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Kroger Dress Code

kroger dress code

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Bernard Kroger in 1883, Kroger has grown over the last 130-plus years to become the largest grocery chain store in America. 

This longstanding supermarket chain currently operates a number of different retail establishments, from convenience stores to supermarkets. According to ScrapeHero, Kroger has 2,993 stores in 34 US states, the most being in California and Texas. Are you thinking about getting a job at one of Krogers many locations? If so, you might be wondering about what the Kroger dress code entails.

So, let’s find out…

Does Kroger Have A Dress Code?

Yes, like many other large corporations in America, Kroger does have a dress code that is in place for all its employees. If you are thinking about working here or already do, then you must adhere to this code every time you are working.

Thankfully you’ll find that it’s a pretty manageable, straightforward look that encourages employees, regardless of gender, to wear their own comfortable, casual clothing.

Dress Code For Kroger Employees

When you are employed by Kroger and ready to work a shift, you are required to follow some simple dress code guidelines. This includes wearing a short or long sleeve shirt with a collar or crew neck. Plus, long slacks, pants, or jeans in a solid, simple color, as well as fully enclosed shoes. Hair must be styled, neat, and pulled back away from the face if it is longer. 

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Plain Jane And Standard Block Colours

So we know the basic look for Kroger staff, but let’s get a little more specific.


The shirts that you can wear are preferred to be a block color. That means no logos, writing, or graphics are allowed unless it is a Kroger branded. Preference is for white, navy, black colors, etc.; however, Kroger accepts shirts that are patterned with a simple, tasteful design. As long as it isn’t anything rainbow, camouflage, neon, or something brightly colored and outrageous, you should be ok.

Your top also has to be regular length with normal or long-length sleeves, preferably with a smart collared or crew neck. So no tank tops, muscle shirts, or crop tops. Plus, no shirts are to be too tight, and nothing see-through or revealing. 



For pants, you just need to keep them plain colored, simple, and long. So if you have jeans, slacks, or long pants, you are good to go. Think solid block colors like black, blue, beige, or even khaki. 

Pants must remain at the hip or waist line. Pants below the hip or waist line are not allowed. You are also welcome to wear long, loose-fitting shorts. Whereas for girls, you are permitted to wear long skirts following the same color and fit guidelines.

Worn and Torn

You need to make sure your ensemble is neat and presentable. Always check that you are wearing clothes that show no signs of wear and tear, like holes, stains, fraying, or other types of distressing. You will want to make sure your garments are clean. Plus, Kroger Associates are required to make sure their clothes cover all undergarments at all times. 

Does Kroger Provide Uniforms?

It’s a no. Kroger does not provide uniforms as such, which is why there are specific dress code guidelines to adhere to with your clothes. However, they will provide you with an apron and name tag, which must be worn at all times when you are working. 

Kroger Issued Aprons 

Usually, the apron that Kroger supplies you with is dark blue, with a multicolored embroidered heart logo affixed on the left-hand side of the apron. This blue, yellow, red, and sky blue logo is representative of the “Kroger Promise.” 

Kroger Issued Aprons

These Four Colors of the Heart Epitomize Kroger’s Four Promises:

  • Blue – To give customers friendly and caring service.
  • Yellow – To provide them with fresh goods.
  • Red – To uplift in every way.
  • Sky Blue – To improve every day.

Employees must wear the apron with the strap tied around the neck and at the waist. Meanwhile, it is preferred that you neatly pin your name tag on the right-hand side of the apron.

What About Shoes?

Thankfully, Kroger permits you to wear pretty much any type of footwear as long as it completely covers your feet. For safety reasons, that means an enclosed toe and enclosed heel is a must. Think trainers, boat shoes, boots, espadrilles, brogues, Chelsea boots, canvas shoes, sneakers, and loafers. 

