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Kum and Go Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Looking for a job is always a stressful time. Often, we come across meaningless job postings that don’t give enough details to understand what we’re even applying for, and we end up realizing during the interview that the position isn’t what we expected.

And even worse, we’ll have to ask the recruiter something that we should already know: what are the responsibilities exactly?

Is there a clear career path? And what about the benefits?

However, if you apply for a job at Kum and Go, you will not have any of these problems.

Why is that?

You’re about to find out all you need to know in my in-depth guide to Kum and Go Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

the kum and go application

What is Kum and Go?

To be able to make a good impression at the interview, it’s always essential to have at least a basic understanding of the company.

Kum and Go is a convenience store chain founded in 1959 in Hampton, Iowa. The original concept behind the company was to provide customers with a store where they could buy gas and groceries simultaneously.

Needless to say, the idea was successful, and nowadays, Kum & Go operates 400 locations across 11 states in the Midwest.

Not just successful, booming…

The company, which ranked 166th on Forbes 2020 list of the largest privately held companies, employs more than 5000 associates. Moreover, in 2019 it earned about $2.6 billion in annual revenue.

In a world where organizations change ownership all the time, it’s worth noting that the original family that started the company still controls Kum & Go.

But what is it like to work for Kum & Go?

Let’s find out…

kum and go application

What Employees Have To Say about The Company?

Thousands of reviews of current and past employees can be found on several specialized websites. Most of them describe Kum and Go as a fun and energetic place to work for, with a strong focus on customer service. A welcoming smile on everyone’s face is always non-negotiable.

Moreover, many people appreciate the feeling of being part of a big family where everybody takes good care of each other. The possibility to grow within the company is given to any associate who has the right attitude and is willing to put in the work. Plus, a comprehensive benefits package is provided to every employee.

We’ll get back to that shortly…

Lastly, special attention is given to flexible schedules in order to accommodate personal needs.

As a downside, quite a few reviews point out that last-minute shift changes frequently occur, especially in understaffed stores. Long working hours without enough break time is another common complaint.

It’s now time to take a good look at what kind of jobs are available if you decide to apply at Kum and Go. Will there be anything suitable for you?

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Jobs & Career Opportunities

On the official website, you will find the link to the careers page, which, spoiler alert, is up to standard when it comes to design, navigation simplicity, and the amount of information provided.

Two introduction videos give a brief overview of what it’s like to work in a store or in a corporate position, which are the two main categories that you can select from.

Store Jobs

A few more engaging videos welcome you to the page and provide some additional details about store culture and store career paths.

The most exciting part of the page is the section at the bottom which illustrates all the benefits that come with employment.

Adjusted according to level…

Depending on the position, the package will be slightly different, but even an entry-level job such as a part-time Store Flex Pool Associate will give you a long list of benefits. These range from healthcare to education, then savings, paid time off, and several additional perks.

Another useful feature is the career path box that illustrates how you can climb the full ladder to general manager in just seven steps.

kum and go application tips

Corporate Jobs

The corporate jobs page keeps the same format as the store one and again provides tons of helpful information. The only difference is that the career path section is missing. However, this is entirely understandable since your opportunity to grow within the company will heavily depend on your specific position.

Find the right job for you

Regardless of the page you’re on, when you click the ‘search job’ link; you’ll be redirected to the same list with all the available jobs. To narrow your search to the positions that you’re interested in among the over 800 Kum and Go openings available at the moment, you can use one of the filters on the left side.

When you find one you like…

Click on the job title and access the relevant job posting, which, I promise, will not let you down. Extensive details about requirements and responsibilities are given, and for any store vacancy, there is also some information about the schedule.

How to apply?

The last step to take is clicking on that ‘Apply’ button. Everything that comes next is exactly what you would expect from a decent online application process.

Simply take it step by step…

Firstly you’ll need to create an account. Then you fill your profile with personal and contact details, education, employment history, and some additional information. If you have your resume on hand, you can use it to automatically pre-fill some of the boxes. This is a useful feature that will make your life easier, especially if you apply for multiple positions.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Some companies seem to make an application process more difficult than it should be; others do everything they can to facilitate your employment. Kim and Go most definitely belong in the second category. As a result, your motivation to apply to them is boosted. Therefore, your chances to land that job will increase.

You should now know everything about the Kum and Go Application Online: Jobs & Career Info. If you follow the guidelines provided in this article, your application should be a breeze.

All the best with your application!


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