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Kangaroo Express Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

kangaroo express application

If you’re looking for a part-time job to start earning a salary while you’re finishing college, if so, working at Kangaroo Express might be just what you’re looking for.

Even though the company has gone through a lot of changes in recent years, Kangaroo Express is still one of the most recognized convenience stores brands. While the majority of the locations have been rebranded, the ones that are still up and running are often on the lookout for new people to become part of their team.

That’s why I decided to take an in-depth look at the Kangaroo Express Application Online: Jobs & Career Info so that you’ll know exactly how to apply for a job at Kangaroo Express and what to expect when working there.

But first, let’s find out why so many Kangaroo Express stores have changed their name…

kangaroo express application

What is Happening to Kangaroo Express?

Before 2015 Kangaroo Express was everywhere, with new stores popping up on every corner. Then something happened, and while most locations have been converted to Circle K, a few others kept their original name.

So, you might ask…What’s the difference? Can we still consider Kangaroo Express a stable company? Is it still worth it to apply there?

The back story…

Kangaroo Express has been acquired by ACT. It is the second-largest convenience stores operator in the world and owns than 14,000 locations under different brands, one of which is Circle K.

After the acquisition, the majority of the 1500 Kangaroo Express stores have been rebranded, and the remainder being sold to become the base of a new franchise program. Therefore, all the locations that still keep the original name are privately owned and operate under a franchise agreement.

Financial stability…

ACT is planning to increase the number of Kangaroo Express franchises, so it’s likely that we’ll see a huge comeback of the brand in the next few years. If the financial stability of the company was a concern, this should put your mind at ease. In 2020 ACT was present on the Fortune List of the 500 biggest companies in that world, ranking #6 among the Canadian entries.

What Is It Like Working At Kangaroo Express?

Before you decide to apply, you might be curious about what current and past employees think of Kangaroo Express.

Just remember being a franchise program means every store has a different employer, and working conditions are not the same. Compared to other companies that have a very strict franchise agreement, Kangaroo Express leaves more freedom to the owner. Therefore, your experience will vary depending on where you will be working.


Kangaroo Express seems to be a perfect place for anybody who is approaching the job market for the first time. The application process is not too selective, and available positions come up quite frequently. Moreover, it’s a fast-paced environment where there is no risk of getting bored during your shift, and many customers are regular visitors contributing to creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Also, employees who are willing to learn and commit long-term will certainly have the opportunity to advance to better jobs.


Some employees have complained about the low salary, which on certain occasions might be around the minimum legal wage. The benefits package that comes with an entry-level position might also not be quite what you’re looking for. Lastly, some stores are reported to be understaffed, which means your lunch breaks could be cut short on busy days.


The official website doesn’t provide any details about available jobs, requirements, or benefits. However, useful information can be found on the internet, so here’s what is what I was able to find out for you.

What positions do they offer?

A career at Kangaroo Express usually starts as a sales or maintenance associate. Depending on the location and your preferences, you can apply for a part-time or a full-time position.

Being 18 years old is the only real requirement, though prior experience in retail or customer service is considered an advantage. A sales associate with a few years of experience has a high chance of becoming an assistant manager and eventually a store manager.

kangaroo express application guide

Internal promotions…

Kangaroo Express tends to offer management positions to people who have been growing within the company, and that already know the job. It’s very rare to land a job as a store manager when you come from a different company, even if your qualifications are top-notch.

Pay Scale and Benefits

The hourly pay for an entry-level position is usually just above the minimum wage and will increase slightly over time. But don’t expect to make more than $9 per hour as a part-time sales associate. An assistant manager can expect to earn between $11 and $14 per hour, while a store manager can make more than $40,000 a year.

The benefits package will differ greatly depending on the location. It generally includes health benefits, life insurance, retirement plan, and paid holidays.

How To Apply?

While you won’t find any vacancies on their career page, you can still apply at your nearest store. All you need is to fill a form with your personal information, work experience, and educational background. After that, the franchise will get in touch as soon as a position becomes available.

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Final Thoughts

Before applying for a new job, it is important to research the company. This is the best way to find out the career possibilities and working conditions. Not only will this help you during the application, but will also reinforce your decision and boost your motivation.

You can find most of the information you need about Kangaroo Express in this article. But as for any potential job, there are pros and cons to consider, which could influence your decision.

All the very best with your Interview!

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