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Kristen van Straten Net Worth

Kristen van Straten Net Worth: A Look into Her Stint in the Entertainment Industry

What is Kristen van Straten’s Net Worth and Salary?

Kristen van Straten, famously known as Kristen Bauer, is an American actress and animal rights activist with a net worth of $4 million dollars. Her career in the entertainment industry, which spans over two decades, has earned her a sizeable wealth, which she has invested in several business ventures.

As of 2021, Kristen’s current salary is unknown, but given her impressive filmography, it is safe to say that she earns quite handsomely from her acting gigs, voice acting, and production credits.

Early Life and Education

Kristen van Straten was born on November 26, 1966, in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Her parents were both teachers, and she grew up alongside her two siblings.

After completing her high school education, Kristen attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she earned a degree in Fine Arts. While in college, she also engaged in various theatre productions, which gave her the much-needed experience to pursue her acting career.


Kristen van Straten’s acting career began in 1995 with a guest role in the popular TV series ‘The Crew.’ She then went on to appear in several popular TV shows such as ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ ‘Desperate Housewives,’ and ‘Two and a Half Men.’ However, her breakthrough role came in 2008 when she was cast as the vampire character of Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in the HBO series ‘True Blood.’

Her outstanding performance on the show earned her a significant following and critical acclaim. She went on to play the role of Maleficent in the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ and has also lent her voice in various animation films such as ‘Justice League,’ ‘Phineas and Ferb,’ and ‘Robot Chicken.’

Aside from her acting career, Kristen is also a passionate animal rights activist. She is a member of various organizations such as the ‘Animal Legal Defense Fund’ and ‘The Humane Society of the United States.’

Personal Life

Kristen van Straten is married to Abri van Straten, a South African musician. The couple tied the knot in 2009 and have been together ever since. The couple has also performed together musically, with Kristen providing vocals for some of Abri’s songs.

Aside from her husband, Kristen is also an avid lover of animals. She has a particular interest in animal welfare and conservation and has been involved in several campaigns and events that raise awareness about the same.

Real Estate

Kristen van Straten owns multiple properties, although the exact number and locations are unknown. One of her most well-known properties is a house in Venice, California, which she purchased in 2016. The 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house boasts a private pool and an open floor plan, making it an ideal home for entertaining guests.


Kristen van Straten’s legacy lies in her work as an actress and an animal rights activist. She has shown that it is possible to combine a successful career with a passion for making the world a better place. Her dedication to animal welfare and conservation has inspired many, and her work in the entertainment industry has left a mark that will be remembered for years to come.


1. What was Kristen van Straten’s first major acting role?

Kristen’s first major acting role was as the vampire character of Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in the HBO series ‘True Blood.’

2. How did Kristen get into animal welfare and conservation?

Kristen has always been passionate about animals and their welfare. She got involved in animal welfare and conservation when she realized how rampant animal cruelty is in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in several organizations and campaigns that seek to promote animal welfare and conservation.

3. What is Kristen van Straten’s most popular character?

Kristen’s most popular character to date is her role as the vampire Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in the HBO series ‘True Blood.’

4. Does Kristen have any other talents besides acting?

Kristen is also a talented artist and painter. She has sold several of her artworks over the years.

5. What inspired Kristen to become an actor?

Kristen was inspired to become an actor by her love for theatre and her desire to tell stories.

6. Has Kristen won any awards for her acting?

Kristen has won several awards for her acting, including the ‘Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television’ in 2009 for her role in ‘True Blood.’

7. How did Kristen meet her husband?

Kristen met her husband, Abri van Straten, at a house party in Los Angeles. The two hit it off immediately and have been together ever since.

8. What is Kristen’s most memorable moment in her acting career?

Kristen’s most memorable moment in her acting career was when she was first called to audition for the role of Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in ‘True Blood.’ She was ecstatic to have landed the role and credits it as the turning point in her career.

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