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John Fetterman Net Worth

John Fetterman net worth

While new to the Senate in 2023, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is no stranger to politics or the news spotlight. Before joining the senate, he held positions as lieutenant governor and mayor and has worked for constituents over the past two decades. A larger-than-life, sometimes controversial figure in politics, Fetterman has made a name for himself.

Looking into John Fetterman’s family history and personal finances reveal a few things about this giant of a politician. So, I decided to delve into the John Fetterman net worth figures, plus his evolving role in American politics. And I’ll look into his personal life and his health. As well as some of the controversies he has stirred up along the way.

So, let’s get started.

John Fetterman’s Net Worth and Salary

Most politicians have a fair bit of money behind them. This lets them take time off work to campaign for office in the first place, and even financially support their own campaigns personally. Once elected, salaries can range from pathetic to a respectable six figures. However, it takes time to build up a fortune on a politician’s salary. So, most start off coming from money in the first place.

John Fetterman is no different…

According to the man himself, his upbringing was privileged. It’s a matter of public record that his family supported him financially while he was mayor of the borough of Braddock, Pennsylvania. That’s because he only received a monthly salary of $150.

He also held a full-time job as director of the town’s youth program, but it wasn’t enough to survive on. So, his father paid him around $54,000 over the 13 years he spent in the office to help supplement John Fetterman’s income.

John Fetterman's Net Worth and Salary

Fetterman also made some money from real estate investments and through the restaurant he opened in 2017. But, most of his income has come from John Fetterman’s salary as a politician.

From 2019-2023…

Fetterman was the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and took in about $150,000 each year. As a newly elected senator from Pennsylvania, his current salary is $217,610 per year. Currently, John Fetterman’s net worth is estimated at around $800,000.

He actually has assets totaling somewhere between $800,000 and $1,580,000. But roughly half of that money is tied up in trust funds for his children. Therefore, it’s out of his control and can’t be counted in John Fetterman net worth calculations. However, including his money from investments and his senator’s salary, his net worth is projected to grow by about $100,000/year.

So, while his family ended up doing well for themselves in the insurance industry, John Fetterman himself is by no means a tremendously wealthy man. He is, however, comfortable and has been able to set up a secure future for his family.

Education and Early Life

As I mentioned earlier, Fetterman has openly stated that he came from privilege, having won a decent position in the random lottery of birth. He was born on the 15th of August 1969 and named John Karl Fetterman. Though he was born when his parents were both just 19 years old, they had family support.

That allowed his father, Karl, to graduate from Albright College. His father worked in insurance and eventually became a firm partner. Ensuring an income for the family, which included John, his mother Susan, and his brother Gregg.

John grew up in York in south-central Pennsylvania and went to school there. When he graduated high school in 1987, he moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, to follow in his father’s footsteps by also studying at Albright. He studied finance and also played college football. This is probably no surprise for anyone familiar with Fetterman’s massive 6-foot-9 frame.

Education and Early Life

After graduating with a B.A. in finance in 1991…

Fetterman then moved to Storrs to attend the University of Connecticut. He studied there for two years, receiving his Master of Business Administration degree in 1993. Then from 1993-1995, Fetterman moved to Pittsburgh and worked as an insurance underwriter.

However, in 1995, he decided to do something different with his life and joined AmeriCorps. This organization, much like the Peace Corps but working only inside America, posted him to Pittsburgh, where he was already living. There, he worked as a volunteer teacher receiving a stipend.

Finally, Fetterman decided to go back to school and was accepted to the Kennedy School at Harvard University. He finished his studies in 1999 and was awarded another Master’s degree, this time in Public Policy. Armed with volunteer experience and his financial, policy-making, and management know-how, John Fetterman was well-prepared to enter a life of political office.

John Fetterman’s Political Career

Now, as a career politician, John Fetterman has held positions at the local, state, and now federal levels of government. He got his start as a mayor and has worked his way up to the United States Senate.

Mayor of Braddock

Fetterman went to Braddock in 2001 to help start up a youth program there. He was attracted to the town, which was in decline from its glory days as a 1920s steel town with a population of over 20,000. But, in the 2000s, the population was only 2000 people, mostly black and economically struggling. Fetterman saw the town as a place he could make a difference and decided to move there in 2004.

Fetterman ran the youth program full-time and also campaigned for mayor. He was supported by young voters and became mayor, albeit just part-time, in the 2005 election. He took office in 2006.

