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Kelly Services Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a recruitment firm that hires new talent for various industries like financial services, government services, healthcare, engineering, law and also offers related jobs in the field of science. It also works as a contractual employee agency and serves many clients globally. Every position offered by Kelly services has a different set of roles and responsibilities.

All job seekers can choose a career of their choice by selecting a company and an industry of their choice. Some positions are also available at the senior management level. Other positions are available at entry-level or in middle-level roles. Any person can apply for a job of their choice through the career website of Kelly services.

Application Process for Kelly Services

The applicants can apply for any job opportunity of their choice through the Kelly services career website. It offers a very simple application process that makes job search simple for individual job seekers. The online process allows young users to target specific skills and keywords to search for appropriate jobs.

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All applicants can share their detail along with educational qualifications and work experience. They can submit their resumes through the online career portal which helps them to apply for jobs related to their area of interest.

Essential Requirements to work for Kelly Services

What is the minimum age to work for Kelly Services?

The applicant should be at least 18 years old to work for any position open with Kelly services or its client organizations.

What are the business hours for Kelly Services?

Kelly services follow a 5 – day work week and the timings are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday Kelly services remain closed.

What kind of career positions does Kelly Services provide?

Kelly services offer positions like customer service representative, receptionist, administrative assistant, assistant manager, and branch manager.

How will you apply for various career opportunities with Kelly Services?

Applicants can search for various career opportunities of their choice on the career website of Kelly services and apply online.

Job Opportunities by Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a staffing firm that motivates dedicated and creative individuals to contribute towards client’s recruitment needs and company success for the client. Kelly services offer various kinds of job opportunities either full-time, part-time, temporary service, or work-from-home opportunities. The company also uses employee referrals as one of the methods to hire contractual staff for short-term assignments.

Kelly services place applicants into various job opportunities either immediately or it may take a couple of weeks to find the right kind of employment for candidates. Many domestic job seekers benefit from the employment services offered by Kelly Services.

Additional Information

This staffing firm operates from the USA and exclusively finds many jobs internally in the USA which fits the need of the talent market in the USA. The focus of Kelly services is to help a job seeker get a job of his choice at exceptional pay. Applicants generally use services offered by Kelly services to get jobs in scientific fields. Although part-time and full-time workers jobs along with temporary workers jobs are available in every job market.

Employment Opportunity as a Temporary Employee with Kelly Services

Temporary Employee

  • Temporary employees can work with any industry of their choice in short-term or long-term work assignments.
  • The common roles offered by Kelly services are customer service jobs or government jobs which have relaxed working hours.
  • All applicants can apply for any kind of job opportunity through the online portal.
  • There is no requirement for skill assessment of job seekers at a face-to-face level.
  • The advantage of working as a temporary employee is that skills get assessed at the interview on the specified client location.
  • Telephonic interviews are the best method to hire temporary employees for short-term assignments in various client organizations.
  • Certain positions like information technology and management positions require testing of certain professional skills.

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Pay Scales at Kelly Services

  • Applicants often assume the job duration when they use a temporary agency like Kelly services.
  • Kelly services offer many contractual roles at the entry-level where employees earn between 8 dollars to 9 dollars per hour and 50,000 to 60,000 dollars annually at managerial roles.
  • Contractual jobs offer many corporate responsibilities with certain basic employment benefits.
  • These jobs also offer various annual salary options and healthcare coverage along with life insurance.
  • The company offers retirement plans and incentive plans to employees.
  • It also educates them about various employment opportunities available with different employers.

Checking Application Status at Kelly Services

After submitting resumes of candidates, they receive an interview call in a period of 2 to 3 days. The employment opportunities get mailed to the employees. In most cases, the Kelly services personnel invites applicants for personal interviews. This helps in selecting employees for new positions which require certain skillsets.

During initial contact, the job responsibilities for a specific job get informed to the applicant. If applicants do not hear from the staffing agency in few days, they can call and enquire about various employment opportunities in various industries and also express their interest in temporary jobs.

Work Benefits at Kelly Services

The staffing agency focuses on providing temporary jobs to many applicants. The professional objective of hiring staff through Kelly services is to maintain operations at various branch locations. Many jobs are also available at entry-level for full-time professionals. Kelly services also ensure employees receive competitive pay scales and qualify for many employee benefits. The various employee benefits are paid time off, life insurance, health coverage, and also retirement plans which get offered to applicants getting employed through Kelly Services.

Bottom Line

Kelly services offer many suitable employment opportunities to potential employees in the talent market. It also has a very simple and straightforward application process. Applicants can also search for various job opportunities through the career website and upload their resumes there.

Kelly services ensure applicants also receive the right kind of job opportunities with competitive pay scales which match their skills and experience. Kelly services also ensures many people receive temporary employments for short-term durations internally in the USA.

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