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Kohl’s Interview Questions

kohls interview questions

Interview Techniques at Kohls

Congratulations you have successfully made it to the Kohl’s interview round. Your interview can be a stressful exercise without proper preparation. It is a good idea to use basic interview techniques suggested by Kohl’s to crack your interview appropriately.

kohl's interview questions

A basic preparation prepares you to answer all kinds of questions that can be asked in your interview. The hiring managers at Kohl’s look for candidates who can demonstrate their values and ethics and deliver customer service by exceeding customer expectations.

The interview process at Kohl is very simple and straightforward. You can use a list of popular questions and company information to perform well at your interview.

Popular Questions for Kohls

Q – 1. Briefly Introduce Your Personal and Professional Background?

Ans: You can talk about your prior experiences at various jobs, educational qualifications and link your skills to the relevant job role for which you are applying. Always use a positive approach to talk about your background in an impressive light.

Q – 2. How Well Can You Explain About Kohl?

Ans: The first store of Kohl’s opened in 1962. The founder of Kohl’s is Maxwell Kohl. It is a well-known store for clothing and household goods. Kohl’s head office is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

kohl's interview question

Q – 3. What Inspires You To Work for Kohls?

Ans: You can talk about your customer handling skills and your passion for the products offered by Kohls. The relevant experience in the retail sector also helps you to formulate your answers to convince the interviewer about your skillset and what inspires you to work for Kohls.

Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses for Kohls

Q – 1. What is Your Best Strength To Work for Kohls?

Ans: You can describe your relevant skill set and product knowledge along with the relevant retail industry experience which allows you to highlight your strengths in a positive way and open doors towards new opportunities without an issue.

Q – 2. What Are Your Weak Areas Which You Would Like To Rectify Before Joining Kohls?

Ans: Talk about your relevant areas of improvement or skills that require improvement for better job prospects. You can transform each weakness into a positive strength to achieve career goals and contribute to the success of the organization.

the kohl's interview questions guide

Q – 3. Why Do You Think You Are The Best Choice for Kohl?

Ans: You can carefully read about the Job Description and identify relevant skills and experience required to excel in your current position. You can also match the skill available in the Job Description with your skillset. You can use real-life examples to convince the interviewer about the skills that you have which will help you to achieve success.

Work Experience Based Questions

Q – 1. Why Should Kohl Hire You?

Ans: Read the Job Description carefully and then identify the skills that will help you succeed in this job. Ask the interviewer relevant questions to understand what skillsets can be used to resolve complex business situations and deliver proper customer service.

Q – 2. What is Your Preferred Work Shift?

Ans: You need to be flexible in your work schedule to secure a job with Kohl at a salary you would like to work for.

Q – 3. What is Your Career Path to Excel at Kohl?

Ans: Interviewers want to know how your career shapes for the next 5 years and what are strategies you will pick to develop yourself as a professional so that your personal goals can be aligned to career goals. This provides the interviewer a sense of your stability and future growth plan where you work dedicatedly to deliver results.

Q – 4. How Will You Deal With a Difficult Customer?

Ans: You need to allow a customer to vent out his frustrations. You need to be calm and show you care for the customer and his needs. Never blame the customer or the organization you work for. Use appropriate skills to solve problems genuinely. Stop making promises you cannot keep.

Q -5. Queries You Can Raise at The End of Your Interview?


  • Ask about the advantages of working with Kohl?
  • Speak about the main characteristics of an ideal candidate for a particular position?
  • Check for the important points to remember to succeed in a particular job?
  • Get to know the methods to measure success that meet your employer’s expectations
  • What kind of learning curve will you adopt to climb up the career ladder?
  • What are specific opportunities to grow with Kohl?

the kohl's interview questions

Q – 6. What Are Motivating Factors For You in Your Job?


  • Meet specific targets to achieve business goals
  • Coach others through training
  • Focus on learning new skills
  • Use creative ideas and innovative strategy to develop a new product or service
  • Analyze a complex set of data to come out with suitable solutions
  • Encourage to work in a team
  • Encourage your team to achieve success
  • Put efforts to complete difficult tasks
  • Identify errors in a specific project and suggest strategies to enhance the project

Q – 7. What Kind of Attire Do You Wear for an Interview?

Ans: Business casuals and formal dress codes can be worn for interviews at Kohl. It is more important to be smartly dressed and depict confidence while appearing for the interview at Kohl. Employees at Kohl must have good communication skills. They must be dedicated hard workers, commitment towards work allows them to achieve new heights in their career.

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Bottom Line

Kohl’s offers numerous set of opportunities and assesses potential candidates who can achieve business success through relevant skillset and experience and contribute towards the company’s overall growth. The interview guidelines facilitate candidates to achieve success while giving the interview at Kohl. The interview tool can be used effectively by potential candidates to understand the interview process well.

This assists them to use their skills in real-life situations to answer the questions appropriately which allows interviewers to gauge the abilities of these candidates. Kohl focuses on hiring enthusiastic employees who can contribute to the success of the organization with dedication and hard work and zeal to deliver the best services to customers. Ace the interview and grow successfully at Kohl’s.

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