Four years later, in 2009, he was challenged for his mayoral seat but won the election anyway. In both 2013 and 2017, his seat went uncontested by a Republican candidate. So, Fetterman was Mayor of Braddock from 2006-2019, serving four complete terms in office.

During that time…

He endeavored to make changes to the town and attract investments and jobs. However, he also struggled against the majority black town council, who often saw this white man as an outsider. He also fought to reduce violent crime and was very successful in that attempt.

However, his overall goal of revitalizing the town and attracting people back to live there was perhaps not as effective. The population continued to decline during his tenure as mayor. And, although some investment did come in, overall residents’ salaries remained low.

mayor of braddock

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

While still living in Braddock, Fetterman declared his intention to vie for the state-level position of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania in 2017. He won the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2018 and campaigned with then-incumbent Governor Tom Wolf. This pairing won the state in November 2018, and John Fetterman was sworn in as lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania in January 2019.

Fetterman has run on a social programs platform that included reform of LGBTQ+ and cannabis laws, universal health care, and workers’ rights. He was supported in his campaign by endorsements by Bernie Sanders and the current mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto.

During his time in this office…

Fetterman had to preside over the state legislature and also support the governor in his official duties. One of his first main initiatives was to push forward the state’s decimalization of cannabis. He also made pardoning convicts from death row one of his main priorities while in office.

While he proved fairly popular as a lieutenant governor, Fetterman’s tenure was not without detractors. Though considered a moderate, some of his more progressive standpoints alienated some voters. Naturally, others found him too progressive.

In addition to this political limbo, he was also accused of taking the job too lightly and not working long enough hours. When the COVID pandemic struck in 2020, he was often absent from the House of Representatives he was supposed to preside over.

Junior Senator from Pennsylvania

Even before John Fetterman’s lieutenant governorship, he made a bid for the US Senate. He was still living in Braddock and acting as mayor in 2015 when he threw his hat into the ring as a Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming 2016 election.

However, he was a relatively unknown candidate who also had very little financial backing. He lost the party nomination to Katie McGinty, who then lost the senate race to incumbent Republican Pat Toomey.

Still, this attempt at a national-level role gave Fetterman experience in raising funds and putting together a campaign. It also made people more aware of him and his policies, and that no doubt aided his bid for lieutenant governor.

It also helped him become a junior senator later on…

After gaining experience in state government, Fetterman felt he was more prepared for the national stage. In 2021, he announced that he would run for the Senate once again. This time things turned out differently.

The Democratic Party support was split. Supporters felt John Fetterman’s progressive politics were very welcome. Detractors said he was an overly socialist lone wolf, or that his white male power wasn’t what the party needed. However, he had a major victory and took the party nomination easily in 2022.

Junior Senator from Pennsylvania

Later that same year…

He went up a difficult opponent in the election – TV’s rich and influential Dr. Oz. Fetterman’s team used a mud-slinging campaign to criticize Oz. He won in November and took office in January 2023.

Currently, he chairs a senate sub-committee on food, specialty crops, organics, and research and has worked on rail safety initiatives. However, John Fetterman’s tenure in the Senate has been plagued by health issues that have caused him to be hospitalized.

John Fetterman’s Politics

Fetterman’s interest in politics and his political standpoint has been influenced by a few major episodes in his life. These include growing up well-off with his Republican parents, which gave him a conservative side.

Volunteering and working with youth development in Pittsburg and Braddock taught him to work for the poor and working class. Becoming a Big Brother for a boy whose mother was dying of AIDS taught him about class and poverty. And working as mayor in Braddock saw him fight crime and its influence.

Fetterman is known as a fiscal and social progressive Democrat…

Due to some of his policies, like universal health care and criminal justice reform, he has been called a socialist. He is pro-wealth tax, pro-union, pro-LGBTQ+, for gun control, and the legalization of cannabis. He supports Medicare For All. However, he is also pro-policing for safe communities. In general, he is seen as a moderate-to-progressive, pro-labor politician.


John Fetterman is a big man who makes big news. And, many times, his actions created a few controversies, perhaps more so than the average politician.

While in Braddock, he was often at odds with the town council. He was resented by many for being represented as a white savior for a predominately black community, though this was not his self-representation. Additionally, he was criticized for missing council meetings regularly and being hard to contact.


While lieutenant governor, his absenteeism was similarly criticized…

He also publicly criticized ex-president Donald Trump, calling him a troll. Trump’s supporters demanded an inspection into voter fraud in Pennsylvania in 2020. However, Fetterman found only fraudulent votes that supported Trump, not his opposition.

