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Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Do you want to know why Johnson & Johnson is such a successful company?

This leading pharmaceutical and healthcare-based company was founded more than a century ago. Not only has the company managed to keep up with the constantly changing healthcare trends, but it has also constantly exceeded expectations.

Over the years, the company has grown to become a prominent multinational Fortune 500 company. Clear insight into the success of the company can be seen in its strong mission and vision statements.

 So, let’s learn more about the company by undertaking a detailed Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis.

The Company History

Johnson & Johnson was founded by Robert Wood Johnson and his brothers, Edward Mead Johnson and James Wood Johnson, in 1886. Robert Wood Johnson trained as a pharmaceutical apprentice at an apothecary from the age of sixteen. When he heard about antiseptic surgery at the 1876 World’s Fair, he decided to create his products.

In 1886, Johnson & Johnson launched a line of ready-to-use sterile surgical dressings for the new surgical procedure. The company originally featured a team of six men and eight women. The company quickly recognized the power of diversity and launched a range of household products, medical guides, and sterile surgical supplies.

It started with a plaster…

It started with a plaster

All of the original products featured a logo that was based on the signature of James Wood Johnson. The company’s first popular product of note was a special medicated plaster called Johnson & Johnson’s Black Perfect Taffeta Court Plaster. 

The company established itself as an expert by publishing to medical guide Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment. The company continued to create and launch a huge range of products for use in hospitals and homes.

The world-famous baby powder!

The world-famous baby powder

 By 1894 the company had expanded to operate in fourteen buildings and employ more than four hundred talented professionals. This was also the year when the production of Johnson’s Baby Powder began. This was the company’s first baby product, and it remains popular to this day. 

The world’s first maternity kit was also introduced in 1894 to assist with home births. The kit featured many of the company’s most popular products, such as Johnson’s Baby Powder, antiseptic soap, sanitary napkins, and umbilical tape. Lister’s Towels were the first mass-produced sanitary napkins and proved to be very popular. 

Worth quite a pretty penny today…

Today, there are more than 250 subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson, which operate in sixty countries. The company’s products are sold in more than 175 counties around the world. The company’s assets are valued at $170.69 billion, while the annual revenue is more than $82.584 billion. 

The Mission Statement 

“Our credo stems from a belief that consumers, employees, and the community are all equally important.” This is the official mission statement of Johnson & Johnson. This clearly indicates why the company has risen to become a global brand that is recognized worldwide. 

There are three main elements of this mission statement that we can explore in more detail. 

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

This section of the mission statement highlights the power of collaboration in finding lasting solutions to complex global problems. The equal respect for all employees has created a vibrant company culture where the contributions of everyone are valued. 

The company also welcomes and encourages feedback from customers and partners from all sectors. This makes the company approachable and allows Johnson & Johnson to create products that people actively seek. 

Improving lives

The main driving force behind the company and its products is improving health and overall quality of life. To achieve this, the company dedicates resources to funding the development of a wide range of health-based products. 

These products are designed to help elevate skin, oral, and other ongoing health conditions. The company also takes the lead in designing medical devices for surgery, vision, and orthopedics. 

Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations

Like any successful company, Johnson & Johnson is focused on constant innovation and development within the industry. The company boasts a huge research and development department that works on significant medical conditions. Johnson & Johnson offers special education sponsorship and other programs to help foster the medical talents of the future. 

The Vision Statement

“For every person to use their unique experiences and backgrounds, together – to spark solutions that create a better, healthier world.” This detailed vision statement clearly outlines what the company is trying to achieve. Let’s take a closer look at the three main elements that make up the vision statement. 

Everyone’s unique experiences

Everyone’s unique experiences

The company is focused on helping to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. The company actively seeks talented professionals in a wide range of different fields. These professionals are encouraged to design and work on their own projects that target significant health issues. 

Spark solutions

The company culture is based on collaboration between talented professionals in different divisions. Employees are encouraged to share their creativity and reach out to professionals who can add their knowledge and expertise. This has helped the company to create products and medical devices that combat a huge number of diseases and ailments. 

A healthier world

The company focuses on making the world a healthier and more enjoyable place to live for everyone. Divisions of the company can be found in sixty different companies around the world. The collective knowledge and expertise at Johnson & Johnson is shared with these divisions to help them build and grow. 

Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis – The Business Sectors 

Today, Johnson & Johnson operates in three main business sectors. While pharmaceuticals still represent the majority of the company’s operations, its contributions to medical devices and consumer health are significant. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s presence in these business sectors.



Six different therapeutic areas are housed within this sector of the company. The company employs talented experts in their field to research health issues and develop new and innovative medications. This includes developing innovative solutions for infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hematologic malignancies.

The experts at Johnson & Johnson are constantly working on finding solutions for serious ailments and diseases. These range from inflammatory bowel disease and psoriasis to schizophrenia, prostate cancer, and hematologic malignancies.

Medical Devices 

This sector is operated by the Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions Group, which is led by a team of experts. This sector creates special medical devices such as electrophysiology products that both diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias. There are also devices for hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, ear, nose, and throat procedures, and breast reconstruction and aesthetics.

The orthopedics collection includes devices that focus on diagnosing and treating muscular and spinal conditions. This includes muscle trauma, spinal surgery, joint reconstruction, extremities, and sports medicine. 

Amazing innovations in surgery…

The dedicated surgery selection includes advanced surgical innovations and solutions for people from all walks of life. This includes energy devices, advanced hemostats, staplers, and sutures. This area also includes digital solutions, surgical robotics, and interventional ablation. 

The medical devices sector also focuses on a wide range of vision solutions for people with diverse needs. This includes a range of different types of contact lenses, automated treatment for dry eye, intraocular lenses, and laser vision correction systems. 

Consumer Health 

Consumer Health 

This sector boasts a wide range of healthcare products that revolve around personal healthcare. This includes skin health and beauty, self-care, and essential health. Products within this sector include baby care, over-the-counter medicines, women’s health, oral care, and wound care. 

The skincare division works on creating skincare products for people with both general and specialized needs. This includes special treatments for eczema, acne, and treatments to reduce the signs of skin aging. These products consist of moisturizers, lotions, cleansers, and sunscreens. 

Self-care is always important!

Under the self-care category are over-the-counter medications that consumers can use to self-medicate. These include products targeted at stopping smoking, nasal decongestants, pain relief, coughs and colds, allergy medications, and antacids. Finally, the essential health category includes products for baby care, women’s health, oral care, and wound care. 

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Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis – Final Thoughts

Johnson & Johnson is known for creating a huge range of products that are designed to improve quality of life. Part of the secret to the company’s success can be connected to this huge product range. Numerous products are designed to appeal to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The company invests heavily in research and development to remain ahead of the latest trends. The mission and vision statements reveal the commitment to constantly exceeding expectations. 

At present, Johnson & Johnson is meeting modern demands by focusing on making each step of the supply chain environment-friendly.

All the very best in your new career at Johnson & Johnson!

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