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Kohl’s Application

kohl's application

Kohl’s runs approximately 1000 stores across the US. It creates many career opportunities at the entry level. The various job positions include customer service associate, stocking associate.

Hiring managers consider applicants with strong communication skills, a friendly and positive attitude towards work. The management rejects applicants without these skills. The hiring process at Kohl’s includes various stages. This begins from job application and stretches till the interview process.

The easiest way to apply for a job at Kohl’s is to apply via the career page on the official website. Applicants need to fill up the online application form on the official website which is kohlscareers.com. Applicants can also search for the relevant job position and apply for the same by selecting the job title and the choice of location. They can also read the job description to understand the basic requirements for a job.

Applicants can click on the ‘apply now’ button and follow the on–screen instructions to complete the application process at Kohls.

Roles and Work Schedules at Kohls

Every employee must be available to work part-time and also showcase flexibility towards a flexible work schedule. The daily routine duties include inspection of the sales floor, customer assistance. Applicants must also demonstrate a helpful attitude to assist others. Every employee should know what each shelf stocks, prices on each item. They should be physically active while working on the shop floor.

Job Roles at Kohl with Salary Information

The minimum age to work for Kohl’s is 16 years. Some of the positions also require clearing high school. Every associate may not necessarily need prior work experience to qualify for different jobs. The various job positions offered by Kohl’s are as follows:

POS Associate

  • These associates are cashiers who assist customers with purchases.
  • The duties involve taking payments, bagging purchases, and also explaining promotions to customers.
  • Most POS employees generally earn a minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour.
  • All applicants must also be presentable at all times.
  • Read the job description of POS Associate on the career page.

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Customer Service Associate

  • This position earns 8 dollars hourly.
  • The customer service associates process returns, find items for customers, and also systematically keep the store.
  • They assist cashiers as and when required.
  • These associates is also required to demonstrate calmness, courtesy, and ability to work under pressure.
  • Read the job description for a customer service associate on the career website.

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Freight Associate

  • The duties include shipment, organization of back offices, and also stocking shelves.
  • Inspection of items and re-pricing inventory are other roles involved.
  • Employees are also required to work for various shifts.
  • The hourly payment starts at a minimum wage.

Suggestions to Apply for Jobs at Kohls

When applicants apply through the online process, they need to create their profile on the career network of Kohls. Applicants can share the basic information and also upload their CV at the career portal. Applicants should also conduct thorough research to identify different job roles at the store.

Reviewing Application Status

Post Application, applicants can log in to the company’s job network to check the updated application status. In case the updated status doesn’t change, applicants can contact the hiring team to understand the status of their application. Always remain polite while checking about the application status in person or over a call.

Work Benefits Offered by Kohl

  • Retirement plans are offered
  • Management also provides paid vacation to employees
  • Stock options are given
  • Tuition assistance gets provided
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance gets given.
  • The management provides a performance bonus to employees.

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Additional Company Information for Kohls

Kohl’s offers reward programs to customers. They use the method of express check out in a convenient place. All individuals can sign up for a reward program on the official website of the company. Customers require an appropriate email id and password to log in.

Seasonal Career Opportunities

Seasonal career opportunities get offered during the holiday season. This opportunity is generally given to people looking for short-term job assignments or temporary work opportunities for a particular period. The different seasonal opportunities include positions like seasonal customer service associates, assistant managers, freight associates, etc.

Working Hours and Pay Scale

Employment opportunities offered by Kohls. The seasonal job opportunities pay between 8 dollars to 9 dollars every hour. If the experience is more, a seasonal employee can earn 15 dollars an hour also. If seasonal employees perform well, they get a chance to explore full-time opportunities at Kohls. This requires a minimum cost to a company that trains employees by paying them a pay scale that helps them to learn more at work.

The Benefit Of A Seasonal Job

Based on performance many seasonal jobs turn into permanent work profiles at the end of the holiday season if employees perform exceptionally well.

Career Opportunities at Kohl

  • Employees can work as full-time sales lead. This means they should have complete product knowledge about the products offered by Kohl’s and they should also know how to direct sales teams.
  • Employees can work as part-time beauty advisors. This helps them to meet the specific needs of customers which is related to the right kind of cosmetic products for each customer.
  • They can also work as loss prevention supervisors. Their main duty is to prevent and minimize the risk of theft in the store.
  • Employees can work as full-time retail associates who can create a good customer experience for customers at the store.
  • Employees can work as a store manager and manage all activities on the shop floor to ensure other team members are meeting customer requirements appropriately.
  • They can also work as full-time visual merchandisers, the responsibility includes focusing on the visuals in the store and it is their responsibility to maintain cleanliness and neatness in the store.

Call to Action

Kohl believes in providing successful career opportunities to many employees. The application process assists employees to understand in detail in what way can they apply for jobs in a systematic and orderly fashion. The application process facilitates new applicants to get a fair chance to apply for various job roles at Kohls. This organization believes in providing equal opportunities to each employee irrespective of caste, creed, and culture. Kohl provides step-by-step assistance to applicants to apply for various jobs at Kohls.

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