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Kmart Interview Questions

kmart interview questions

The hiring procedure at Kmart goes through a range of stages, including an interview that you will be expected to successfully go through to be employed by the Company. Often the interviews are typically very tough.

Most of the interview questions are based on the role of the position offered and your answers to these questions will be assessed based on your expertise in the position you are applying for.

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So here we have tried to enlist a few most commonly raised open-ended interview questions and tips on how to approach them, to help you ace the Kmart interview.

Q1: Tell us about yourself?

Ans: Simplest way to respond to this question is to talk about your past, present, and future. Try to keep it relevant and tailored to the job, justifying your candidature. You should also try and infuse a little humor into your answer. No one likes to begin an interview on a serious note.

Q2: How did you hear about this position?

Ans: This is a superb time to show your devotion to the role. Initiate the answer from where you found out about the opening, like a friend or a career website, and don’t miss to shape the grounds that agitated you to submit an application for this job.

kmart interview questions tip

Q3: What do you know about “Kmart”?

Ans: Before answering this question, make sure that you have gone through the company details. It will supplement your likelihood of getting hired. Also make sure you are aware of ongoing trends in the retail industry, all variety of merchandise offered by Kmart in its stores. Also, be updated about the latest company news.

Q4: Why do you want to work for “Kmart”?

Ans: Highlight Kmart as one of America’s leading employers, advancing the careers of many individuals, and attending to the needs of numerous customers each day.

Q5: What is your greatest strength?

Ans: Before answering this question, make sure that your greatest strength happens to be a skill you need to have for the job. It will set you apart from other candidates. Try to determine a strength that will align with the company’s needs.

Q6: What is your greatest weakness?

Ans: Each one has many weaknesses and scales to improve on. So make sure that your response to this question is structured around the encouraging aspect only. Also, make sure that you mention the weakness which is not linked to the position offered.

Q7: How many hours can you work?

Ans: Make sure that you are open to working on weekends and holidays also. This will increase your chances of getting hired at Kmart.

kmart interview question

Q8: Tell me about the last customer service skills you learned.

Ans: Here you can list a few skills related to customer services like communication skills and your calm and positive attitude. You can also mention a few skills that you lack and want to learn.

Q9: What is your greatest professional achievement?

Ans: Talk about your career accomplishments and share your success stories with pride. Highlight your work ethics and values. Also, try to link your achievement and justify how you can be a talent to Kmart.

Q10: How would you handle a customer who is aggressive towards you or a co-worker?

Ans: The interviewer wants to review your readiness to interact with aggressive customers and your communication and problem-solving skills. Customer service-based roles often require diplomacy. So answer accordingly.

Q11: How strong are your mathematical skills?

Ans: Smart Math skills will be an added advantage for the position offered at Kmart. Assure the interviewer about your math-related task skills.

Q12: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ans: Well, while you can’t know exactly where you’ll be in the next five years, still you can have a plan of where you would like to be in that time. So you can answer accordingly to this question. Also, don’t forget to show your willingness to work hard for growth opportunities.

Q13: What career path interests you the most in this company?

Ans: Before answering this question make sure that where you envision yourself in the company. Just go through the company’s chain of command and answer accordingly.

kmart interview question tip

Q14: How would you define outstanding customer service?

Ans: You can start with “Customer is the KING”, underlining the importance of customers. Also, make sure that your response is customer-friendly and you are well-informed about the latest products and industry trends.

General Information About “Kmart” To Help To Prepare For The Interview

  • Kmart is a retailer based in the U.S.
  • First Kmart store was opened in the Garden City of Michigan
  • Kmart is a part of the Sears Holding Corporation

Things To Say To Impress The Interviewer

  • Meeting targets and organizational objectives
  • Great leadership skills
  • Outstanding team worker
  • Open to new learning
  • Out of the box thinker
  • Inventory management, FIFO, Customer satisfaction, brand value
  • Quality and Quantity

Few Basic Interview Tips

  • Make sure that you arrive at least 10 minutes early at the interview place
  • Turn off your mobile
  • Ensure eye contact while answering
  • Be honest in all your responses
  • Be appropriately dressed

the kmart interview questions tip

Here we have tried to list few essential supervision skills that will help you during the interview:

  • Brilliant communication skills
  • Team worker
  • Inventory management and record-keeping
  • Food safety procedures
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Training, mentoring and supervising team and staff
  • Resolving employee conflicts
  • Open to new learning and responsibilities

Mistakes To Avoid While Answering The Interview Questions

  • Turning up late
  • Answering the phone
  • Dress inappropriately
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Sounding rehearsed while answering
  • Being rude
  • Arriving unprepared and appearing uninterested
  • Speaking downbeat of existing company or subordinates


You might agree that there are no set rules to follow while answering the interview questions and also there is no right or wrong response for the interview questions. Most of the candidates fail as they don’t practice. Just prepare for your responses to probable questions and this will ultimately help you to gain confidence and coolness while responding to the interviewer’s questions.

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