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Journalist Job Description

journalist job description

A journalist’s primary responsibility remains to acquire information, draft news articles, and convey the news impartially and in a balanced way.

The interested candidates should know the art of handling them professionally and ethically in all dealings with the public and news staff.

They are educated professionals who explore and report on recent issues, challenges, and trends for audiences via magazines, blogs, journals, publications, radios, tv shows, and online forums.

Along with investigating and reporting on current events, journalists write stories and features that keep the public informed and impact public opinion.

journalist job description

Job Description of a Journalist

Along with a natural skill to briefly narrate incidents, the journalists can create investigative articles, feature stories, and analytical pieces.

They assemble a variety of diverse sources and ensure that both sides of an argument get represented adequately.

The journalists visit numerous locations to obtain current and relevant information on newsworthy occurrences both in real-time and after they have occurred.

They also attend and report on events such as sporting activities, as well as artistic occasions.

The interested candidates should have a knack for unearthing true stories and discovering the truth. To succeed in this profession, one must be outgoing and possess superior writing and verbal communication skills.

Responsibilities of a Journalist

  • Journalists are responsible for evaluating leads and pitch editors on story insights that are both compelling and original.
  • The journalists must also ensure that all regular and recurrent deadlines get met.
  • Journalists are in charge of reviewing and revising material before submitting it to the editor for approval.
  • They should also utilize all the information to create explicit, concise, and factual stories.
  • The Journalist must also follow the profession’s ethical code.
  • They also have the responsibility to keep track of all of the notes, interviews, and audio files.
  • Building trusting relationships with contacts and sources for future study is also the duty of the Journalist.
  • Attending events, reading newspapers, magazines, blogs, and social media to keep up with the latest news and trends are also some of the essential duties of the Journalist.
  • They are also in charge of Data collection, verification, and decipherment of the various information gathered.

Requirements of a Journalist

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, English, or a closely related discipline.
  • A minimum of two years of experience working as a journalist or reporter is also required for the post of Journalist.
  • A journalist should also have the ability to maintain an ethical and objective level of reporting in all situations.
  • To work as a Journalist, the candidate must also have the capability of adhering to deadlines and verifying information accurately.
  • Excellent observation and decision-making abilities remain required for the role of Journalist.
  • The candidate should have effective communication and networking skills. They should also be able to extract information efficiently.

Interview Questions for a Journalist

1 How would you cope with the pressure of meeting strict deadlines?

Ans. This question demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform under time constraints. Also, it highlights the pressure handling ability of the candidates.

2 How do you assure accuracy and factuality in your work?

Ans. Shows the candidate’s capability to conduct research and fact-checking, which remains an essential duty of a journalist.

3 Can you name the three latest news stories affecting our publication?

Ans. This question tests the candidate’s familiarity with the latest headlines. Besides that, it helps to filter the interest of candidates in the publication/organization.

4 Can you describe the three best aspects of your writing style?

Ans. This test tests the candidate’s ability to write clearly and concisely.

5 How would you tackle an interviewee who is aggressive or uncooperative?

Ans. Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to make interactions with others and communicate effectively.

Future Scope as a Journalist

In recent years, the avenues of communication have grown from radio, television to digital media. Journalism has now become one of India’s most prominent careers. Employment opportunities as a journalist are available in English, Hindi, and various other vernacular languages.

The fields in which a journalist operates get divided into print journalism and electronic journalism. Newspapers, periodicals, and magazines are under the print category, whereas television, radio, and the internet fall under the electronic type.

Photojournalist, copywriter, editor, media researcher, social media manager, broadcast journalist, news producer, news presenter, critics, cartoonist, and data journalist are the best career options and profiles for Journalists.


The majority of aspirants choose journalism because it is something they are interested in and passionate about.

There are various organizations such as News Agencies, Information Bureaus, Legal Consulting Departments are some of the domains a Journalist usually works in.

Thus, if you’re seeking a job that involves daily creative engagement with work and the ability to discover new things, journalism is the field to pursue. If you desire a career that would help you improve intellectually in life while still earning pretty good money, you should give it a chance.

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