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Jobs Where You Can Sit Down

jobs where you can sit down

Even though it is often said that physical labor is for people who work hard, not everyone can do it. There are plenty of people who are capable of working very hard but can’t do so standing.

This can be due to being wheelchair-bound or having other physical constraints that require them to be seated. Or, they are simply couch potatoes, and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at some jobs where you can sit down, be a success, work very hard and earn good money!

jobs where you can sit down

Content Creator/Streamer

Whether you are writing or creating videos, you can do either while sitting down. Writing is such an expansive term, and there are so many options. Blogs, research papers, educational content, articles, news, copywriting, novels, and more.

Doing YouTube or TikTok vlogs can be done seated for the most part but may require some movement depending on what your video themes are. Most commentary and beauty creators are, however, firmly seated, and the most movement comes from moving their arms and hands expressively.

If you happen to love gaming, you can create videos doing live streams of your gameplay or edit and post them after.

Academic Research

It will depend on your field of study, of course. An archeologist may be required to spend time outdoors on dig sites for a while, but if you play your cards right, you can land a lab gig where you simply analyze and do research on things that are brought to you.

The same principles can be applied to almost any field of study – as long as you are presented with data or able to retrieve data without having to leave your lab or office.


If you have a knack for numbers, a career in finance might be for you. Whether you are working in stocks, accounting, or banking, you can do all of it by crunching numbers from the comforts of an armchair.

IT-Related Careers

Computer engineers and programmers are very much in demand. But you have to make sure you thoroughly research the jobs, as some may require you to do physical work such as running cables to connect networks. However, if you are an avid programmer or developer, this may be the best choice for you.

Beta Testing

You can work as a beta tester, testing the functionality and reporting bugs and glitches in applications or even games! You will need some expertise for certain things, as some people need to be trained to use modern-day business software.

As for gaming, you will have to be an avid gamer and be able to play for hours on end, even if you find the game boring.


Whether you are driving a car, truck, bus, or flying an aircraft, you can earn money transporting people and goods. Take note that, although you will be seated, this may still be extremely taxing since you will not be able to get up or stop at will.

There are also some requirements for this job that may make it harder for those with disabilities, as some drivers may be expected to carry packages to a door, and pilots have to be in peak physical health.

the jobs where you can sit down

Most Office Jobs

It doesn’t matter if you are the receptionist, in customer service, marketing, HR, admin, or an executive. Office jobs will generally come with a desk and a chair. Generally, avoid posts that have the words “promotions” and “logistics” attached to them, as these may require you to move goods or interact with people while on your feet.

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Why Not Try Working Remotely!

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Final Thoughts

There will be a day that someone may say that they “work harder than you.” But you have no obligation to prove them wrong, and it will be good to know that your work is just as productive and important as someone else’s active career choice.

You can still chase a lucrative career while staying seated for most of it, while your mind is essentially picking up the slack. As Allen F Morgenstern said, “Work smarter, not harder.”

All the very best in finding the perfect job for you!

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