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Labor Finders Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Labor Finders serves more than a dozen sectors across the United States since 1975. Landscaping, waste management, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and Construction are a few primary areas that temp service agencies staff. Contract-to-hire or contract job positions have different hiring standards depending on the industry and career position.

Valid driver’s licenses, especially Commercial clean criminal histories,  driver’s licenses,  and the ability to pass drug testing upon hire are frequently required in industries involving the use of large vehicles or mechanical equipment.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Labor Finders

Labor Finders seeks individuals of 18 years. The operational hours and duty shifts of Labor Finders vary by its location.

Job Prospects at Labor Finders

Before employment, candidates may be subjected to paper-and-pencil or online tests, particularly for tasks involving writing data processing and highly technical job roles. Every Labor Finders location is locally owned and operated, providing regional employment assistance to employees and employers. Aspiring candidates can search for contract and contract-to-hire job positions, and permanent placement, through the Labor Finders’ official website.

Job Requirements

Temporary associates are frequently sourced through temporary service agencies by employers with emergency staffing requirements. Individuals looking for additional income will profit from the staffing company’s short-term job options. Temp-to-hire jobs are generally for a more extended period, with full-time job offers after completing each contract. Traditional employment chances corporations outsource via a recruitment agency, with contractual benefits and total compensation are referred to as permanent placement.

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More than 200 locations are maintained by the temp service company and are consistently expanding throughout the United States. The candidates seeking full-time and part-time roles in permanent or temporary job positions at Labor Finders may encounter no problem getting suitable positions.

Labor Finders perform with candidates one-on-one to put them in markets that match their interests and professional skills. Assembly line workers, office managers, administrative associates, electricians, and maintenance workers are some of the most prevalent positions staffed by the company.

The Job Positions Available at Labor Finders

Labor Finders seeks candidates for various roles, including Sale Support Coordinator or Admin Asst, Fiberglass Technician, and Customer Service Ambassador. It also offers Manual Machinist, CNC Machinist, Mig Welder, Production Supervisor, and Asphalt Raker. In addition, Labor Finders accepts Auto Cad Drafter, Mechanical Assembler, Foreman, Maintenance Technician, Pipeline Utility Tech, Diesel Mechanic, and CDL Driver positions.

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Job finders can also apply as Flagger Traffic Control Technician, Furniture Warehouse Worker, Concrete Labor and Finisher, General Laborer, and Branch Manager. Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager Trainee, Office Help, Customer Service Representative, and Administrative Assistant are also available at Labor Finders.

The candidates can apply for readily available following vacancies at Labor Finders:

Labor Positions

  • Labors are responsible for lifting 50 lbs to 75 lbs repetitively.
  • They are also responsible for performing every assigned task by Labor Finders.
  • The management at Labor Finders usually offers labor positions $21,000 per annum.

Helpers and Skilled Trades

  • These Labor Finders trades are electricians, carpenters, etc.
  • The management does not expect helpers to have previous work experience.
  • Their average salary at Labor Finders is around $22,000 per annum.

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  • Mechanics roles at Labor Finders need to have previous experience in repairing and maintaining engines and vehicles.
  • They are also responsible for diagnosing problems and fix them accurately.

The Online Job Application Process of Labor Finders

  • The candidates should visit Labor Finders’ official career portal.
  • You will view the search bars here to enter your required keyword and location.
  • Tap on the “Get Started” tab to begin Labor Finders’ online job application process.
  • You will view various job positions according to the keyword and location you entered.
  • Tap on the “Apply” tab for the job post you want to apply for.
  • It will direct you to the application form, where you need to fill in your general information.
  • After filling it upload or paste your resume in the next section.
  • Tap on the “Submit” tab to send your application to Labor Finders

labor finders application

Checking Job Application Status for Labor Finders

Labor Finders often alerts individuals of possible career opportunities after examining matching abilities, work histories, and potential jobs. Job applicants usually hear back from the employment firm within a week since Labor Finders contacts prospective candidates by phone call and e-mail. As fresh job possibilities emerge, the agency continues to contact job seekers.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Labor Finders

Labor Finders provides the following job benefits:

  • Labor Finders offers contract employees various job benefits, including competitive salary and the possibility of permanent placement.
  • Employees also receive medical coverage, 401(k) retirement options, holidays, and paid time off.
  • Labor Finders also provide employee benefits to recruitment agents on staff.
  • Job benefits may vary by job status and position at Labor Finders.

Additional Details of Labor Finders

Labor Finders, primarily based in the northern United States, wants to expand into other markets shortly. The company’s website provides detailed information for entrepreneurs interested in starting new franchises.

Labor Finders staffing operations serve approximately half of the United States. Franchisees benefit from inexpensive beginning costs and complete legal help. The management offers Job options in the Regions of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Candidates from these areas should apply when the opportunity arises.


To use Labor Finders’ services, individuals should be at least 18 years old. The candidates who study for an in-person assessment at a Labor Finders location perform greater than those who arrive without relevant documents. Job seekers should check their employment history and update their resumes before meeting with Labor Finders’ recruitment professionals. Candidates can use cover letters to express interest in their desired job positions and industries.

Waste management, landscaping, restoration projects, employment in logistics, and construction job options usually need physical exertion regularly. Many businesses that Labor Finders service demand the candidates to perform manual labor and good physical health. The staffing service works with several organizations that outsource manual labor positions.

However, the candidates can locate administrative or clerical work in work environments by the staffing business. Administrative jobs often need job seekers to have at least a high school diploma and computer skills.

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