs

These job centers include interactions with the public. So, employers think these are not suitable for sex offenders. Even if a sex offender gets a job in these sectors, they have to face many restrictions. So, these jobs are very challenging to get for a sentenced sex offender.


We all make mistakes. Taking responsibility for our mistakes is the primary step for being a better human being. Keeping this in mind, we can also assure that a sex offender can also become a better human being.

The most important step for being a good person is accepting the guilt and taking responsibility for the offense. If sex offenders can accept the past and move forward to a better life, they can also live peacefully. They can also get a job and survive.

Indeed there are many obstacles to getting a job after being convicted for a sex offense. But, there are positive opportunities too. If one works hard and follows the valuable instructions and information given here, getting a job will be easy for a sex offender.

Accept all the flaws, and try your best to be better. You can also get your dream job.

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15 thoughts on “Jobs for Sex Offenders”

  1. Hello, I wanted to address this statement from your article…

    “Without a job, they cannot survive in this costly world. It ignites violence amongst them once again”

    First, thank you for this article as it gives hope to anyone who has been convicted of a sex offense. People have no idea how easy it is to have their lives completely destroyed by a sex offense conviction. You don’t have to download anything or touch anyone or even attempt to. You don’t have to be a dangerous/violent person for our government to claim that you are!!! Just get on an adult dating website where police are lurking, ready to turn the tables on you and try to talk you into having sex with a child – all the while stating that YOU did the coercing! You can come across an email with illegal images – yes, they let it in to YOUR email!- but if you share it with someone….they catch it immediately!!! And you can count on at least 4 years in federal prison with the worst label you can possibly have. Then when you get out, there are no jobs, the residency restrictions are so bad that many cannot find a place to live. Parents of teens and young adults should be SCARED TO DEATH that this can happen to their child.

    So, back to my point. I just wanted to clarify, that just because you have a conviction of a sex offense doesn’t mean you are violent or will ever repeat your crime. That only applies to an extremely small % of the almost 1 million people on the sex offender registry. Department of Justice records show that the recidivism rate for a “sex offender” is no more than 5%. So this statement bothers me: “It ignites violence amongst them once again”.

    The government has found a cash cow… by terrifying the public into believing that sex offenders are lurking around every corner, then accepting lobby $ to fill their coffers. All the while they should be warning the public that who they really need to be afraid of are teachers, clergy, coaches and family members – people who have never had a conviction. 95% of sex offenses are committed by people you know and who have never been previously convicted. This is not my estimate – it is a fact.

    I would appreciate it if you would make a correction to this article.

    Thank you!!

  2. An abundance of misspelling. I can only conclude the one whom posted this should not be payed or pronounced as much as it hurts me to say so. I am not a felonious offender. This does not describe my offense. It is applicable to most sex offenders. Get in touch with a counselor that meets your needs. If the courts insist on it, try your case.

  3. We are a jail and prison ministry in Indiana. I was floored when I came across this website by accident, actually it was God. Anyway, is the information as far as companies that hire felons/sex offenders available by spreadsheet? I work with probation/parole and WorkOne, the employment agency for the state, providing information on who is hiring that hires felons. I have a spreadsheet that I send out each week of this information by county. I have a spreadsheet titled Felony Friendly Employers and I am always looking to add information. I have people reach out from all over the country, working with a young lady in Florida and a guy in Nevada. So this would be so beneficial and would love to share back and forth. For example, on one of your lists you have Dollar General and here in Indiana they will not hire felons, even the warehouse, from the information we have found.

  4. Stone Crawford

    Yes, the sex offender registry creates criminals. Its tier system makes it impossible to ever be released from it. The majority of these offenders took a “deal” in lieu of a trial and jail. Yet, porn and a slew of gender alternatives are considered normal behavior. A three strike situation should apply to the registration process — one allegation or conviction should not label you for life.

