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Jon Krakauer Net Worth

Jon Krakauer Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look into the Famous Author’s Wealth

Jon Krakauer is a well-known American author and mountaineer, famous for his non-fiction books that explore the human condition in extreme outdoor environments. His net worth, determined through his years of successful writing, is an impressive amount. In this article, we will take a closer look into Jon Krakauer’s net worth, early life, career, personal life, and his contribution to the literary world.

What is Jon Krakauer’s Net Worth and Salary?

Jon Krakauer’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. The majority of this income has come from his successful writing career. As a non-fiction author, Krakauer has received substantial advances for his books, including “Into Thin Air” and “Under the Banner of Heaven”. He has also received royalties from sales of his books and movie adaptations that have been made from them.

As a mountaineer, Krakauer has also had several lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals. In his lifetime, Krakauer was able to earn a sizeable salary of more than $1 million per year from his writing, speaking engagements, and appearances.

Early Life and Education

Krakauer was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on April 12, 1954. His father was a doctor, and his mother was a housewife. He grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, and was a student at Corvallis High School. Krakauer graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1976.


Krakauer started his career as a freelance writer. His work appeared in a wide range of publications, from outdoor magazines like Outside and Backpacker to renowned newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post. He authored the books “Into Thin Air,” “Into the Wild,” “Missoula,””Under the Banner of Heaven,” and “Three Cups of Deceit.”

Krakauer became famous after his book “Into the Wild” was published in 1996, about the young adventurer Christopher McCandless. His book “Into Thin Air” also achieved worldwide recognition, detailing his own experience during the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. He has also written several essays for various publications about his exploration of remote areas, mountaineering, and his views on society.

Personal Life

Krakauer is not usually in the public eye, as he prefers to keep a low profile. He was married to Linda Mariam Moore in 1980 and has two children with her. The couple divorced in 1993, and Krakauer remarried in 1996 to Carol Ann Doughty.

Krakauer is a staunch advocate of environmental conservation and has been involved in several organizations such as the Alaska’s Nature Conservancy. He also supports several causes like Free Tibet and Native American rights.

Real Estate

Krakauer currently resides in Paradise Valley, Montana. The house he gained from the advance for “Into Thin Air” is located just outside of the town of Paradise Valley and is a private hideaway for him. He has been a resident of Montana for many years and is involved with local politics in the state.


Krakauer has contributed massively to the literary world and the mountaineering community. His works have inspired many people globally to explore the outdoors and challenge themselves. His work has also highlighted the societal injustices present in several aspects of life, such as those occurring in the Mormon Church and sexual assault. Through his writing and advocacy, he has made a significant impact and highlighted the importance of fighting for truth, justice, and individual freedoms.

FAQs about Jon Krakauer Net Worth

1. What inspired Jon Krakauer to become a writer?

Krakauer expresses his childhood growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, was a significant driving force in his work as a writer. His charismatic mother, who he lost at a young age, was the creative force behind his passion for storytelling.

2. How much money did Jon Krakauer make from his book “Into the Wild”?

The book “Into the Wild” was a success financially, but Krakauer specifies that he received a $50,000 advance for the publication.

3. How did Krakauer’s experiences during the Mount Everest disaster affect his career?

Krakauer’s book “Into Thin Air” was his first bestseller, and after its publication, he became a household name in the mountaineering community. The book details Krakauer’s experience during the disaster and has been widely regarded as a masterpiece of the genre.

4. Did Jon Krakauer get paid for the “Into Thin Air” movie adaptation?

Yes. Krakauer received significant royalties from the sale of the movie adaptation.

5. How did writing and publishing “Three Cups of Deceit” affect Krakauer’s finances and career?

Writing and publishing “Three Cups of Deceit” severely impacted Krakauer’s professional relationships and the trust he built with some of his readers. The book brought to light the fraudulent and unethical acts of Greg Mortenson, the subject of his book “Three Cups of Tea.”

6. Does Jon Krakauer donate to any charitable organizations?

Krakauer is a staunch advocate of environmental conservation and has been involved in several organizations such as the Alaska’s Nature Conservancy. He also supports several causes like Free Tibet and Native American rights.

7. What is Jon Krakauer’s favorite outdoor activity?

Krakauer is an alpine mountaineer and enjoys indulging in outdoor activities that involve difficulties and exploration challenges.

8. How many languages are Jon Krakauer’s books translated into?

Krakauer’s books are translated into more than 30 different languages globally, extending from the Middle East to Europe.

9. Did Jon Krakauer earn any awards for his writing?

Krakauer has received several awards and recognition for his work, including the 2000 National Outdoor Book Award, along with the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Foundation in 2015.

10. How has Jon Krakauer’s writing impacted the literary world?

Krakauer’s contribution to literature has a vast influence, from changing the Public perception of mountaineering to highlighting social injustices through his work.

11. Is Jon Krakauer on social media networks?

No, Jon Krakauer is not on any social networks and prefers to keep a low profile.

12. Is there a movie adaptation of the Krakauer book, “Missoula”?

Krakauer’s book “Missoula” has not been made into a movie as at the time of writing this article.

13. What books has Jon Krakauer written?

Jon Krakauer has written several books, including “Into the Wild,” “Into Thin Air,” “Missoula,” “Under the Banner of Heaven,” and “Three Cups of Deceit.”

14. How old is Jon Krakauer?

Krakauer was born on April 12, 1954, making him 67 years old as of the year 2021.

15. How does Jon Krakauer spend his free time?

Krakauer spends his free time indulging in alpine mountaineering and other outdoor activities. He is also an advocate for several environmental and social justice causes and is involved in organizations that support these causes.


Jon Krakauer is a celebrated author, mountaineer, and environmental advocate. His net worth, which is estimated to be around $10 million, is a testament to his successful career as a writer and mountaineer. Through his work as a writer, he has highlighted the importance of societal injustices and the need for advocating individual freedoms and environmental conservation. Jon Krakauer will continue to be an important contributor to literature and the outdoors.

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