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Kroger Employee Discount

kroger employee discount

Are you planning to apply for a job at Kroger

This American retail chain offers a wide range of entry-level and more advanced roles to choose from. Taking on one of these roles is a great way to gain a little work experience and develop new skills. While the company offers a competitive salary, these jobs will not make you rich. However, there are plenty of other benefits to take advantage of when you work for the company. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the Kroger employee discount and the other benefits you can enjoy.

About The Employee Discount

All members of staff at Kroger can take advantage of employee discounts. Both full-time and part-time members of staff qualify for a 10% discount on groceries. When staff members purchase company-branded home goods, they can enjoy a discount of 15%. This already generous discount is increased to 20% during major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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About The Employee Discount

Discounts for staff members include:

  • 10-15% off groceries
  • Reduced Kroger personal finance 
  • 10% off online floral gifts
  • Reduced wireless telephone models
  • 20% off jewelry
  • Reduced home computers, software, and technical support 
  • Special insurance rates from the MetLife insurance company
  • Reduced cost for cars from the Ford motor company
  • Reduced cost for Apple products and accessories

How Employee Discounts Work?

You need to be a current member of staff to enjoy discounts on products and services. This special offer applies even if you are a seasonal employee.

There is also a family discount for family members and friends. In order to take advantage of this deal, you need to have been working for the company for at least six months. The offer is only open to members of staff who work at least thirty hours per week.

Eligible Products And Services

Kroger offers customers a wide range of convenient services to take advantage of. Members of staff who opt for these services have the chance to save a significant amount of money.

Reduced services for staff members include:

  • Cell phone services
  • Car rentals 
  • Hotel rooms
  • Vacation packages
  • Theme park tickets
  • Movie tickets

Members of staff can also score money off a wide range of different products. Generally speaking, these have to be from the Kroger brand. Members of staff who shop in the store can save a lot of money on their groceries and other items.

Eligible Products And Services

Included company brand products include:

  • Fresh produce
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Frozen foods
  • Electronics 
  • Non-alcoholic beverages 
  • Personal care products 
  • Household supplies 
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Hardware items
  • Gardening tools
  • Pet food and pet supplies

Other eligible brands include:

  • QFC
  • Fred Meyer
  • City Market
  • Jay C Food Store
  • Smith’s Food and Drug
  • Gerbes
  • Harris Teeter
  • Baker’s
  • Food 4 Less
  • Foods Co.
  • Ralphs
  • Fry’s
  • King Soopers
  • Pay-Less Super Markets
  • Dillons

How To Use The Kroger Employee Discounts?

The offer is limited to a single transaction per day. If family members or friends take advantage of the deal, you won’t be able to receive money off on that day. Staff members are provided with a card that can also be used by the employee’s spouse, parents, siblings, and children. 

Eligible members of staff are issued with Kroger Plus cards to give to family members. Your loved ones need to present this card along with a valid photo ID when paying. Eligible products and services will immediately be discounted before the total is presented. 

How To Use The Kroger Employee Discounts


This website is designed especially for members of staff. You can use the site to purchase products and save money on your days off. There are also exclusive products and services that are not available to shoppers.

In addition to saving money on company products, this website provides money off items from other companies. PerkSpot has partnered with more than a thousand different businesses to offer deals and savings. This includes stores, restaurants, and financial companies.

Participating companies include:

  • Stitch Fix
  • Lenovo
  • Ray-Ban
  • Adidas
  • Apple
  • Postmates
  • Target
  • Samsung
  • Costco
  • EveryPlate

The Kroger Perks Card

This employee perks card works in the same way as a store credit card. It has to be used at the cash register of a physical store. A discount will automatically be applied when you use this card at a checkout. 

Other Employee Benefits

All employees are provided with a free uniform and scheduled breaks during their shifts. Recently, the minimum wage was raised to $16 per hour. However, with money off shopping and other benefits, this wage becomes even higher. All staff members receive a performance review every six months, after which they can receive a pay raise. 

Full-time employees also receive a competitive benefits package after they pass the probation period. This includes paid time off, sick leave, and paid training. Staff members are also given assistance and encouragement to continue their education and earn a degree.

Other Employee Benefits

Full-time employee benefits…

The company is dedicated to helping full-time members of staff enjoy financial wellness. All full-time employees have access to a company pension plan and a 401(k). This helps staff members prepare for retirement so that they can enjoy extra peace of mind.

Other benefits include:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Free flu shots screenings
  • Well-child visits
  • Free counseling sessions
  • Formal learning programs
  • On-the-job training
  • Personalized development programs

More Info About Working At Kroger

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Final Thoughts 

Kroger is known for being a great place to work, and employees of all levels enjoy job security. The careers section of the company’s website offers a wide range of roles for people of all levels. Due to the company’s popularity, vacancies tend to be filled very quickly.

One of the key benefits for staff members is that they can enjoy significant discounts on products and services. Full-time employees also receive an impressive benefits package, which includes paid time off and health insurance. Staff members of all levels are also allowed to take their career to the next level.

All the very best working at Kroger!

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