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Kraft Heinz Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Kraft Heinz Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you interested in discovering the secret of the world’s largest Food and Beverage Corporation?

This prolific corporation was formed due to the merger of the Kraft Foods and Heinz companies. Each company was already large in its own right, and the merger has led to a huge share of the market.

Kraft Heinz functions under the clear mission and vision statements that highlight the corporation’s objectives. Understanding these mission and vision statements can lead to a clear understanding of how the company operates.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Kraft Heinz Mission and Vision Statement Analysis and find out why they are so successful.

kraft heinz mission and vision statement analysis

Company History

The Kraft Heinz Company is an American multinational food company formed by the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz. This huge company boasts headquarters in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Illinois.

Kraft Heinz is the worlds fifth-largest food and beverage company and boasts an annual revenue of more than $26.0 billion.

Merger and even more acquisitions!

The merger between the two companies was completed on July 2, 2015. The merger was agreed upon by the boards of both companies, along with approval by shareholders and regulatory authorities.

Since the merger, Kraft Heinz has made moves to take over several of its competitors, including Unilever. Other significant acquisitions include Cerebos Pacific in 2017. This acquisition has allowed the company to gain access to numerous brands and established recipes.

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Organic and enviro-friendly…

Kraft Heinz has also launched a range of new brands and product lines since the merger. This includes Springboard Brands, which is focused on developing organic, natural, and premium food brands. The company also announced its commitment to making all its packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Kraft Heinz is ‘to be the BEST food company in the world.’ This mission statement reveals the company’s intention to offer the best products, services, and programs. It is worth exploring the mission statement in more detail to find out how this is being achieved.

Be the best

This part of the mission statement reveals the company’s commitment to excellence. It is not enough to simply make a profit and have a high profile. Kraft Heinz is constantly striving to be even more popular and offer customers the best possible products.

The company boasts a huge research and development department that is staffed by experts in the field. These experts are constantly creating new recipes and product lines. They also work hard to improve on the company’s established recipes and products.

Company in the world

This part of the mission statement shows the company’s focus on retaining its international presence. Kraft Heinz products can already be found on the shelves of most supermarkets around the world. The company invests in extensive advertising in different countries to increase brand recognition.

While most products are international, they also create specific product lines for different countries. The company does extensive research into the most popular products in different countries. This helps Kraft Heinz to create exclusive product lines to serve the specific demands of different countries.

the kraft heinz mission and the vision statement analysis

Vision Statement

The Kraft Heinz vision statement is ‘to sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally.’ This vision statement is directly linked to the company’s mission statement. It reveals how the company is striving to be the best.

This can be seen in the various strategies that have been adopted by the management. These include constant enhancement of the company’s corporate governance and partnerships with progressive investors. The vision statement focuses on the company’s reputation and impact on the food and beverage sector.

Core Values

Kraft Heinz operates under six core values, which are customer first, innovation, integrity, ownership, and quality. Although Kraft Heinz is a fairly new corporation, its core values are considered to be critical components of its operations. In fact, Kraft Heinz relies on its core values to help the company achieve its mission and vision statement.

These core values serve as principles that make sure each employee contributes to the overall growth. This leads to the creation of a positive company culture that is dynamic and easy to understand. It can be seen that it has led to the company’s creation of high-quality products and services.

There is no”I” in TEAM!

Each of the company’s values starts with WE. This represents the commitment Kraft Heinz makes to their employees and customers around the world. New employees are expected to embrace these values and follow them in everything that they do.

kraft heinz mission and the vision statement analysis

We are consumer obsessed

The main emphasis on the Kraft Heinz company is making sure customers are fully satisfied. Employees are actively encouraged to keep the needs and desires of customers firmly in mind at all times. This helps the company to anticipate future needs and develop innovative food and beverage products and brands.

We dare to do better every day

Even a very successful company needs to be constantly moving forward and developing new products. Even employees who are performing at the highest level are encouraged to do better day by day. The company is also committed to efficiency, which can be seen in its innovative manufacturing processes.

We champion great people

Kraft Heinz actively seeks the leading professionals to work in each department of the company. Employees are provided with special training programs to help them learn and develop new skills. The company also develops team-building initiatives to help employees work well together and share their skills.

We demand diversity

Kraft Heinz is an equal opportunity employer that hires and promotes employees from all walks of life. The company actively encourages employees to share their opinions on ways to improve it. This helps the company to be more innovative as well as stronger and ultimately more interesting.

We do the right thing

This core value highlights the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. They have announced many initiatives to ensure this in the last few years. Kraft Heinz also encourages all employees to act with honesty and integrity at all times.

We own it

This core value reflects the company’s commitment to being accountable for its actions. The company strives to be transparent and invites customers to gain an insight into the way it operates.

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Final Thoughts

The merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz was a strategic move that has allowed the corporation to thrive. Each of the companies was already large and fully established before the merger.

Instead of remaining rivals, the merger has allowed the two companies to share their knowledge and expertise. As a result, there are 48 prominent global brands under the corporation’s umbrella. These include Amoy, Weight Watchers, Oscar Mayer, Capri Sun, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Shake ‘n Bake.

The company also recently announced a merger with Unilever, which will give it control of dozens of other popular brands.

Good luck, and we wish you all the best working for Kraft Heinz!

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