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Kids FootLocker Application Online – Jobs & Career Info

Kids FootLocker Application

About Kids Footlocker Application

Kids Footlocker is a footwear chain that is a shoe retailer for kids. It offers athletic apparel for children and creates many employment opportunities. It offers many entry-level positions and management positions to applicants. This retail store has about 300 stores that offer sales jobs to candidates. It operates different stores in 27 countries, some of them are North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Application Process for Kids Footlocker

Applicants should contact the human resources team to understand the basic application process at Kids Footlocker. You can submit your job application through the career website of Kids Footlocker or submit it in person at the store. You can enquire about your application status few days after you have appeared for an interview with Kids Footlocker.

Also, make sure you list down all your queries and call the HR team to ask all these queries which help you understand the job role in a better way. You should understand the brands of clothing and shoes offered by Kids Footlocker in a better way. This helps you to secure a job of your choice with Kids Footlocker.

Essential Requirements for Kids Footlocker

What should be your age to work for Kids Footlocker?

If you want to apply for any job at Kids Footlocker, you need to be at least 16 years old to become eligible for any job at Kids Footlocker.

What are the basic hours of operation at Kids Footlocker?

The store is open between Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm; on Sunday the store follows 11 am to 6 pm as their hours of operation.

What are the various available positions at Kids Footlocker?

The various positions offered by Kids Footlocker are assistant manager, manager, sales associate, shipping worker, and warehouse worker. All these job opportunities can be found on the official company website.

How will you apply for a job at Kids Footlocker?

You can print the application form of Kids Footlocker in a PDF format and physically submit it to the store manager. Or you can also search for suitable career opportunities on the career website.

Career Opportunities at Kids Footlocker

Kids Footlocker offers diverse employment opportunities. The retail outlet operates in various malls and shopping centers since these have a steady footfall and keeps the business demand going. Positions are also available in areas like phone support, warehouse, and shipping roles. The corporate-minded professionals seek many corporate opportunities at the main headquarter in New York City.

There are different career opportunities available for job seekers at the store level. This footwear chain conducts hiring processes individually at the store. There are various job opportunities in United States, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

the kids footlocker application

The organization offers employment to new trainees who have some basic fashion sense to deal with kids’ clothing. Employees focus on gaining comprehensive knowledge about the brands available in the store. Positions are open for applicants with a polite and positive attitude. Employees should be proactive in following work ethics. It doesn’t matter whether they have prior work experience or not.

Job Opportunities and Pay Scales at Kids Footlocker

Sales Associate

  • Sales Associates help young customers to purchase shoes of their choice.
  • It is their responsibility to carry out billing transactions and provide customer service to children and their parents.
  • The hourly pay scale for a sales associate is 9 dollars per hour.
  • If candidates have a retail background, they can secure job opportunities as sales associate easily with Kids Footlocker.

Stock Associate

  • They are responsible for stocking store shelves and also keeping track of store inventory which is a major part of their job role.
  • The hourly pay scale for stock associates is 9 dollars.
  • Having a positive attitude towards work and a polite and friendly attitude towards kids are key traits for this job role.

 kids footlocker application guide


  • Management is responsible for running all store operations.
  • They look after guests and also create daily work schedules for employees.
  • The salary package of Assistant Managers is 40,000 dollars annually and managers receive 55,000 dollars annually.
  • When managers and assistant managers have complete knowledge about products and brand awareness, they become good managerial candidates.

Suggestions for Applying at Kids Footlocker

Candidates can apply for general career opportunities through the career portal of Kids Footlocker. The employer generally prefers a web-based job platform that permits applicants to submit application forms for multiple locations. This is a fair format for the application so that all applicants receive a fair opportunity to apply for a job.

kids footlocker application tips

Managers look for passionate applicants who demonstrate a positive attitude towards kids and have prior knowledge in the retail sector along with fashion knowledge which is an added advantage. Those applicants get hired who are open and comfortable working on holidays.

Checking Application Status at Kids Footlocker

Applicants can contact the HR team to understand the status of their submitted applications. Generally, after 1 week the application status changes which means the applicants are ready for the next process. If this status doesn’t change after the interview process applicants can check their application status through a phone call. Applicants should have complete knowledge about the different brands Kids Footlocker offer in shoes and clothing.

Benefits Offered at Kids Footlocker

  • Kids Footlocker offers employees several competitive work benefits.
  • They are also eligible for retirement plans if they are in a managerial position.
  • Kids Footlocker also offers assistance for financial planning and health-related career benefits.
  • Employees are also eligible for dental, vision, and medical benefits.
  • Employees also receive maternity and paternity leaves along with personal vacation and sick days off.
  • They also receive comprehensive job training and a 30% discount on merchandise.
  • Their uniforms are also complimentary.

Bottom Line

Kids Footlocker is a retail store for footwear and athletic apparel. It provides multiple job opportunities to the young and also enthusiastic talent available in the job market. Polite and friendly attitude with comprehensive product knowledge is also a common trait for employees at Kids Footlocker. Customer service skills are also a helpful skill to grow in your career with Kids Footlocker. Applicants should also be passionate about sports to develop a rewarding career with Kids Footlocker.

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