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Labor Ready Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Labor Ready was formerly known as Labor Ready, is ideally an American temporary employment agency. In North America, the company is said to be providing staffing solutions to the companies. The company was established back in 1989 in Kent, Washington. They are present in almost 600 locations in at least 500 states like Canada and Puerto Rico.

Labor Ready claims to be known as the North American leader in both industrial and on-demand staffing areas. The company is based in Tacoma, WA, and it is one of the best staffing companies in the United States. The company tends to provide enthusiastic job seekers with access to short-term and contract-based work in prominent industries.

The process of applying at Labor Ready is pretty simple and straightforward. The company is pretty proactive in posting out positions on their website. Hence, the applicant is required to refer to the website regularly and check for any latest job offerings. This will help candidates prepare well for the interview and get the job they desire.

Important Information to Know Before Applying for Labor Ready

Minimum age required to be eligible to apply at Labor Ready: The candidate needs to be at least 18 years old to apply at Labor Ready

Working hours at Labor Ready: The agency operates from Monday to Saturday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Labor Ready Job Opportunities

The company also aims to provide temporary employment services to the companies and long-term assignments to people who wish to work. There are multiple perks to working in such a great agency right at your career start, where you will get a lot to learn throughout.

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The jobs available through Labor Ready tend to accommodate people who are looking for physical exertion or entry service positions. The industries outsourced through landscaping, logistics, auto sales, warehouse storage, and moving assembly. The candidates here find employment as movers, vehicle detailers, payload associates, and warehouse workers through the staffing agency. The work is available across the country and Canada, which the company has grown through since the 1990s. The candidates are free to choose between

It is one of the top companies to work in as per the North American staffing company. Above all, the applicants need to be in good health to bag a job here. The opportunities include both part-time and full-time employment. Also, some summer internship jobs last only for a few months.  The Labor Ready services also offer personalized staffing options for companies who are looking for new employees.

Career Opportunities at Labor Ready

Labor Ready is one of the biggest companies that provide temporary workers for manual day workers, focusing on industries including light industries, small businesses, and construction companies. It is pretty safe to work here as the company has partnered with at least 225.000 organizations in Canada and America. The best part about the company is that it is never too scarce for the temp agency. As of now, the company employs at least 3000 entry-level hires and qualified associates.

Employment at Labor Ready as Temp Worker

The services that the international staffing firms offer are most appealing to individuals who tend to look forward to supplementary income or individuals who wish to work for an extended duration. The candidates interested in doing manual labor tasks tend to use the Labor Ready to generate secondary income. The candidates can get access to the form through the official portal of the company. After submitting the online document, the workers connect with the local officers to begin the assignment process.

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Most of the jobs available here are pretty labor-intensive as they include bending, lifting, pushing and pulling, ranking, digging, and balancing. Hence the candidates need to ensure that they can work during all the seasons as employers can also place them in outdoor positions. The majority of the jobs make it compulsory for the employees to wear mandatory equipment, including helmets, protective gloves, etc.

The temp service applicants earn around $50000 to $60000 yearly based on the industry and unique job title. The majority of the positions tend to be on an hourly basis, and there are chances that these employees will be hired for the long term. When it comes to applying to the company, the applicants must know computer skills to ensure that they bag the job. Additionally, the majority of the hiring process tends to starts online. Before submitting the form, the applicants need to ensure that they review the web bases forms as much as possible.

Application Status

The hiring process at Labor Ready might take some days to weeks. Generally, the hiring managers tend to call the applicants and, if required, ask them to visit for face-to-face interviews after the submission of the forms. They primarily connect the candidates within 24 hours of the form submission. Amid the application process, the applicants need to ensure that they check with the staffing firm.

Tips for Applying

In order to apply at Labor Ready, the applicant first needs to be a little ready. The applicant needs to be familiar with computers and the basic tools as this skill is a must. Most of the services which are offered by any staffing company start with a holistic online assessment of the past work history of the candidates, and the soft skills the candidate possesses.

Applicants must spend a decent amount of time, filling out the web form, by filling everything very accurately. Various documents will also be needed to get attached, as that is a mandatory step in terms of filling an application form.

Miscellaneous Information about Labor Ready

The candidates must be at least 18 years old to apply at Labor Ready and have reports from drug screening besides background checks. The majority of the open positions tend to offer heavy machinery use or some dangerous tools. If you wish to work with Labor Ready, then you must begin with the application process. Above all, the applicants here can surely get some perks. But before applying here, the applicants need to ensure that they meet all the requirements.

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