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Kroger Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Any applicant can apply to Kroger through their user-friendly website. Candidates must apply to Kroger by creating their profiles on the career network of Kroger. They should also research all recently added positions or visit the store to apply in person. Applicants must focus on applying for all job positions in a systematic manner.

The minimum age to apply at Kroger is 14 years. The retail outlet of Kroger is open for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Various positions offered by Kroger are Bagger, Cashier, Clerk, Fuel Attendant, Manager, Pharmacy technician, and store associate. Kroger offers a job application form that applicants can also print to fill in the necessary details. Kroger is a well-known retail outlet with 2700 locations and the company is located in Cincinnati since 1883.

Job Opportunities Offered By Kroger

Kroger hires different applicants for various job positions in 35 different states. These positions include cashier, courtesy clerk, departmental associate, and employees can also choose to work part-time or full time. All employees must maintain a flexible schedule to work for nights, weekends, and holidays. Every applicant must be 18 years of age to apply for these positions.

New Opportunities to Advance in Career

Kroger requires consistent employees to work across functions. This leads to higher employee turnover. This also opens new career opportunities for young and enthusiastic talent who achieve new career heights with proper skills, education, and knowledge. All entry-level employees with appropriate performance can also become managers in the future.

Career Opportunities with Kroger

Kroger offers career advancement opportunities as both part-time and full–time employment. The various opportunities offered by Kroger are listed below:


  • Handles different departments and serves customers.
  • Manages activities like bakery, dairy, grocery, and also the production departments.
  • Focuses on handling customer queries.
  • Clerks earn 9 dollars an hour.
  • Read the job description which talks about this position in detail.

kroger application online jobs


  • Responsible to bag groceries and deliver to customer vehicles.
  • All employees must be cheerful and should be able to perform manual labor wherever required.
  • The duties involve tasks like cleaning, placing items on the shelf, and retrieving the carts.
  • This role gets the minimum wage rate.
  • Read the job description for this role.


  • Responsible to maintain cash registers and take payments along with answering customer queries.
  • This position works in different shifts and earns a wage of 8 dollars an hour.
  • Carefully study the job description for this position.
  • Cashier requires kindness, courtesy, and patient with customers.

kroger application online job


  • Responsible for managing shop floors and delegate work to staff members.
  • Responsible for setting new work schedules, hire and train employees, ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.
  • The pay scale ranges from 9 dollars to 10 dollars an hour.
  • Assistant managers earn between 17 dollars every hour and store managers earn 60,000 dollars every year.
  • Carefully study the job description of Kroger manager.

Review Application Status

New applicants can log in to the career portal on the official website of Kroger. This helps in reviewing and validating the application status for Kroger. This method lets the applicant know whether they have been shortlisted for a further round of interviews or not.

Essential Benefits to Working for Kroger

Kroger offers the following benefits to all employees.

  • Offers retirement plans to new employees.
  • The management also provides tuition assistance to employees.
  • Employees can also avail themselves of adoption benefits.
  • Employees can even earn paid time off, sick leave, and a paid vacation.
  • They also receive medical benefits at work such as health coverage and medical insurance offered by Kroger.

a kroger application online job

Miscellaneous Information About Kroger

Kroger supports several charitable initiatives in America. One such initiative is the hunger relief initiative across the US. Kroger donated 270 million meals to a hungry population who couldn’t afford a meal for themselves. Kroger focuses on donating 5 million meals in a week. There are also many food banks in the US. This helps Kroger to donate meals to the poor population of the nation.

Step by Step Application Process for Kroger

  • Access the career website of Kroger.
  • Search suitable job opening as per the zip code of your location.
  • Now click on the search option.
  • A suitable list of current openings gets displayed.
  • Click on the job opportunity and also review the job description for it.
  • Now click on Apply Now and then provide your registered email address to begin the application process.
  • Create a new online profile for yourself.

the kroger application online job

  • Fill out all the details as per the onscreen instructions.
  • Now proceed by clicking on the Next button and also click the appropriate box for recruiters to reach out.
  • Choose your country of current residence and also agree to the privacy agreement.
  • Now the main application page opens.
  • Fill out each section as appropriate and also upload relevant documents of employment under the section called “My Documents”.
  • Provide the mandatory personal information in the required box.
  • Open the more information tab and also fill in the required details.
  • Complete the section of work history.
  • State your educational information and also your certifications.
  • Fill the last section with all possible information along with an electronic signature.
  • Review your job application before clicking the final submit button.

How To Fill Offline Application Form For Kroger?

  • You can download the application form from the official website.
  • You can also take a printout of the application form.
  • Neatly complete all the sections of the application form by filling in personal information and also your availability along with the details of the job position.
  • Complete the section for education details.
  • You should also complete the information for your personal ID.
  • Provide work-related information.
  • You also need to provide a personal contact number with work references.
  • Sign the application form along with appropriate signatures.
  • This completes the offline application process.


Kroger offers multiple job opportunities to new applicants. This article highlights the application process for Kroger in detail. It facilitates new applicants to follow step by step online and offline application processes to apply for various job positions with Kroger.

Kroger facilitates new career opportunities for young and enthusiastic talent who can contribute towards the overall success of Kroger. Kroger is a popular retail outlet that offers part-time and full-time employment to applicants who want to develop a suitable career with Kroger.

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