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Kids Eat Free at IHOP

Are you looking for a cool place to dine with the little one?

Finding somewhere to enjoy some food when you’re out and about can sometimes be a challenge. It can be tricky to find food that the children will enjoy while also making sure you are satisfied.

Fortunately, this won’t be an issue when you stop by your local IHOP restaurant. This popular chain boasts an extensive menu designed especially for kids, and they can even eat for free

So, let’s take a closer look at the kids eat free at IHOP promotion and find out what’s included.

About the Promotion 

IHOP offers a family-friendly atmosphere and is the perfect place to enjoy a meal. The restaurant chain is known for offering a wide range of tasty deals. This includes a complimentary meal for kids between 16:00 and 22:00.

About the Promotion 

This offer has been around for more than a decade and has proven to be very popular with families. It allows parents to save a lot of money, especially if they have multiple children. It is available every day of the week, meaning that every day can be family dinner day.

Terms and conditions

The offer is available to anyone with a child who orders at least one adult entrée. You need to order an additional adult entrée or meal for every child in your group. Only children aged twelve and under are provided with a complementary menu item.

It’s important to note that the deal can vary slightly from location to location. Still, there are usually at least seven menu items for your child to choose from. It’s best to check with your server before taking advantage of the offer. 

Each child is provided with a single menu item when you order an adult entrée or meal. Drinks are not included in the deal and have to be purchased separately. The offer is only available when you dine in and does not cover take-out or delivery orders.

It should also be noted that this offer cannot be used alongside discount coupons. If you have a coupon, it’s best to save it until you’re out without the little ones. However, you can use a gift card to pay for your food if you are lucky enough to have one.

Included Menu Items 

The IHOP children’s menu always boasts something new for the little ones to try. Many of IHOP’s most popular items can be enjoyed free of charge. Here are some of the dishes that are included in the deal.

Included Menu Items 

Silver Five

This dish features five dollar-sized buttermilk pancakes served with scrambled eggs. The dish also comes with a choice of pork sausage links or hickory-smoked bacon. It boasts both sweet and savory flavors and is sure to appeal to most children. 

Junior Chicken & Waffles

This classic dish has been shrunk slightly to suit the appetites of little ones. It features two crispy Belgian waffle quarters and a small pot of maple syrup. The dish also comes complete with two buttermilk crispy chicken breast strips.

Junior Cheeseburger

The patty of this classic cheeseburger is created from Black Angus beef. The patty is topped with American cheese and served on a soft brioche bun. A pot of Mott’s Applesauce is also served on the side.

Junior Cupcake Pancake Combo

This dish does double duty as an all-day breakfast and a dessert. It features a buttermilk pancake topped with rainbow sprinkles and frosting. A portion of scrambled egg, a bacon strip, and a pork sausage link are also served on the side.

Junior Chicken Strips Combo

If your little one loves buttermilk chicken breast strips, they will want to try this dish. It features two chicken strips served with ranch dressing. A portion of real buttered corn is also served on the side.

Funny Face Pancake Combo

This dish is sure to put a smile on the face of your little one. It features a chocolate chip pancake that is decorated with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and cherries. The pancake also comes with a portion of scrambled egg, a bacon strip, and a pork sausage link.

Funny Face Pancake Combo

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Even the pickiest eater is sure to enjoy this simple and satisfying dish. The rich and creamy dish is perfect for dinnertime, and the little ones will love to indulge. A pot of Mott’s Applesauce is also served on the side.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is the ultimate comfort food, and no child could say no to this sandwich. Golden melted American cheese is sandwiched between two pieces of white bread. A pot of Mott’s Applesauce is also served on the side.

Deals for Adults 

You can also save money on your own meal orders when you stop by the restaurant chain. The IHOPPY Hour Specials are available every day between 15:00 and 21:00. This allows you to score a discount on popular entrées, meals, and snacks.

If you’re already planning to purchase a main meal, you can score an entrée for just $6. Participating locations offer this deal every day so that you can make your budget stretch further. Let’s take a closer look at some of the items that are included in the deal.

Chicken and Pancakes

This menu item is a twist on the classic chicken and waffles. It features four buttermilk crispy chicken breast strips along with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

Classic Steakburger

This thick and juicy burger features a Black Angus steakburger topped with American cheese. The bun is filled with red onions, lettuce, slices of tomato, and pickles, along with the chain’s signature sauce. The burger comes with a choice of French fries, two buttermilk pancakes, or onion rings. 

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

This classic sandwich features a thick and juicy piece of chicken breast with a crispy buttermilk coating. The brioche bun is filled with lettuce, slices of tomato, pickles, red onions, and the chain’s signature sauce. The chicken sandwich comes with a choice of French fries, two buttermilk pancakes, or onion rings.

BLT Sandwich

This menu item truly takes a classic bacon sandwich to the next level. It features thick hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on toasted white bread. The BLT sandwich also comes with a choice of onion rings, French fries, or two buttermilk pancakes.

BLT Sandwich

Ham and Cheese Omelet

This thick and tasty omelet is the perfect dish for any meal. The large omelet is stuffed with ham, cheddar, and jack cheese and is smothered in white cheese sauce. The omelet is also served with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

Quick 2-Egg Breakfast

This all-day breakfast features two eggs cooked in the style of your choice. It also comes with a pair of hash browns and two pieces of toast. You can take your pick from two pork sausage links or two hickey-smoked bacon strips. 

Classic Breakfast Burrito or Bowl

You can take your pick from a bowl or burrito featuring hash browns and shredded jack and cheddar cheeses. The dish comes with a choice of sliced pork sausage or bacon pieces. Salsa is served on the side for a little extra heat.

Deals on snacks and side orders include:

  • Mozza Sticks
  • Jalapeño Cheese Bites
  • Crispy Chicken Strips
  • Pancake Sundae

All You Can Eat Pancakes 

This is another special deal that is available from time to time. All you need to do is order one of the qualifying breakfast dishes to enjoy unlimited pancakes. The pancakes are served in stacks of two and keep coming until you say you’ve had enough. 

All You Can Eat Pancakes

Qualifying breakfast combos include:

  • Plant-Based Sausage Power Combo
  • Chicken & Pancakes
  • Smokehouse Combo
  • Southwest Scramble
  • Country Fried Steak & Eggs
  • Quick 2-Egg Breakfast
  • Sirloin Steak Tips & Eggs

The offer isn’t available all the time, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. If you love breakfast at any time of the day, you’re sure to be satisfied. It’s best to make sure you arrive hungry so that you can get your money’s worth.

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Final Thoughts

If you and your kids love breakfast for dinner, make sure you hop on over to IHOP. Your child can get a free meal from the kid’s menu when you order an entrée from the adult’s menu. There are several tasty meals to choose from to satisfy children of all ages and tastes.

If you are planning to eat in the evening, you can also take advantage of cheap meals for adults. The restaurant chain regularly offers impressive deals to keep customers coming back for more. New seasonal meals are also regularly added for a limited period to give you something different to try.

Enjoy your next meal at IHOP!

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