Additionally, if you happen to work in any of the perishables departments, then it is also a requirement that you wear slip-resistant shoes. These are shoes with a sure grip or utilize crew guards. This will help to prevent accidents, ensure protection and keep you safer.

Can I Wear A Hat?

Yes, you can, but only if it falls into Kroger’s guidelines. Most importantly, your hat must be approved by management. So, you’ve only got two options to get it approved. The first is that it’s a hat provided by Kroger with a logo on it. Then, as long as it is in good condition and you wear it correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Otherwise, your hat will need to have no writing, images, prints, art, logo, or other graphics on it. Especially no offensive messages, distasteful designs, or competitor logos. You will need to make sure that it’s always clean, and is worn with the bill facing forwards, exactly how it is meant to be worn. 

What About Leggings Or Yoga Pants?

Unfortunately, it’s a big no, and for several reasons. Kroger does not allow yoga pants, leggings, joggers, or capri pants to be worn while working your shift. These types of garments can be seen as being too casual, too revealing, or too tight for appropriate business attire. 

What If I Usually Get Cold When Working My Kroger Shift?

If you tend to get cold while working your shift, then you are permitted to wear a jacket. The temperature can vary from store to store, especially if you are in the perishable department. Guidelines for jackets are the same for shirts and must be worn beneath your apron. 

Hair And Makeup Requirements

Currently, Kroger has no prohibited policies against hair color, makeup, tattoos, or piercings. Each store may differ, and it is up to the discretion of management. However, if you are always neatly presented, with long hair tied back from the face and no completely outrageous hair color combinations, you should be safe. 

It’s the same for makeup. Daytime, office-style makeup is readily accepted, as well as some more elaborate styles. Just make sure it is not too bright or offensive, like a full face of heavy makeup ready for your big night out…

Tattoos And Piercings

Typically, visible tattoos, earrings, and even other facial jewelry are fine. The Kroger dress code does not prohibit these. However, employees must be assertive when it comes to facial tattoos and/or excessive facial piercings, along with any potentially offensive tattoos that are visible. 

For example, if you have a tattoo on your face, then you may find that you are not employed for a front-of-house, customer-based role.

Tattoos And Piercings

You might be put in back of house

 However, there’s no reason that you will not get a back-of-house position purely for having a facial tattoo or excessive facial piercings. As for visible tattoos that may be found offensive, you are required to cover them whenever you are working your shift at Kroger. 

Is the Dress Code Different For Kroger Management?

Surprisingly, no, it is not. Kroger management is required to follow the same dress code as all other Kroger employees. The only allowable difference is when it comes to the blue Kroger apron. 

When working on the floor or directly with customers, managers must wear it. However, when not directly dealing with customers or on the shop floor. Managers are permitted to remove their aprons and just have their name tags affixed to their shirts. 

What Is The Dress Code For Kroger Pharmacy?

For employees working at Kroger pharmacy, the dress code is no different; they are also instructed to wear smart casual attire. The only difference is that Pharmacy technicians wear a blue coat over the top of their clothes. Whereas pharmacists wear a white coat instead of the aprons issued for other staff. 

Can I Get Fired If I Don’t Follow Kroger’s Dress Code?

Yes, you can. As with every employer, Kroger has the right to fire any employee who doesn’t adhere to the dress code. You sign your acknowledgment and compliance for the dress code when you first join the Kroger team. 

Now, it’s highly unlikely that you will get dismissed after your first dress code violation or even your second. However, if you are a repeat offender, then you might find yourself fired for this very reason.

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Final Thoughts

Generally, dress code policies are created to help customers easily identify staff members, and Kroger is no different with its standard blue aprons and name tags.

 Kroger’s dress code is straightforward in terms of what is and isn’t allowed. And, unlike a majority of big box chain stores, is very generous when it comes to hair, makeup, tattoos, and piercings policies. The dress code at Kroger is inclusive and flexible and serves to give employees the freedom to feel comfortable wearing their own clothes.

All the very best working at Kroger!

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