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King Soopers Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About King Soopers Application

King Soopers is one of the many banners of the Kroger Company. It offers many entry-level positions to career-oriented employees. This is a regional supermarket which deals with products like deli, dairy, meat, and seafood along with fresh produce, frozen foods, and baked goods.

It also deals with items of daily necessities. The vast array of different offerings enables the entry-level employees to gain employment in customer service and store maintenance positions. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure smooth operations for every department and this leads to the success of each location separately.

Application Process of King Soopers

Different job applicants must have sincere communication skills and good physical stamina with an ability to work in flexible work schedules in the supermarket industry. King Soopers is a grocery store that employs people for their integrity and honesty.

Each position offers candidates a full job description for new hires. The company’s career page mentions all employer expectations which a future applicant can read before applying for any job position.

Application Form

The applicants should scan through the information for each job position before he fills up the application form. All documents must match the general requirements of the job when they get uploaded on the screen for employment. Utilize the online application process which permits all applicants to submit their documents electronically.

They should create a career profile in real-time to ensure the right staffing decision takes place. Applicants can also submit hiring forms in person at the store and wait for 2 to 3 days to call the store and check the status of the application.

Essential Requirements to Work for King Soopers

What is the minimum age requirement for working at King Soopers?

Any applicant who wants to work for King Soopers should be 16 years old.

What are the working hours of King Soopers?

The store is open for 24 hours and throughout the week.

List the available positions at King Soopers?

Cashier, Sales Associate, Stock Clerk, Meat Cutter, Produce Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager.

How will you apply for a job position at King Soopers?

Applicants should search for job positions online.

Job Opportunities at King Soopers

There are many job opportunities available like cashier and courtesy clerk so that applicants can join this outlet at the entry-level with strong work ethics and routinely assist patrons to carry out the billing cycle and bag products. The hardworking applicants get jobs in basic customer skills and often enjoy advancement opportunities with this grocery store. The grocery store like King Soopers also has full-time employment in the supermarket industry.

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The job seekers have relevant experience in retail and have a high school diploma or secondary education to obtain jobs with King Soopers. The professional full-time employees often earn generous base salaries to compensate for the workload or additional responsibilities given to an employee. Many employees receive meaningful careers with King Soopers. All they need to do is submit the application forms online through the career portal.

Career Opportunities and Salary Information


  • Every department needs to hire clerical associates.
  • They also welcome and assist customers.
  • They are also responsible for stocking shelves and sanitizing stations.
  • The clerks should also be able to lift 25 to 50 pounds in each shift.
  • They are also responsible to gather carts.
  • They earn 8 dollars to 9 dollars per hour.
  • With experience, they earn 17 dollars per hour.


  • The cashier scans store items.
  • They also finalize customer purchases.
  • They also handle multiple payments in different formats.
  • The cashiers also perform different duties as per managers
  • They are also expected to lift 15 to 25 pounds in each shift
  • They should also be able to stand for long durations
  • Cashiers get paid 8 dollars to 16 dollars per hour.

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  • The store manager should have a bachelor’s degree with relevant experience in retail.
  • Managers recruit, train, and also communicate with employees.
  • They should also order products for the store and other merchandise for the store.
  • Customer service and leadership skills are generally a mandate for this position.
  • They should also be able to lift 50 to 75 pounds in each shift.
  • This person earns between 17 dollars and 19 dollars an hour.
  • They annually earn 75,000 dollars.

Work Benefits

The parent company of King Soopers is Kroger. It offers lavish employee benefits. A grocery store offers multiple benefits like medical insurance and preventive medical care along with prescription coverage and healthy incentives for healthy living. The prescription coverage helps in securing medicines for any health ailments. The retirement plan is offered along with flexible spending accounts and paid vacations with sick leave. These are some of the benefits provided to a young workforce.

king soopers application tips

Additional Information

King Soopers stores employ many associates to welcome and thank customers while shopping at the supermarket. These associates are known as Greeters. They demonstrate a very courteous and friendly attitude to protect store access. The different greeters must respond to any electronic surveillance alarms when shoplifting happens. They act professionally and ensure that all emergencies are taken care of. The grocery chain offers part-time and full-time opportunities to many employees through the online application process.

Many jobs are offered at the level of customer service, courtesy clerks, or cashier. The various work benefits support applicants to develop a decent and rewarding career with King Soopers. King Soopers offers many paid training programs to enhance the overall work environment for applicants. Applicants focus on developing a skill set that helps them to grow on a professional work front easily.


King Soopers offers a simple application process for a talented workforce. The online application process facilitates the young workforce to work dedicatedly and serve customers. They also use problem-solving abilities to solve genuine issues of customers. The work benefits help employees to ace their careers and develop a strong and sustainable livelihood.

The applicants can apply for multiple positions and choose the right career which provides them experience and knowledge within the retail sector. Applicants must focus on developing their overall skills to excel at King Soopers. King Soopers is a wonderful supermarket chain that is known for supporting the livelihood of many people who join this organization at a very young age.

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