  5. I am in dire need of assistance, I took in a young man 6 years ago who is on the sex registry. I was around when this kid got in trouble and all he did was buy a used computer. The computer had FBI tagged deleted files on it and soon after he was arrested and charged with over 1500 counts of child porn featuring girls 3-6. He was still under 21 and lived with a parent on fixed income. He was terrified and had no means to defend against their evidence and was persuaded by his court appointed counsel that if he took the plea bargain and admitted guilt he could just get probation and not serve any more jail time. He took the deal, now it’s only just over a year before he is off the sex registry in Indiana, but after exploring expungement for him, we find out that even if expunged it will still show up on a background check. He is trying to hard and is such a good person and this part I find totally ironic a virgin at 30 years old, yet a convicted sex offender, how does one do that? Anyway I am seeking any possible help, advice, or whatever to help this young man to have some substance of a live, he is so eager and willing to work and when has worked for me done such a great job, he just needs a chance. Please please help us…

    D for M

  6. I am just helping my brother as he is has just gotten out of Jail. We are finding it very hard to find housing and jobs. Is there anyone in the michigan city IN that will hire my brother as he is a sex offender. People don’t under stand how hard this is for someone that has been gone for 12 years and to start over. I don’t live close to help him.

  7. I was wrongfully accused by my own daughter of being a sex offender- I took a plea- I am a teir 1 least harmful or re-offend. I was lucky enough that the job I had BEFORE I was convicted and went to prison keep my position open for me and I still work there. Yes , I am very lucky to have employment. BUT.. I shouldn’t fell trapped at this job because it’s the only one I could get. Prisoners give HUGE tax breaks to companies. And this sex offender charge shouldn’t be one size fits all. It’s ridiculous. And if anyone thinks the justice system is justice.. you are totally wrong.

  8. My son is in prison he has never been in trouble before he always live at home with me and my mom he has autism 27 now never even goes out or wants to go anywhere with the family just stay in the house and play his game so two of my nieces said when they were all little kids even my son was a minor they waited till they were in there 20s and put him in jail wouldn’t let him out after one of my nieces said inside of the court room I’m not going to testify and tell no more lies but my other niece did so they told him they won’t take it to trial where he may get life so he took the deal some deal 3 to 20 yrs he has been in there for 3 yrs now I’m on ssi trying to find a studio I can afford intill we find him a job but no luck and don’t even no where he can work

  9. Sadly, this is something that is everywhere. I live in Maine and have been hired and fired within weeks once the background check was complete (North Energy, Haffners, Tradewinds, Ramada, Giri Hotel Management, McDonalds, Wendys, Circle K, Irving, etc). I have been hired and went to orientation (Kmart) and terminated before actually starting work. I have also went to interviews and was asked about my criminal history (Mardens, Renys, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Freshie’s, Shell, etc.) and when I was truthful I was denied the opportunity.

    I was a powerful voice of redemption for the church for many years, and have had a ministry that carried me for years, but the ministry can no longer carry me and I cannot find a job anywhere. In the last year I have lost 3 jobs due to my background check. My charge was 25 years ago and I took a plea as a very young confused trans-identified person. I have not been in any trouble since I was released from prison, and had, like I said, even had a pretty successful ministry for many years. But still I cannot find a job because nobody will hire a sex offender.

    I am not able to do landscaping or construction since I damaged my body severely with wrong-sex hormones for many years while I was confused about my sex. I have applied at almost every single company on the list in this article and have either been denied because of my background or denied once the background check was provided. I even had a manager that was fighting for me to keep my job because I was such a good employee, but HR (The Corporation – North Energy/Haffners Oil in MASS.) decided I was expendable because I was a sex offender. It is so sad and frustrating for so many.

    Do we have a drug dealers registry? A wife beaters registry? A murderers registry? There are many on the sex offender registry that do not belong on it. While some do belong on the registry, is it really necessary for those not deemed as threats? I am ONLY a lifetime registrant in my state because I came from another state. We need to do better for people who are trying to take care of their homes, families and themselves but are constantly being kicked down by “the system” itself. Some of us do not wanna be dependent on the government to take care of us!

  10. My brother-in-law was charged with a csc and I was on here trying to see if I could find him a job once he came out of prison… I know he has a lot of limits as to where he can work and how long he can stay out. my brother-in-law is is prison in michigan and my husband and I live in a different state we already know he can’t live with us we just want to help him find a job so he can get on his feet….

  11. Something got to give cops take advantage of young men and because of that life hell for us.. 9 Years ago I made mistake I ant know but I own up to it I was young and dum… And ever since my life been hell trying find work.. How can you take care family and build family when no one will give you chance from mistake years ago.. Something got to give

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