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Kohls Return Policy Without Receipt

kohls return policy without receipt

Kohls is one of America’s largest retail chain department stores. You can purchase all kinds of things here, from clothes to jewelry and accessories, electrical items to homewares.

You know you’ve had this bag of unwanted items to return to Kohls from your last shopping spree. However, you can’t find the receipt… You must have accidentally thrown it out with the trash. But what is Kohls return policy without receipt?

Let’s find out…

Kohls Return Policy

As per Kohls return policy, you have 180 days to bring items back to the store after purchase. And the good news? You can return them with or without the receipt! Now, this doesn’t apply to everything across the board, but it does for most. 

If you don’t have your shopping receipt, a Kohls associate will assist you as best they can in finding the proof of original purchase. That way, they can easily refund you in the same manner in which you paid.

Being a Member Makes it Easier!

For example, if you are a Kohls Rewards Member, they can find the information via your account. Or if you have your original payment card, they might even be able to look up the purchase with these details. They will also try to locate the purchase information via the barcode or tag that came with the merchandise. 

My Original Payment Method Can’t Be Found?

My Original Payment Method Can’t Be Found

If the purchase details are unable to be found through any of these methods, it’s still going to be ok! Rest assured that Kohls will still refund most items without the original receipt. This is known as a non-receipted return, and the amount will be refunded in the form of a Kohls Merchandise Credit. 

You will receive this in-store credit instead of having the refund processed to your original form of payment, whether it was a debit, credit, or cash card or simply paid for by cash. This store credit can then be used to purchase anything you need from a Kohls store location.

Your Refund is Not Always What You Paid!

One thing to note is that the amount you receive for this type of refund is not necessarily the amount that you originally paid. 

It is actually worked out based on the lowest discounted sale price (for each item) over 13 weeks, rather than the amount that appears on the item’s tag. Also, it gets processed differently. So be sure to have your government-issued ID (like a driver’s license) to hand, as this might be required to complete the refund. 

What If I Paid With A Kohl’s Card?

If you have made your purchase with a Kohls Charge Card, then the returns process will be relatively simple. Your cashier can easily look up the purchase details via the Kohls database and complete the return for you. You will need to bring the card you used when making the purchase, and the refund will be returned to this card. 

What If I Used Kohls Cash For My Purchase?

If you return an item that was paid for or partially paid for with Kohls Cash, you’ll get the credits back. Upon validating the coupon, you will receive Kohls Cash credits back to your account to the original amount upon completion of the return. 

Again you’ll need to bring your ID to have your account and details verified, plus the other card or form of payment used for that transaction. 

How To Return An Item Purchased In Store?

How To Return An Item Purchased In Store

If you purchased an item from a Kohls store, then you must return that item to a Kohls store. It cannot be sent in to be processed via mail returns; it simply will not be accepted. 

You can return it to the same one where you made the purchase or a different store altogether. Take your unwanted items to the Customer Service Counter at any Kohls location within the allotted time frame to receive a refund.  

Items Purchased Online

When you wish to return merchandise purchased online at Kohls.com, you have a choice between two return methods. These include returning items in-store at your local Kohls location, or you can ship the items back through the mail. Again you will have up to 180 days to return most items. You can find your nearest Kohls using this Store Locator Tool.

In-Store Returns 

The easiest option of the two is to take the items back to the store. Simply collect your unwanted items along with the packing slip and head to your nearest Kohls location.

 Take them up to the Customer Service Counter, and the associate there will handle the refund for you. Make sure you take the original form of payment along with your government-issued ID so the refund can be easily processed back onto the card. 

Mail Returns

If you decide to mail your unwanted items back, the process is a little trickier than returning in store. Plus, it will cost you to do so. That’s right, Kohls DOES NOT cover the cost of return shipping. Or provide return shipping labels. All of that is left up to you. 

You will need to fill out the Returns Form, which would have been included with your packing slip in your shipment. Pack the merchandise really well into a suitable bag or box. This is to ensure that nothing will get damaged during transit. Make sure everything is in unworn, as-new condition and that all merchandise tags are included in the return. If not, this may delay the returns process or even stop it, as the goods might be refused. 

Find a Shipper and Fund the Cost

Arrange for a shipper to send the items back. You will need to pay for the privilege, and you will not be refunded for the return shipping costs. Only the cost of the returned merchandise. If you return something by mail, you may find yourself waiting up to 30 days for the refund to be processed. That’s from the time it actually arrives at the returns center, and not from the date that you shipped it. 

So let’s be honest, with all the extra work plus having to pay for the return shipping. It’s clear that Kohls would rather you return any online purchases in-store for processing, rather than by mail. It’s the quick and most simple way to get your unwanted items returned. 

What If I Only Want To Exchange An Item?

What If I Only Want To Exchange An Item

If you wish to exchange an item, then you’ll need to do this at any Kohls store location. Regardless of whether the item was purchased in-store or online. If you simply need a different size or color option, an exchange can only be processed in a Kohls store. 

It’s important to note that exchanges are also included in the 180-day time frame. So you will have six months from the day of purchase to get back in store and exchange your item. Though we suggest not leaving it that long… Merchandise rolls over and gets replaced regularly; therefore, your garment or item might not even be in stock by then!

Can I Return Items After the 180 Days?

Unfortunately, it’s a no. Kohls already has a very generous returns policy in place. If you don’t make the return within this set time frame, they will not be accepted. Therefore you will not get a refund and will have to keep the unwanted goods. 

Items Excluded from the 180 Days Return Policy?

Items Excluded from the 180 Days Return Policy

There are only a few types of items that are excluded from Kohls standard 180-day returns policy. You can find more information on everything at Kohls.com. I’ve included the two most common:

Premium Electricals

Items like watches and premium electrical (think laptops, computers, gaming consoles, etc.). These need to be returned within 30 days from the purchase date. They are required to be in their original packaging, and you must present a valid receipt or account/tender lookup.

Beauty Merchandise

However, for beauty items, including merchandise from Sephora at Kohl’s or from the Wellness Market, it is a little different. They will be accepted when returned in either new OR gently used condition up to 60 days from the day of purchase. You’ll also need the original receipt or proof of purchase.

What About Holiday Returns?

Kohls Holiday Return Policy states that any items purchased between November 1st and December 25th must be returned by January 31st. 

To be accepted, you must have the original (or gift) receipt or another valid proof of purchase. Also, items will need to be unworn and unused in their original packaging with tags. If these requirements aren’t met, then it is possible your return might not be accepted. 

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Final Thoughts

Kohl’s boasts 1,182 locations across the United States, with stores in every state, excluding Hawaii. They have a generous 180-day returns policy on most items available, whether purchased online or in-store. 

You don’t always need the original receipt, as there are other ways a store cashier can locate the purchase information. However, failing that, Kohls will accept items as a non-receipted return, which comes with its own set of rules. 

Happy shopping at Kohls!

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