As a senator, Fetterman has been criticized for his health issues. Even before his election, he struggled in debates after suffering a stroke, leading to criticism that he was unfit for office.


John Fetterman has had his fair share of health concerns, some of which are ongoing. In 2017, he was diagnosed with heart problems, including a weak pump and atrial fibrillation.

However, he more or less ignored his doctor’s advice and took no medication, later expressing regret about this. In 2022, he suffered a stroke and was given a pacemaker. Since then, he has been hospitalized for circulation issues and depression.

Personal Life and Family

Fetterman is married to Brazilian-American Gisele Barreto Fetterman. They met after she wrote to him about his work in Braddock and then visited him there. The couple currently lives in Braddock and has three children and two dogs. John has also continued to provide emotional and financial support for the “little brother” assigned to him during his early-90s involvement in the Big Brother program.

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John Fetterman Net Worth Summarized

The 53-year-old junior senator from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, is a physical and political giant. After over a decade as mayor of a struggling Pennsylvania town, he moved on to the office of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and now the senate. He still calls that community, the town of Braddock, home.

Fetterman has been working for the people for a long time, and this is reflected in his net worth. He can claim roughly $800,000 to his name, plus some substantial money put away for his children. And, with his current senator’s salary of over $200,000 per year, his net worth is set to grow into the future, so long as he can maintain good health.

Until next time, may you find our success story.


1. What is John Fetterman’s unique approach to politics?

Fetterman’s unique approach to politics is his commitment to serving working-class residents and improving the quality of life in impoverished communities. Rather than relying on traditional political tactics, he focuses on grassroots activism and innovative urban renewal projects.

2. How did John Fetterman become interested in politics?

Fetterman became interested in politics after working at a homeless shelter in Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he saw firsthand the impact of poverty and inequality on underserved communities. He was inspired to run for office to help improve the lives of working-class residents.

3. What are John Fetterman’s views on healthcare?

Fetterman is known for his support of universal healthcare and increasing access to healthcare for all Americans. He has been vocal about the need to address the high cost of prescription drugs and ensure that all Americans have access to quality healthcare.

4. How has John Fetterman impacted Pennsylvania politics?

John Fetterman has had a significant impact on Pennsylvania politics, bringing attention to issues that impact working-class residents, including criminal justice reform, access to healthcare, and education. His innovative urban renewal projects have served as a model for other cities and helped to revitalize struggling communities.

5. What has John Fetterman achieved during his time in office?

During his time in office, John Fetterman has worked to promote progressive policies, including criminal justice reform and access to healthcare. He has also been a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana and the abolition of cash bail.

6. What are John Fetterman’s plans for the future?

Fetterman has not announced any future plans, but he has expressed interest in running for higher office in the future.

7. What is John Fetterman’s stance on climate change?

Fetterman is a strong supporter of renewable energy and has advocated for increased investments in clean energy projects in Pennsylvania.

8. What inspired John Fetterman’s distinctive appearance?

Fetterman’s distinctive appearance, which includes numerous tattoos and a shaved head, was inspired by his love of punk rock music, which he has been a fan of since his teenage years.

9. What are John Fetterman’s views on gun control?

Fetterman has been a vocal supporter of increased gun control measures, including universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

10. What are John Fetterman’s plans for improving education in Pennsylvania?

Fetterman has been a vocal advocate for increasing funding for public education in Pennsylvania, particularly in underserved communities. He has also supported increasing teacher salaries and ensuring access to quality early childhood education.

11. What are John Fetterman’s plans for addressing the opioid epidemic?

Fetterman has supported increasing access to addiction treatment and has advocated for the decriminalization of drug use to address the opioid epidemic.

12. What has John Fetterman said about the Black Lives Matter movement?

Fetterman has been a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has spoken out about the need to address systemic racism and police brutality in America.

13. What are John Fetterman’s plans for addressing poverty in Pennsylvania?

Fetterman has focused on innovative approaches to addressing poverty in Pennsylvania, including his urban renewal projects in Braddock and his advocacy for increasing access to affordable housing and healthcare.

14. What are John Fetterman’s views on immigration?

Fetterman has been a vocal supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and has advocated for protecting the rights of immigrants in America.

15. What are John Fetterman’s future political aspirations?

Although he has not announced any specific plans, Fetterman has expressed interest in running for higher office in the future, potentially as governor or even senator.

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