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Jobs For Violent Offenders

jobs for violent offenders

A person’s life gets changed completely by a criminal conviction. The consequences however negatively impact a person and make it more challenging to find a suitable job to earn a decent living. Felons also lose the opportunity after any violent criminal activities. It is also difficult for people to trust felons with violent convictions.

This article addresses whether felons with a violent felony background can get suitable career opportunities.

  • Difference between Violent and Non Violent Crimes
  • Violent Felony negatively impacts your career
  • Careers are challenging for felons
  • Strategies to deal with violent crimes for a job application
  • Course of Action

Difference Between Violent and Non Violent Crimes

Felons commit violent and non-violent crimes and serve a minimum of 1 year in prison. The basic consequences for both kinds of felonies have similarities such as:

  • Time in prison
  • Probation period and Parole
  • Fines and restitution
  • Losing job opportunities
  • Losing civil rights to vote or getting a licensed gun
  • Damaging a person’s reputation

Non Violent Crimes

A non – violent crime doesn’t use any threat or injury upon a victim. Financial losses or losing property are classic examples for non – violent crimes. These crimes may not involve physical harm to a person.

Some examples are as follows:

1 Distributing drugs to innocent people

2 Forcefully taking ownership of someone’s property

3 Drug and alcohol abuse.

4 Crimes in cyberspace

5 Theft

6 Fraud and Forgery

7 White-collar crime

8 Burglary

9 Drinking and Driving

jobs for violent offender

Violent Crimes

A violent crime means using a forceful weapon to threaten someone and demonstrating a potential risk for causing physical injury to a person. Violent crimes have more severe penalties which felons face upon their involvement in such crimes. Felons physically harm victims and require a lawyer to fight their case in court.

Violent crimes are as follows:

  • Felons murder someone
  • Attempt to murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Physical Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion Threats
  • Bank Robbery or House Robbery with a weapon

Felons complete their sentence but the stains of their criminal record impact their personal life even after sentence completion. A violent criminal record stays with a person for 5 years before it gets cleared by the court.

Violent Felony Negatively Impacts Your Career

Reestablishing an honest life becomes difficult for felons because of violent crimes. Employers refrain from hiring felons with a violent criminal record to safeguard the interests of the organization, employees, and fellow customers. Violent convictions force an employer to treat felons in a demeaning manner regardless of the crime that gets committed.

job for violent offender

Felons straightaway lose a chance to get decent jobs with any company basis their criminal record. Violent crimes severely damage a person’s ability and reputation to seek a job with a proper salary and skills.

Felons get suspended because of violent criminal history as per state laws. Department of health in any state cancels or limits licenses for:

1 Doctors

2 Nurses

3 General Physicians

4 Dentists

5 Medical Professors

6 Educators

Careers Are Challenging for Felons

Felons cannot join jobs involving personal management if they have served for domestic violence in prison. Felons cannot work with firearms or ammunition with a violent criminal history. This can risk the general state population and society as a whole.

Felons lose a chance to qualify for federal positions in federal agencies on basis of violent criminal history. Felons with violent criminal background can get employment with colleges, truck drivers, construction workers, delivery boys for restaurants, temporary worker agencies, and self-employment opportunities, online jobs.

Strategies to Deal with Violent Crimes for A Job Application

Felons can use professional college degrees and education to work as social workers in different NGOs. Felons can also complete their education after serving their sentence in prison. They can also work as administrative staff and maintenance staff in colleges.

Felons can work as commercial truck drivers in transport companies to transport different goods from one city to another. They can receive professional training to learn driving and also obtain a commercial driver’s license which is mandatory for this nature of jobs.

job for the violent offenders

Felons can also work in various departments within the construction industry which includes jobs like electrician, plumber, welding, roofing, and carpentry, etc. Some felons can work for restaurants like MacDonald’s and Subway either as kitchen staff or delivery boys.

Felons can work in staffing agencies to earn a good living through various employment opportunities. Felons can also choose self-employment opportunities to re-establish their careers and become independent through developing a unique skill set that permits them to grow and achieve success.

In all employments, felons must demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, and dedication to achieve something. This allows them to seek a good job opportunity and start a new life. Felons can also explore online job opportunities which provide them an opportunity to learn and excel in their career as a data entry operator or a telecaller.

Strategies to Deal with Violent Crimes for A Job Application

Many states permit felons to get expunged so that new opportunities open with a clear criminal record. The court also assists felons in clearing their record and provides them a fair opportunity to start a new career. Felons must however answer all questions related to criminal records truthfully. Many employers however disqualify felons from job opportunities basis violent convictions.

the job for the violent offenders

Felons must also clearly describe the incident and take responsibility for their actions. Felons can talk about improvement measures they are using to enhance their employability and demonstrate an honest lifestyle before securing a good job with the right employer.

The Course Of Action

Felons must explain violent criminal history to secure a decent job and demonstrate a positive approach towards their life since their conviction. Being honest and truthful permits felons to rectify their previous mistakes and also get a better chance to lead an honest life with a new career opportunity. Though it is difficult to restart a new life with a violent criminal record this is certainly not impossible to achieve.

Family, friends, and supported employers allow felons to become a part of a new and diverse workforce. This also enables them to leave behind their previous dreadful life. Felons get an opportunity to recover from issues such as anger, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse with guidance and support from professional agencies who work for the welfare of felons in long term.

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  1. Getting Desperate!
    No one has interest in this 62 year old felon. I have criminal threats on my record! YIKES. i had no idea there was such a thing. PC422 California. I told the guy my wife was having an affair with “I’ll break your legs.” My wife and him filed charges. DA took it to felony status. Now i can’t work.

  2. In 1988 I was a cocaine user, (crackhead), I was pregnant with my 3rd child and continued to use. My child was allowed to leave the hospital with me as laws to prevent this were not yet in place. I continued to use after release from hospital and my son suffered neglect which caused his death. I became drug free in February of 1991 prior to my incarceration in 1993. I was charged with 2nd degree felony murder. I was released on parole in 1998 after serving 5 years. I am now on probation until 2028. Since release from prison, I have maintained regular employment. But the places I’ve worked at were fast food establishments. I am seeking better employment. Am currently awaiting response from a major retailer. The company only checks for the past 7 years. However, my 30-year-old conviction still shows on my BCI check. Will that fact cause potential employer to rescind job offer?

  3. I got a assault for domestic violence. And no contact order violation. I have applied at 3 different companies that hire felons. No luck I’m unemployed and about to be homeless. My charges are not felonys!!! But I cannot find a job that I’m qualified for!!??

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